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Special Collections: Guide to the Webber Family Papers

Webber Family Papers
Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves
Raymond H. Fogler Library Special Collections Department
January 2004
Introduction and Summary Information
Collection Title: Webber Family Papers.
Dates of the Collection: 1895-1976 (inclusive); 1909-1960 (bulk).
Provenance: Unknown.
Collection Number: MS 619.
Size and Arrangement: The collection consists of 4.2 linear feet of ledgers and 41 maps.
Conservation Note: The maps have been flattened and re-housed in acid-free folders.
Preferred Citation: Webber Family Papers, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine.
Restrictions on Access and Use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval.

The collection contains records of the lumbering and timberland business of the Webber family of Bangor, Maine. John Prescott Webber, born in 1832 in New Portland, Maine, began their business interests. After establishing general stores in Ripley, Exeter, and East Corinth, Mr. Webber moved to Bangor in 1864 and established a land ownership and lumbering business. He eventually owned land in Somerset, Piscataquis, Penobscot, Aroostook, Hancock and Washington Counties and operated mills in Lincoln and Alton.
John Webber’s two sons, Charles Prescott and Franklin R., continued in the land and lumbering business, also owning the firm of C.P. & F.R. Webber, mill owners and dealers in short lumber and lumbering supplies. Charles P. Webber was born in 1853 in Ripley, Maine, and Franklin R. Webber was born in East Corinth, Maine, in 1854. Charles P. Webber studied at Hebron Academy and a Minneapolis business college. When he returned to Maine, he went into business with his brother in Oakfield, Maine, until the 1870’s when they moved to Lincoln to operate a sawmill and conduct their lumbering operations. They also owned a general store there. Franklin R. moved to Minnesota after being in business with his brother for a few years. There he successfully invested in timberlands, moving to Boston only a few years before his death in 1949.
About 1880, Charles P. Webber moved to Bangor and opened a wholesale grocery store; he operated this store until about 1892 when he began to work full-time in his timberland and lumbering operations. In 1909 he moved to Brookline, Massachusetts, to manage the family’s business interests in Boston. He died in 1940.
His son, Charles J. Webber, born in 1881, was the third generation to manage the family’s timberlands, entering the business in 1905 and remaining there until his death in 1961. His son, G. Peirce Webber, began management of the Webber Timberlands in 1933, becoming the fourth generation of the family in the land and lumbering business.

Scope and Content Note
The collection contains ledgers and maps of the timberland business owned by several generations of the Webber family. The ledgers include primarily correspondence and financial information. The maps provide information about the family’s land holdings in northern Maine.
The ledgers are arranged by the company function they represent: executive, financial and production. The collection begins with copies of outgoing correspondence, 1955-1960, from G. Peirce Webber; much of it concerns acknowledgements of rent received for campsites on Webber land. Copies of deeds, permits, etc., follow, along with a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, 1903-1907, concerning land and lumbering.
The journals, 1928-1965, which make up a large part of the collection often list C.J. Webber as agent, presumably acting for other members of the Webber family in the management of their land holdings. C.P. Webber, Franklin R. Webber, R.B. Webber, M.P. Heald, C.J. Webber, T. Roscoe Webber, Anne W. Chase and Lucy R. Webber are all mentioned in various volumes. One of the journals records information about the estate of Charles P. Webber.
The maps are arranged chronologically with a section of undated maps at the end. Some of the maps were compiled by Charles P. Webber.

Box List
Webber Family Papers
1 Correspondence, outgoing, 1955-1960
2 Correspondence, outgoing, 1960
3 [Land] abstract book
4 Copies of deeds, Charles P. Webber
5 C.P. Webber, Jan. 1, 1897, Kingman record
6 Town orders, meadows, permits, 1928-1939
7 Stacyville, undated
8 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings concerning land and lumbering, 1903-1907
9 Cashbook, 1909-1920
10 Cashbook, 1910-1924
11 Cashbook, 1923-1928
12-29 Journals, 1928-1965 [18 vols.]
30 Journal, trustees for Lucy R. Webber, 1929-1950
31 Journal, MPH [M.P. Heald?], CJW as joint tenants, 1928-1946
32 Journal, MPH, CJW as joint tenants, 1946-1954
33 Journal, estate of Charles P. Webber, 1940-1953
34 Journal, Ralph B. Webber, Jr. and G. Peirce Webber as joint tenants, 1959-1963
35 Journal, Ralph B. Webber, Jr. and C.J. Webber, 1954-1959
36 Ledger, C.P. Webber, Jan. 5, 1897-1912
37 Ledger, C.J. Webber, Jan. 17, 1912-1920
38-41 Stumpage, 1896-1937
1 This plan represents township numbered four in the eighth range of
townships west from the east line of the state of Maine ... drawn by the
subscriber this 19th day of November 1839, Zebulon Bradley [vellum copy of original map]
2 Plan of part of lot 72 in N ½ of Stacyville, 1895 [marked “Return to C.P. Webber”]
3 Plan of a part of Waterville College Township; plan given to C.P. Webber by Jas. Milliken in summer 1903
4 T. 4, R. 7, W.E.L.S., Penobscot Co., explored in 1906, R.M. Nason, timberland engineer.
5 S.E. part, Woodville Plt., West Indian Township, survey of Noah Barker, AD 1835 [map copied July 1908]
6 Moro Plantation [Mt. Chase, Hersey, Dyer Br'k] T. 6, R. 5, W.E.L.S., Dec. 19, 1910 [copy]
6a Map of eastern Maine, compiled by C.P. Webber, Winter 1916, 1917
7 Alton, Caleb Leavitt surv. 1841; Park Holland surv. 1797 & 1828, compiled by C.P. Webber, 1899 & 1920
8 Map of I.R. 7, A.R. 7, East Hopkins, Jan. 1935, (copied CWP)
9 Map 8 R 4, Danforth, 8 R 3, Kossuth (7 R 2), copied Feb. 1935, CWP
10 Map of Alton, Hudson, LaGrange, Feb. 1935, CWP
11 Plan of Hersey, Crystal, Sherman, Benedicta, Silver Ridge, copied Feb. 1935, CWP
12 Town of Prentiss, copied Feb. 1935, CWP
13 Map of Argyle, copied March 1935, CWP
14 Map of 4 R 8, copied March 1935, CWP
15 Plan of 5 R 7, 4 R 7, Patten, copied March 1935, CWP
16 Great Northern Paper Company Woodlands Department. Township 3, Range 12, Piscataquis County, Survey W.E.L.S., March 3, 1955
17 T 6 ND, Eastern Pulp Wood Company Forestry Dept., Washington County, drawn by D. Clinch, 1/9/56
18 Grand Lake Stream, Eastern Pulp Wood Company Forestry Dept., Washington County, drawn by D. Clinch, 1/24/56
19 Maine minor civil divisions, towns and townships, land ownership map legend and key, 1958
20 Maine minor civil divisions, towns and cities, land ownership map key, 1962
21 Penobscot Development Company, Great Works, Maine, Bradley & Clifton, Penobscot County, Webber lands as mapped and estimated during August, 1965
22 LaGrange, east part of Webber land, Nov. 1965; Edinburg, area west of Hemlock St., Penobscot Development Co., Nov. 1965
23 Webber timberlands, Cyr Plantation, Aroostook County, October 1972
24 Section 1 of plan showing portion of upper Cold Stream Ponds for Webber Timberlands, Lincoln, Penobscot County, Maine, Sept. 7, 1974
25 Proposed 1976 spruce budworm spray area, state of Maine
Undated maps
26 Map of Aroostook County, Maine, published by J.H. Stuart & Co.
27 Map of Franklin County, Maine, published by J.H. Stuart & Co.
28 Map of Oxford County, Maine, published by J.H. Stuart & Co.
29 Map of Penobscot County, Maine, published by J.H. Stuart & Co.
30 Map of Piscataquis County, Maine, published by J.H. Stuart & Co.
31 Map of Somerset County, Maine, published by J.H. Stuart & Co.
32 Map of Washington County, Maine, published by J.H. Stuart & Co.
33 Amity, G.P Webber et al. and St. Croix Pulpwood Co.
34 Bradford, Tp. No. 1, R. 5, N.W.P.
35 Clifton, Webber land, Penobscot Development Co.
36 Haynesville, G.P. Webber et al.
37 Lincoln, Maine, Webber et. al., CWP
38 Map of Webber land [Grand Falls?]
39 N.W. ¼ Amherst, Webber, Penobscot Development Co.
40 Orient, G.P. Webber et als and St. Croix Pulpwood Co.; on verso: St. Croix Pulpwood. Amity, Orient, Hayensville [sic]
41 Plan of part of town of Chester by Frank Babcock
42 Index of land ownerships, January 1962, plantations and organized towns


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