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Special Collections: Guide to the United Baptist Church of Old Town Records

Arranged and described by Linda C. Faucher; edited by Brenda Howitson Steeves
November 2007

Collection title: United Baptist Church of Old Town Records
Collection number: MS 1437
Dates of collection:
Size of collection: 1 box


On November 11, 1835, John Rigby and his wife, Myrick Emerson, Aphial Pettengill, and Hannah Shaw met and formed the First Baptist Church of Old Town, Maine. Meetings were held in a brick schoolhouse in Orono, which was then part of Old Town. This organization became part of the Penobscot Association in 1837 in order to be affiliated with other churches in Penobscot County. The chapel burned in the great fire of April 19, 1865. A new building was erected and dedicated on September 2, 1866 at its present location on Middle Street in Old Town. The church was reorganized in 1919 from a church and parish to a corporate body and became known as the United Baptist Church of Old Town. It is affiliated with the Conservative Baptist Association of Maine and the Conservative Baptist Association of America.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains a variety of materials. These include the church register with membership names, minutes, financial records, church constitution and histories along with missionary work records. The earliest records date to 1835. It is arranged in one series with two sub-series: General Church Records and Membership Records.

The first sub-series, General Church Records provides annual reports, business meeting reports, clerk’s records, financial documents, missionary conferences, missions’ business records, remodeling blueprints and estimate costs, as well as Family Life programming curriculum. Copies of church constitution, histories and records of the church society groups, the Men’s Bible Fellowship and the Women’s Bible Fellowship are also provided.

The second sub-series, Membership Records, include membership transfer letters, and dismissals from 1938 to 1990. The membership roll and church registry is included for the early years of the church, from 1835 to 1919.

The collection is arranged alphabetically by subject and each subject listed in the sub-series is followed by information describing the contents of the folder.

Contents of Box

Box 1

Sub-series 1: General Church Records


1 Annual Reports, 1942-1986: Sunday School, UBC, UBC Library, Young People Society, Board of Christian Education, Missionary Society, Intermediate Christian Endeavor, Trustees, Pastor, Music Committee, Fellowship Club, Board of Deacons, Social Committee, Flower Committee, and Junior Missionary Society.
2 Business Meetings, 1985-1986: Treasurer’s reports, minutes, annual business report and agenda.
3 Business Meetings, 1987-1988: Treasurer’s reports, minutes, annual business report and agenda.
4 Clerk’s Records, 1975-1984: Treasurer’s and financial secretary reports.
5 Financial Documents, 1927-1982: Eastern Trust & Banking Company, pipe organ estimates and repairs, improvements and repairs, insurance and donations.
6 Forms, Church-misc.: Finding a pastor, letter of dismission, taking and preparing minutes, clerk duties.
7 Legal Documents-Misc.: constitution of UBC and Sunday school, amendments, histories, reference to mortgage deed, and Maine Sales Tax Exemption certificate.
8 Miscellaneous Church Letters: Notice of Resignations, Dedication of new building.
9 Missionary Conferences, 1966-1980: List of missionaries and countries, conference pamphlets and brochures, conference songs with sheet music, questionnaire.
10 (Missionary) Erskines Commissioning Service, 1977: photographs, Ivory Coast leaflet, misc. letters and notice for departure to Ivory Coast, West Africa.
11 Missions-Old Business, 1982-1987: correspondence, financial intent letters, annual support costs, list of special needs with pricing.
12 Neighborhood Bible Study: Small groups, bibliography for methods of group Bible study, misc. pamphlets.
13 News Clippings: Various clippings of pastors, missions, events, photocopies of announcements dated 1902.
14 (News Clippings) Bus Ministry, 1962, 1972: Motor Vehicle Rules for Orono & Bangor campuses-1972, bus driver list.
15 Newspaper Releases-Church: Press releases, Penobscot Times, Community Observer and Bangor Daily News noted.
16 Nominating Committee, 1960-1984: appointments with terms, reports, and minutes.
17 Planning/Construction, 1989: Church growth survey and statistics, construction estimates, architectural blueprints, transparencies, foundation work estimate, remodel proposal estimate for 45’ X 39’ addition, minutes of 2-27-1989 over drawings and long range plans, clippings, membership history report.
18 Photographs: Waterman family, Christensen family, Emille-1978-1979, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Beabout-Ivory Coast, Rev. & Mrs. Donald Bothel-Ivory Coast, dated 1984, Rev. & Mrs. Veron Northrop-Brasilia, dated 1982.
19 (Programming) Family Life Program, 1972-1973: various curriculums, assorted leaflets and brochures, cassette list, materials on sex education, clippings, Old Town School Department letters.
20 Publications-misc. Church: various pamphlets, installation service, farewell reception, mortgage burning ceremony, photocopies of various church buildings.
21 (Societies) Men’s Bible Fellowship, 1983-1984: reports.
22 (Societies) Women’s Bible Fellowship, 1970-1987: guidelines, minutes, officer list, attendance record, refreshment list, small notebook containing baby birth notations, yeast bread and yeast bread quiz.

Sub-Series 2: Membership Records

23 Church Registry, 1919 (bound): List of trustees, 1919-1980, deacons, 1919-1979, Sunday school superintendents, 1919-1979, treasurers, 1919-1971, clerks, 1919-1997, pastors, 1918-1993, Sunday school statistics, 1919-1923, alphabetical register of names, chronological register of names(numbered 1-1153) with dates of church received , baptism, death, statistics for UBC, 1919-1939, paper record for December 15, 1889-February 1, 1919.
24 Membership letters, 1938-1970: letters of membership transfers, dismissions, baptism and miscellanea.
25 Membership letters, 1973-1990: letters of membership transfers, dismissions, baptism and miscellanea.
26 Membership Roll, 1835-1919 (bound): List of members, minutes to June 15, 1919.

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