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Processing Gale Ebooks

Purpose: To provide full text access and bibliographic information via URSUS as well as store backup files of content.

1. Receive Materials

Time sensitive notice of invoice forwarded from Acquisitions staff by email. This message will include a temporary web link (ex. that allows the bib records to be downloaded as a merged MARC file.

2. Retrieve Links for OCLC Records (Books processed individually)

  • On Gale site page click on Merge Selected Records.
  • On the next page, click on Download Direct Links .csv File to download and open a .csv file in Excel.
  • Column B will contain the ebook ISBN; copy and paste to Connexion to search for matching record in OCLC.
  • Column C will contain the ebook URL(s); copy and paste to found Connexion record in an 856 41 field
  • Add the EZProxy prefix string to the URL
  • Finish 856 with a ‡z UM Orono Access display note.
  • Add the command line: 949 33 *recs-b;ov-.o;b1-4;b2-o;b3-z;bn-oweb;i-/ty-97/loc-oweb/i2-r/sta-k; from email sent by Acquisitions copy and paste the order bib record that should be overlayed.
  • Check exported record in Ursus for working link
  • Add cdate to the order record

3. Download Bibliographic Records (Books processed as a batch)

Merged file of MARC records can be created by checking the boxes next to the listed titles and clicking "Merge Selected Records."

Click on the "Download Records" next to the M icon to download the records as a batch of MARC files.

The records may be edited in MarcEdit for export to Millennium.

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