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Special Collections: Guide to the University of Maine Center for Marine Studies Records

Collection Title:  University of Maine Center for Marine Studies Records
Dates of Collection:  1900-2009 (bulk, 1965-2009)
Boxes: Univ MU Boxes 694-698

Historical / Biographical Information:

Located on the east shore of the Damariscotta River Estuary, five miles from the open ocean, and approximately 100 miles south of the University of Maine campus at Orono.  The Center was made possible through the generous donation of Dr. and Mrs. Ira C. Darling of Kenilworth, Illinois, who, in 1965, donated the estate of 136 acres of wooded coastal land to the University of Maine, for the purpose of establishing a marine laboratory.


Papers include information concerning the activities and publications of the Center for Marine Studies and associated organizations funded by the UM/UNH Sea Grant Program.  The majority of the papers deal with the Darling Center's research in conjunction with the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company, as well as other Darling Center research projects.


Deposited by the Darling Center.

Detailed Description of the Records:

Box and Folder List

Univ MU Box 694

f 1 Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory 1985
f 2 Maine Coastal Program 1990-91, "Gulf Links" and "Coastal Links"
f 3 UM/UNH Sea grant college, history of the founding of the sea grant program
f 4 UM/UNH Sea grant college, brochures, publications, misc. materials
f 5 UM/UNH Sea Grant, informational pamphlets, etc.
f 6 A joint proposal from the state of Maine, the state of New Hampshire: recommended sites for East coast...
f 7 UM/UNH Sea grant college program, long range plans
f 8 UM/UNH Sea Grant 1985-89, marine advisory program
f 9 Summer programs
f 10 Calendar of Events (1998-  )
f 11 UM/UNH Sea Grant 1971, "A proposal to renew the University of Maine's Coherent Project and Sea Grant Program"
f 12 UM/UNH Sea Grant 1977, Program Proposal Vol. II
f 13 The UNH/UMO Sea Grant College proposal - Vol. I - program summary, 1979
f 14 UM/UNH Sea Grant 1980, Program Proposal Vol I
f 15 UM/UNH Sea Grant 1980, Program Proposal Vol. II
f 16 UM/UNH Sea Grant 1980, Program Proposal Vol III Five-year plan
f 17 UM/UNH Sea Grant Project directories (1985-  )
f 18 UM/UNH Sea Grant 1975, Report
f 19 UM/UNH Sea Grant, biennial report
f 20 UM/UNH Sea Grant, Publications Catalogs
f 21 UM/UNH Sea Grant, 1972 Report on the Sea Grant Program
f 22 UM/UNH Sea Grant, 1985 Marine Law Institute, Territorial Sea Journal: vol. v, no. 2
f 23 UM/UNH Sea Grant, 1991 Marine law institute, Territorial Sea Journal: vol. I, no. 2
f 24 UM/UNH Sea Grant "Seafare", report on maritime activities
f 25 The Research Institute of the Gulf of Maine.  "Directory of Maine Research Facilities and 1974 Personnel in Maine."
f 26 Graduate program in Oceanography
f 27 Vestal, Barbara A. "Dueling With Boat Oars, Dragging Through Mooring Lines: Time For More Formal Resolution of Use Conflicts in Coastal Waters."  University of Maine School of Law, 1996.  Photocopy of pp. 699-705 from the 15th International Conference of The Coastal Society
f 28 Penobscot Bay Network

Univ MU Box 695    Darling Center    Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company

f 1-8 Annual Reports 1-5, 1970-1975
f 9 "New Combined R88-1" 1969
f 10 Black River Drogue circulation survey Wiscasset, Maine 1971

Univ MU Box 696    Darling Center    Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company

f 1-10 Semi-Annual Environmental Surveillance Reports 1-11 plus Final Report 1972-1978

Univ MU Box 697    Darling Center    Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company

f 1 EIC Public Hearings 1972
f 2 Final Environmental Statement 1972
f 3 "Statements presented by the Natural Resources Council..." 1972 (folder 1 of 2)
f 4 "Statements presented by the Natural Resources Council..." 1972 (folder 2 of 2)
f 5 Testimony of Juan Gonzales 1972
f 6 Pre-operational summary 1973
f 7 Proposal 1973
f 8 Correspondence, etc. 1975-1976
f 9 "Laboratory Studies on the Thermobiology of Baitworms" 1975
f 10 Temperature Surveys 1975-1976
f 11 Worksheets R88-1 1975-1976
f 12 "Natural and Artificial Temperature Variations" 1976
f 13 Research Proposal, Correspondence, etc. 1977-1980
f 14 "Thermal Effects of Maine Yankee Diffuser Operation..." 1976
f 15 Correspondence, etc. 1977-1980
f 16 "Demonstration Document" 1977
f 17 "Hydrography of Montsweag Bay" 1977
f 18 Diffuser Study 1978
f 19 Portland, Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Study
f 20 "Combined Sewer Modeling" 1991
f 21 "Infiltration Evaluation" 1991
f 22 "Monitor Plan" 1991
f 23 "Project Plan" 1991
f 24 Technical Memo no. 1 1991
f 25 Technical Memorandum #2 1991
f 26 Technical Memorandum #3 1991
f 27 Technical Memorandum #4 1991
f 28 Technical Memorandum #5 1992

Univ MU Box 698    Darling Center

f 1 Darling Center 1986, Annual Report
f 2 Darling Center 1966, Bi-state commission on oceanography, biographies, legislations, minutes
f 3 Darling Center 1966, Bi-state commission on oceanography, biological resources communications, physical resources communications, industrial committee
f 4 Darling Center 1966, Bi-state commission on oceanography continued, education committee, government and legal affairs committee, operations committee, misc.
f 5 Darling Center 1970, Culture of resources in a cold water marine environment (proposal)
f 6 Darling Center, Correspondence related to the founding of the center, Walpole, Maine
f 7 Darling Center, late 1960s, informational pamphlets concerning the Darling Center
f 8 The Lobster Institute and other misc. publications about lobsters
f 9 Darling Center 1980, Master plan for proposed development
f 10 Darling Center, policies and procedures
f 11 Darling Center, publications list 1967-1982
f 12 Darling Center, shuttle schedule
f 13 Darling Center, summer program '95
f 14 Marine Laboratory, ninth season, Lamoine, Maine

Three compact discs containing Darling Center archival material digitized by the Darling Marine Center librarian in 2009

disc 1 Correspondence, Dean / Darling, 1960s
  Education Program, 1960s-present
  Historical Records, Darling Marine Center Correspondence Memos, Meeting Notes, 1965-1974
  Historical Records, 1975-1976
  Historical Records, Correspondence, Memos, Meeting Notes, 1977-1979
  Historical Records, Finances, etc., 1980s
  Historical Records, 1980-1981
  Historical Records, Correspondence, Correspondence, Memos, Meeting Notes, 1982-1989
  Historical Records, Research Projects, Proposals, Summaries, 1965-1989
  Historical Records, 1990-2009
  Local History, 1700s-1965
  Louise Dean Library, 1966-2009
  Publication Lists, 1965-2009
disc 2 Maine Yankee Annual Reports, 1970-1974
  Maine Yankee Final Report, 1978
  Maine Yankee Miscellaneous, 1970s
  Maine Yankee Semi-Annual Reports, 1972-1974
  Newspaper Articles, 1965-2000s
  Photographs, Darling Marine Center, 1960s-2009
  Photographs, Darling Marine Center Library, 1968-2009
  Photographs, Walpole, 1900-1965
  Plans and Proposals, 1960s-1980s
disc 3 Promotional Material, 1965-2009
  Research Ship HERO, 1960s
  Video and Audio

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