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Cataloging and Processing the D.H. Lawrence Gift Collection

Purpose: To outline procedures for the cataloging and processing of D.H. Lawrence materials received as part of the Frances Hartgen gift collection.


  1. Search URSUS for a matching catalog record.  If found, go to step 4.
  2. Search OCLC for a matching catalog record using general Copy Cataloging procedures.  Note that the presence of many editions, imprints, etc. may require more refined searches.  Once record is found, update holdings as usual.  Go to step 4.
  3. If a matching record is not found on URSUS or OCLC, deliver item to the designated shelf in Original Cataloging.
  4. Add 590 __ ORO: note fields describing the particular attributes of the item in hand.  These can include information on dust jackets, bookplates from previous owners, information on print runs, copy numbers, etc. Do not include any pricing information. See below for examples.
  5. Use an LC call number with the prestamp: Lawrence
  6. Add virtual gift plate: 561 __ ORO: Gift of Frances C. Hartgen.
  7. Location = Annex (ostr); status = Library Use Only (o).  The export command line would be:
    x;bn-oro;i-y/loc-ostr/ty-1/sta-o/i2-g (x = your cataloger code; y = barcode).


  1. Keep all book covers and dust jackets. Loose materials will have been sorted out by Acquisitions staff.  If additional ephemera is encountered, set the book and the additional material aside for review by Original Cataloging and/or Head of Collections.
  2. Affix call number label and barcode to acid-free bookmark.  Tuck the Frances Hartgen book plate into the bookmark's flap. Leave bookmark in book with call number showing. Do not affix any labels to the book or dust jackets.
  3. Mark off processed items from the master list: "Items by D.H.L."
  4. In addition to regular stats, keep separate numbers of how many records were found in URSUS and OCLC.
  5. Box items (vertically) for pick up and delivery to annex. 

Copy-Specific Note Field Examples

590 __ ORO: Number 28 of 200 copies printed.

590 __ ORO: Book plate of Dorothy Makepeace.

590 __ ORO: Dust jacket.

590 __ ORO: "Designed by and printed...during the summer and fall of 1992...The edition is one hundred thirty copies, of which one hundred are offered for sale. Thirty-five copies have been bound in vellum...of these, copies numbered 1 to 30 are for sale...all other copies are reserved for the artist and the press."--Colophon.

Additional Resources

The following libraries have significant D.H. Lawrence collections.  Search their catalogs to find examples of local practice for note fields, etc.

University of Texas at Austin Library

University of Nottingham Library

The following online dictionary is useful for choosing and defining specialized terms for the physical description of books:

Etherington and Roberts Dictionary of Descriptive Terminology

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