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Google Maps Editing for Town Reports

Purpose: To add towns to the Maine Town Reports Google map, which is managed independently from the rest of the page via a Google account.

Adding a New Town to the Google Map

  • Sign in to the Fogler Library Google Maps account.
    • Go to
    • Click on the link (in the top right corner) that says "Sign in." (Note: If you are already signed in to another Google application such as gmail, etc., you will have to log out of that application first or open the Fogler Library Google Map in another browser.)
    • Sign in with the username. (The password is case sensitive.)

  • Click the "My custom maps" link
  • Select Maine Town Reports.
  • Click the "Open original map" link.
  • Click the red "Edit" button.
  • Enter the name of the new town in the top search bar (e.g., "Augusta, ME"), then click "Search."
  • Confirm the location is correct and click the "Save to map" link.
  • In the subsequent "Save to My Maps" window, click "Save."
  • In the following message confirming the town was saved to the Maine Town Reports map, click the "View map" link.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list of towns and click on the name of the newly added town.
  • In the pop-up, delete state abbreviation in the title box. (e.g., change "Augusta, ME" to read "Augusta.")

  • Click on "Edit HTML code."

  • Copy and paste the following code into the box:
    • <table><tr><td><img src="" height="100" width="100"></td></td><td valign="top"><a href="">Town Reports</a></td></td></tr></tr></table>

  • In the code, change (1) the name of the town seal image and (2) the name of the Town Reports URL to point to the correct image and town.
  • (I.e., where the HTML code says ".../images/Augusta_Seal_100.jpg," and ".../holdings.htm#Augusta," replace "Augusta" with the name of the town you are working on. This should allow the Google maps software to pull up the correct town seal image and link to the correct town.)
    • Note: If you are working with a town whose name has more than one words in it (e.g. "Deer Isle," "Old Town"), take out the space between the words, or the HTML code will not work. E.g. ".../images/DeerIsle_Seal_100.jpg".

  • Click "OK."

  • Click "Done."

  • Go back and click on the new town marker to double check that the town seal image shows up and the URL points to the correct place.
    • Note: If the town seal image link is broken, it may be that no town seal image is available for that town or that the seal image has yet to be scanned. In that case, the Maine State Seal may be used as a placeholder, by replacing the name of the town in the HTML code with the word "Maine." (I.e., E.g. ".../images/Maine_Seal_100.jpg".)
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