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Special Collections: Guide to the Henrietta Thompson Papers

Summary Information

Collection Title: Henrietta Thompson Papers
Collection Number: MS 498
Dates of Collection: 1942-1992 
Size of Collection: 3 boxes 


Henrietta Thompson was born in Maryland in 1913. She attended Barnard College in New York City for 2 years, was married in 1934 and lived with her husband in the Philippines for 3 years. They lived in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania until 1975 when they moved to Hancock Point, Maine. After living in Florida for several years she enrolled in graduate study in history at the University of Maine in 1989. She earned her M.A. in history in 1992 at the University of Maine in Orono. The title of her thesis was Walk a little faster: escape from Burma with General Stilwell in 1942.

Scope and Content Note

The papers of a student at the University of Maine. The papers include research material for her thesis for her M.A. Degree in History. Her thesis described her interviews of the members of a group of 114 men and women who were fleeing from Burma after the Japanese invasion of that country in January 1942. Included are correspondence, 32 audiotapes, notecards, research notes, and bibliographies.

Contents of Boxes

Univ MU Box 775


Box 775 f1 Address Book
Box 775 f2 Bibliography
Box 775 f3 British Military Group II
Box 775 f4 Burma prior to 1942
Box 775 f5 Complete war diary 11/10/79
Box 775 f6 Correspondence
Box 775 f7 Correspondence Sept. 1980
Box 775 f8 Correspondence: Paul Jones; Serrared; Janson; Alex Buchanan
Box 775 f9 Correspondence: St. Lwell, Eastbrook, Nobelhaft
Box 775 f10 Dear Sis,
Box 775 f11 Escape from Burma
Box 775 f12 I-H
Box 775 f13 Itineraries
Box 775 f14 The Log 
Box 775 f15 Material (other sources)
Box 775 f16 Miscellaneous papers
Box 775 f16 Miscellaneous
Box 775 f17 Nurses  
Box 775 f18 Oral Passport
Box 775 f19 Project correspondance 1970-1973
Box 775 f20 Treasures
Box 775 f21 Unknowns
Box 775 f22 Ioife Magazine Articles-1942
Box 775 f23 Walk a little faster: Escape from Burma with Gen. Stilwell in 1942 by H. Thompson


Univ. Mu  Box 776


Box 776 f1 Barton (Beaver)
Box 776 f2 Big Bawk
Box 776 f3 Belden
Box 776 f4 Bibliography
Box 776 f5 Belknap
Box 776 f6 Buck
Box 776 f7 Calvert
Box 776 f8 Casteng
Box 776 f9 Chambers
Box 776 f10 Chesley
Box 776 f11 Chow, F.
Box 776 f12 Chow, K.
Box 776 f13 Croft
Box 776 f14 Cummings
Box 776 f15 Cusick
Box 776 f16 Davies, Martin
Box 776 f17 Duncumb
Box 776 f18 Dorn
Box 776 f19 Dykes
Box 776 f20 Eldridge
Box 776 f21 Evans
Box 776 f22 F.A.U.
Box 776 f23 Ferris
Box 776 f24 Fox, Alan
Box 776 f25 Geren
Box 776 f26 Geren, Paul
Box 776 f27 Gish, Paul
Box 776 f28 Grant, Ken
Box 776 f29 MA Graung
Box 776 f30 Grindlay, Betty
Box 776 f31 Haigh, W.D.
Box 776 f32 HLA sein
Box 776 f33 Holcombe
Box 776 f34 Janes
Box 776 f35 Johnson, Ruby T.
Box 776 f36 Jones, Paul
Box 776 f37 Kaw, Malang
Box 776 f38 Khin, Ohn
Box 776 f39 Kluger, Richard
Box 776 f40 KOI
Box 776 f41 Labanqlu
Box 776 f42 Lee, Tommy C.
Box 776 f43 Lothrop, Alan
Box 776 f44 McCabe
Box 776 f45 Maurer
Box 776 f46 Moonie
Box 776 f47 Nicholas, Etal
Box 776 f48 Novack
Box 776 f49 O’Hara
Box 776 f50 Owen
Box 776 f51 Parsons, George
Box 776 f52 Po Esther
Box 776 f53 Shein, Tun
Box 776 f54 Shwe, Than (Po Nee)
Box 776 f55 Short
Box 776 f56 Sibert
Box 776 f57 Singh, Dara- misc.
Box 776 f58 Tseng
Box 776 f59 Taylor Jr., Carl
Box 776 f60 Tennant, Peter
Box 776 f61 Col.Tin Q’ Hi
Box 776 f62 Williams-Janes-Grindlay-diaries-Geren
Box 776 f63 Williams, Robert
Box 776 f64 Col.Yen
Box 776 f65 Young, Richard


Univ. MU Box 777


Box 777 f1 audio tapes
Box 777 f2 audio tapes
Box 777 f3 audio tapes



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