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Delivery Locations for Processed Books

Purpose: To define locations for student assistants to deliver physical materials from Cataloging to various points in the library building. 

Green Truck in Cataloging - Used in cataloging area corner to pre-sort materials headed for locations throughout the building.  Full trucks of materials are left for student processing in the middle section of room.  NOTE: Students should address these trucks in chronological order, taking the oldest ones first for physical processing.

  • The top shelf labeled “New Books” holds new material, regardless of call number. The bottom shelf labeled “other books” mainly hold material for Gov. Docs but includes Special Collections and location changes.
  • Deliver material to flagged or designated location.

New Books

  • Most books will not have any flag or call number prefix indicating a special location.
  • Deliver to Reference Office on the first floor daily around 3 pm. for pre-sorting then shelving in the Reserve Reading Room.  (Note: books will be removed to the general stacks mornings by Circulation staff.)

Journals  - Stack Maintenance, 1st floor

  • Require bookplates and sensor strips.  Higher priority than books for processing and delivery.  Usually found on back wall adjacent to bindery hallway.
  • Deliver bound periodicals to Stacks Maintenance. 

Reference - 1st floor (See Dianne Paradis in Reference)

  • Deliver books with Ref or  Index on the bright green flags on the bookshelf outside of Nancy Lewis’ office. 
  • Place books on shelf labeled “New Reference Books here”. If the books that were delivered the day before are still there, place the new Reference books on a separate shelf.

Circulation - 1st floor +

  • Deliver holds (white strips with yellow on top) and rush books (red strip).
  • Place books on the top shelf of bookshelf behind the main circulation desk, located by the big windows in the back.

Media Resource Collection  - 1st floor (Larry) in Circulation.   Deliver material with pink flags, CDROMs

  • Deliver materials with pink flags, CDs, CDROMS
  • Place on shelf labeled Media behind the main circulation desk, directly opposite the holds and rush books.

Baker and Taylor Books and  Reserve Reading Room Books- 1st floor

  • Deliver books to Stack maintenance to the designated shelf where all other Baker Taylor books are shelved.

Government Publications - 1st floor

  • Deliver maps and the occasional book
  • Usually just a handful; staff there will direct placement

Science and Engineering Center - 2nd floor (See Nancy Michaud in Sci & Eng.)

  • Deliver books with SciRef, SciIndex, SciRef Index, SciPTDL flags plus all books with call numbers beginning
    • ALL Q, R, S and T
    • All GA, GB, GC and GE
    • All HA, HD, HE
    • U
    • V
  • Place books on truck STANDING UP in Nancy Michaud's work area

Darling Center - 2nd floor (Science and Engineering Center)

  • Deliver to Nancy Michaud in Science and Engineering.

Learning Materials Collection (LMC) - 2nd floor

  • Deliver books and software with Juv., Teen, Jpic, LMC Software or LMCRef call nos. - lt. Green flag.
  • Place books on the cart in corner work area for Education Librarian to review.

Special Collection - 3rd floor 

  • Deliver books and theses with Maine, Maine Juv., Cole, Univ. and State Docs. call nos. - light blue flag.
  • Any book covers should be kept and tucked in the back of the book
  • Enter Special Collections and deliver books to the room on the immediate left with the “Staff Only” sign.

Department Materials - various locations

Occasionally there will be catalogued items that are for internal departmental use only.  Prefixes include: Acq, Serials, Bus Office, etc.  If not sure where these departments are located check with full time staff.

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