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Binding Your Thesis

The Library and many departments on campus use Bridgeport National Bindery. The Library
serves as the central location on campus for delivery of theses to this bindery.
However, the Library is only responsible for binding only its own materials. We cannot have your
thesis bound for you. If you need your thesis bound, the place to start is with your own

If your department does have an account with Bridgeport National Bindery, here is what you need to do:

1. Have all copies of the thesis to be bound printed out and collated into separate large envelopes.
2. Fill out 2 Bridgeport Bind Slips for EACH copy of your thesis (i.e., 5 copies = 10 bind slips)
3. Fill out a Bridgeport Shipment Summary form.  Please keep a copy of the form for your own records.  That would be the pink copy if you have the printed triplicate form.  Otherwise keep a copy of the electronic form. 
4. Printable PDF versions of the forms are available below and at the Bridgeport National Bindery's website.
5. The departmental Secretary or Administrative Assistant may have copies of these
forms and can usually help you fill them out. The Bindery will send the department preprinted
forms on request.
6. Pack theses and forms in a box and bring to the Technical Services department on the 3rd floor of the Library. The Library arranges to ship the theses to the Bindery via UPS for no charge on the first Monday of the month.  The turnaround time at the Bindery is one month and the Bindery will ship the finished work to your department.
7. Bridgeport National Bindery bills the department. Individuals need to make payment arrangements with
their department.

If your department does not use Bridgeport National Bindery:

There is no longer a local bindery in Bangor, but several book binderies in Maine are listed on the internet and in the yellow pages of telephone directories under bookbinding. Perhaps local copy services can offer a type of binding that is satisfactory for
your needs.

Bind slip instructions

On the bind slip fill out these boxes:
1. Account number - fill in the number assigned to the department by BNB. (i.e., 725--)
2. Name - Department name and address
3. Binding Class - thesis
4. The middle part of the bind slip is where you indicate to the bindery what you want printed
on the spine and/or cover of the thesis. For example,
Mary Jones 1996
The History of Bangor, Maine
The words in parentheses tell the bindery where the words should be printed. There is a $2.50
per line extra charge for printing on the front cover.
5. On the right side of the bind slip fill in the boxes for material color and print color.
6. Use the special instructions box for any explanations or directions you wish to
give the bindery.
7. Include two (2) copies of the bindery slip for each copy of your thesis (i.e., 5 theses = 10 bind slips).

Sample of Bridgeport Bind Slip

Download Bind slip pdf

[Note that this file should be opened in Adobe Reader in order to fill in the boxes and print the
result, or in Adobe Acrobat in order to fill in the boxes and save the result. When printing,
you will normally get 2 bind slips on each page.]

Shipment summary form instructions

Fill out a shipment summary form with:
1. The department's number assigned by Bridgeport National Bindery (i.e., 725--)
2. The department's address
3. On the line that says theses, fill in the number of copies of your thesis you are sending to be
bound and how many boxes these copies are packed in. (For example, 1 box of 5 theses)

Shipping summary sample image

Download Shipment summary form pdf


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