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Requests for New Online Index or Database

Typically, requests come in via New Online Source form <> or emails from Deb or Sharon.  October 2012 update in light of architectural changes to the Indexes and Databases database and subsequent UMS Standards Committee policy changes.

Indexes & Databases
Subject Headings
Proxy Server
Notify Library Community

  1. Check for duplicates

    1. Check Indexes and Databases on Mariner and/or Fogler Library; consider title variations
    2. Search URSUS to be sure a record has not already been created; consider title variations

  2.  Indexes & Databases update

    2. Modify existing record or add a new record
    3. Enter info from request
    4. After you save the changes, right-click on title in Indexes list and copy the URL
    5. Try the URL to see if it works.
    6. If you get a proxy error, you'll need to request the administrator update the Proxy Server

  3.  URSUS record creation

    1. Catalog in URSUS (or update existing bib record)
    2. If creating a record for export from OCLC, enter any authenticating URL only after the record has been brought over to URSUS
    3. Record should have Orono order record attached
    4. If exporting a record from OCLC, include a 949 3 3 line
    5. Return to the Index and Database Staff Interface; hover over the appropriate, named link; right-click and 'Copy link location' (see step 1d above) and add as an 856 4 1 line in URSUS
    6. The URL will read[Title]
    7. Add "$z UM Orono Access" display note.

  4. Subject Headings for the Academic Portals

    1. Log in to Portal staff interface:
    2. For instructions see:

  5. Proxy Server update

    1. For instructions see:

  6. Notify UMS Library Community (IF resource is free or licensed system or statewide)

    1. Send notice via the URSUS listserv, URSUS@LISTS.MAINE.EDU: [UMaine has added the following open-access databases to Mariner and URSUS. As these are free resources, please feel free to add your library to URSUS and the I&D record.]. Provide the resource title and a copy of the permanent link from URSUS in the e-mail.

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