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Special Collections: Guide to the Deborah Thompson Architectural Papers

Raymond H. Fogler Library Special Collections Department

Introduction and Summary Information

Collection Title:  Deborah Thompson architectural papers
Collection Number:  MS 497
Dates of the Collection:  1978-1984
Size of collection:  9 boxes (9 linear ft.)
Provenance:  Gift of Deborah Thompson, 1982-1992
Arrangement:  Original order maintained.
Conservation note:  Materials transferred to acid-free storage containers.
Preferred citation:  Deborah Thompson Architectural Papers, MS 497, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine, Orono, Maine.
Restrictions on Access and Use:  Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility.  One week's notice required for retrieval.

Biographical Note

Deborah Thompson earned a Ph.D. from Columbia University and was a Research Associate Professor of History at UMaine, Orono. She has been associated with the Colby College Museum, the Bangor Historical Society, and the Bangor Historic Preservation Committee.

Scope and Content Note

The architectural papers concern primarily the research and writing of the book "Bangor, Maine, 1769-1914: an architectural history." The collection includes manuscripts, proofs, and notes.


Box 1657

(Box 1)

F-1              City of Bangor, Me., Vol. 1 of  3

F-2              City of Bangor, Me. , Vol. 2 of 3

F-3              City of Bangor, Me. , Vol. 3 of 3

F-4              Row Houses, Anonymous Houses, Lesser Men.  Ch. 1  pgs. 113-214

F-5              Public Buildings. Ch. 2 pgs. 246-330

F-6              Central Bangor, Draft 3  pgs. 331-376

F-7              Mt. Hope Cemetery,  Ch.  4  pgs 116-268

F-8              Discards

F-9              Proofs , Ch. 1 & 2

F-10            Italianate Villa Long Facades

F-11            Italianate, French & Revival Styles  1850-80.

F-12            Mansard or French Style

F-13            Residences-  Ch. 2  pgs.  1-12

F-14            Residences     Ch. 4 pt. 2

F-15            Central District         Ch. 4

Box 1658

(Box 2)

F-1                  Public Buildings  Central Bangor, Me.  Res. of Ch. 2  pgs. 1-118

F-2                  Public Buildings  Central Bangor, Me.   Residences  pgs. 119-230

F-3                  Public Buildings   Central Bangor, Me.  Residences  pgs.  231-301

F-4                  Chapter 2    Gothic Revival       pgs. 215-245

F-5                  Chapter 2     Residences Footnotes

F-6                  Chapter 1 & 2    Residentials notes           Chapter 1 & 2

F-7                  Chapter 4         Turn of the century

F-8                  Chapter 3    Public Buildings-Central Bangor       Final State

F-9                  Mansard or French Style          pgs. 1-65

F-10                Chapter 3   Mansard  (Xerox)   Rough copy

F-11                Notes   Xerox of notes and abbreviations

F-12                Chapter 4      Public Buildings-including down town Bangor

F-13                Chapter 3      Public Buildings   pgs. 1-55

F-14                Notes     Originals  1 , 2, & 3    Abbreviations and Glossary

F-15                Xerox-  Appendices

F-16                Original Appendices

Box 1659

(Box 3)

F-1                    Early Period 17-69 – 1820, Long Houses, Colonial, Federal

F-2                    St. John’s (Episcopal ) Vestry Lists

F-3                    List of Illustration    Photographic Credits, Maps

F-4                    Bangor Historic Resources

F-5                    High Street,  Davenport, Bangor Theological Seminary

F-6                    Whitney Park Historical District

F-7                    Bangor City,  Common and State Street

F-8                    Broadway Historic District (East Side)

F-9                    Mansard Houses

F-10                  Chapter 2    Public Buildings (Xerox Copy)

F-11                  City of Bangor     Central Area

F-12                  Chapter 2 & 3      Public Buildings

F-13                  Chapter 1            Final Corrections

F-14                  Discards

F-15                  Bangor, Me.      Central Area  Ch. 1    pgs. 1-92

F-16                  Corrections, Editing-Ch. 2        Bangor, Me. Pgs. 287-384

F-17                  Chapter 4       Ms. for corrections

F-18                  Chapter 4       Ms. for editing        pgs. 86-160

Box 1660

(Box 4)

F-1                      Photo Files

F-2                      Corrections   pgs.  1-42

F-3                      Foreword-  Acknowledgements

F-4                      Final Arrangements-   Correspondence

F-5                      Glossary    1978-79

F-6                     Chapter 1   pgs. 1-77    Early period    1769-1820

F-7                     Residences,  Circa.   1820-1850

F-8                     Chapter 2     pgs. 146-254    Treat House

F-9                     Chapter 2  Public Buildings    pgs. 246-259

F-10                   Chapter 2  Public Buildings    pgs. 359

F-11                   Final Draft-list of squires         Bangor book

F-12                   Index of locations-  Central Area

F-13                   Chapter 3     Used For Composing,  Italianate, French

F-14                   Chapter 3     Fern Ledge     Mansard

F-15                   Chapter 4- Composing , Editing

F-16                   Chapter 4      134-299    Ms for Composing

F-17                   List of Illustrations, Maps, Photographic credits                

Box 1661

(Box 5)

F-1                        Bangor Central Area      Notes

F-2                        Bangor Area Notes Glossary

F-3                        Discards

F-4                        Bangor Me.-An Architectural History

F-5                        Bangor, Me.  Photo Plates

F-6                       List of Illustrations, Credits, Photographs

F-7                       Gallery Sheets, Bangor

F-8                       Chapter 2     pgs 1-301      (In a 8 1/2 x 11 box)            

Box 1736

(Box 6)

F-1        A clubhouse for the Business and Professional Women of Bangor – Photocopy of a report on a thesis by Gertrude E. Ebbeson, MIT, May, 1933

F-2     Exploring our Architectural Heritage – Walking tours of Lewiston, 1975

F-3     Information for Board Members, August 23rd, 1989; photocopies of aerial photos, plans for Water Street, etc.; For Hallowell Planning Board Members

F-4    Landmark & Historic District Commissions – scattered and misc. pamphlets

F-5     Montgomery St. Fire Station

F-6     Research on Ruggles House at Columbia Falls, Maine – by Florence Ward Stiles, 4-15-1950

F-7     Sagadahoc Preservation, Inc. – Jan. 11, 1979 Meeting

F-8     Specifications for Dr. Wm. C. Peters house – photocopies

F-9     Surveys of Structures aged 50 or older in Bangor – Indices

F-10     Illustration for survey of structure aged 50 or older in Bangor

F-11     Survey of structures aged 50 or older in Bangor – working notes & survey

Box 1737

(Box 7)

F-1     Bangor Historic Preservation Commission (BHPC) Business Papers – 1976; Folders for BHPC Business Papers are documented and in order from and between the years 1976 to 1992

F-2     BHPC Business Papers – Misc. materials, undated

F-3     BHPC Newspaper Clippings

F-4     BHPC Papers relating to Legislation & Federal Funding of Preservation

F-5     BHPC – Talks, Kiwanis, Board of Realtors, etc.

F-6     Index to files of the BHPC & Misc. Papers

Box 1738

(Box 8)

F-1     Abraham M. Rudman House – Specs; Victor Hodgins, Architect; 2 photocopies, 1 with changes

F-2     Ball and Benefits (flyers & pamphlets) for Bangor Historical Society

F-3     Bangor Historical Society Misc. Business Papers, scattered from 1980-1986

F-4     Bangor Historical Society – Newsletter, Penobscot Heritage news, misc. flyers and pamphlets

F-5     Bangor House – Photo of anthemion panels – from Maine Historic Preservation Commission

F-6     Downtown Conference – Budget & Fiscal Matters

F-7     Eben Webster House – Orono, Photo; cross index George Worfy Architect

F-8     Irving & Hallowell Ordinances – work file

F-9     James Vickery – Queries and Pending

F-10     Joan Whitney Payson Gallery of Art Exhibition; New Architecture and Maine Traditions

F-11     Landmark and H.D. Commissions (Journal)

F-12     Maine Arts Commission – Design arts project on Bangor

F-13     Maine Citizens for Historic Preservation Business Papers, scattered, 1976 – 1991

F-14     Maine Citizens for Historic Preservation – conference, spring 1981

F-15     Maine Historic Preservation Commission – Business papers, pamphlets, etc. – Local historic districts MHPC spring conference 5-14-77

F-16     Misc. Architectural firm of Childs Bertman T. Sectars Assoc., Inc. – booklet, clipping on Civil War, town map, etc.

F-17     National Trust for Historic Preservation – business papers – scattered, 1978-1980, & undated

F-18     Newspaper clippings, papers, pamphlets showing or dealing with Maine Architecture

F-19     Pamphlets listing architectural & Historical Art or books on architecture

F-20     Pamphlets, papers, and book lists dealing with restoration and rehabilitation of old buildings

F-21     Personal papers, correspondence, etc.

F-22     Photographs – illustrations for Bangor Book (NEH Book)

F-23     Pond, Charles H – Biographical Sketch

F-24     Pride of Place – Slide Lecture, June, 1992

F-25     Tax Incentive for Rehabilitating historic buildings – Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation

F-26     Tax Reform Proposal Papers – 1985

F-27     The Case for the National Historic Preservation Fund: The Maine Experience

F-28     The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation

F-29     NHRP Registration Forms – Property Descriptions

Box 1739

(Box 9)

F-1     Bangor Opera House Performing Arts Center – A Reuse Study – Part 1

F-2     Bangor Opera House Performing Arts Center – A Reuse Study – Part 2

F-3     Economic Development Advisory Commission Papers, 1989 to 1992

F-4     Materials Relating to the Development and Revitalization of Downtown Bangor, 1981 to 1990

F-5     Materials Relating to the Development and Revitalization of Downtown Bangor, undated


Finding Aids for selected manuscript collections in the Special Collections Department at Fogler Library are accessible online in URSUS, in a browsable Guide to Manuscript Collections. Please contact Special Collections at or (207) 581-1686 for further information.

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