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Kirtas Bookscan Editing: BSE Guidelines

Purpose: To provide guidance on what to look for and edit out when using the BSE software.

There are two priorities to balance when editing with BSE software. One is to create a clean-looking page which reflects the look of the original document and which will be easily processed by OCR software. The other is to use time wisely by not spending too much time trying to make a single page or document look perfect.

Common Issues

  • Handwritten notes: Handwritten notes should be removed, if possible, since they do not reflect the original printed state of the document and will present a problem for OCR software. If a handwritten note overlaps with or is too close to printed text (e.g., underlining), it may not be possible to remove the note without removing the printed text, or it may be deemed too time-intensive to remove.

  • Spots and speckles: Spots and speckles in margins should be removed to improve the image of the page, although small speckles in the margins do not generally have a significant impact on OCR processing. Spots and speckles in the text may be ignored if they are too close to the text to be easily removed. If a document is unusually soiled, it may be time-effective to remove only the major spots so as to avoid spending too much time on a single document.

  • Library stamps and punches: Library stamps and punches should be removed if they do not overlap printed text. When stamps and punches do overlap printed text (which is often the case), the editor should use his or her judgment to determine if it is better to remove the part of the stamp or punch which is in the margin or if the page will be more aesthetically pleasing if the entire stamp is retained. (The former option is often advisable if the stamp only slightly overlaps the text, while the latter is often preferable if there is a major overlap.) Library stamps and punches do negatively affect OCR processing, but they are generally found on title pages, which receive special attention during the OCR process to ensure that they are 100% accurate.

  • Town seals: Printed town seals are part of the original document and should be retained.

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