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Special Collections: Guide to the Paul E. Taylor Collection

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves

Collection title: Paul E. Taylor Collection
Collection number: MS 489
Date of collection:
Size of collection: 6 boxes


Paul E. Taylor, the son of Oscar and Dorcas Paul Taylor, was born on October 15, 1914, in Saugus, Massachusetts. He graduated from the University of Maine in 1936 with a degree in zoology and received an M.D. degree from Tufts Univesity in 1940. A resident of Kittery, Maine, Dr. Taylor practiced medicine there and beginning in 1951 also served on the staff of Portsmouth Hospital in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He was one of the founders and a trustee of the Kittery Naval Museum and served as chair of the Robert W. Traip Academy Board of Trustees and as a member of the Kittery school board. A collector of books and manuscripts on Maine and New England history, Dr. Taylor was a benefactor of the University of Maine and Fogler Library. Dr. Taylor died on November 6, 1978.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of printed documents and manuscript material collected by Paul E. Taylor and given to Fogler Library between 1967 and 1978 and by his estate after his death. It reflects Dr. Taylor’s wide-ranging interests and collecting habits.

The collection is arranged in two series. Series I, Printed Material, includes books, pamphlets, catalogs, advertisements, etc.; Series II, Manuscript Material, contains original documents including diaries, letters, logbooks of vessels, scrapbooks, family papers, etc. The published items are mostly concerned with the history of Maine, New England and New York; many were published in Maine or Massachusetts. The manuscripts are also primarily concerned with the history and literature of Maine, especially Kittery and Eliot, or with other areas of New England. Each series is arranged alphabetically by author or if the author is unknown by title.

The user should note that material concerning the Paul family was removed from this collection and added to the Paul Family Papers (MS 389). Material concerning the Robert W. Traip Academy in Kittery was also removed and added to the Robert W. Traip Academy Records (MS 437).

Contents of Boxes

Series I: Printed material

Box 1


1 Almanac. Jas. O. Trefethen, Kittery, Maine, 1891
2 Alphabet books, (5), 1884, printed on linen
3 The American Anti-Slavery Almanac for 1837. Boston, published by N. Southard & D. K. Hitchcock
4 American Express Co., Notes and Maps of Interest to Travelers and Shippers. Press of Chasmar-Winchell, New York and Pittsburg, 1901
5 The Andover Husking; A Political Tale, Suited to the Circumstances of the Present Time, and Dedicated to the Whigs of Massachusetts. Boston: J.H. Eastburn, printer, 1842
6 An Authentic History of the Lawrence Calamity…. Boston: John J. Dyer & Co., 1860
7 Badger and Porter’s State Register; Containing a Full Account of the Principle Lines of Stages, Steamboats, and Canal Packets, in the New England States and State of New York…. Boston: from the press of the American Traveller, 1831
8 Bangor Mattress Co. illustrated catalog, Bangor, ME
9 G.H. Bass & Company, Wilton, Maine. Bass Outdoor Footwear mat service catalog
10 Bass’ Handbook of Portsmouth and Vicinity. Published by C.W. Bass Druggist, Portsmouth, NH, 1910
11 R. H. Beacham and Son “List of Pleasant Drives About Portsmouth, N.H.”, map of Portsmouth
12 Thomas P. Beals Co., Portland, Maine. Catalog of extension tables, 1904-1905
13 The Beecher-Tilton Scandal
14 Bird’s-Eye Map of Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire. Published by The G.W. Armstrong D.R. & N. Co., Boston.
15 Blake and Wheeler Shoe Company, Portland, Maine, catalog 1914
16 The Book of Fables, in Prose and Verse. New York: Kiggins & Kellogg. Copy of Annie A. Johnson, Kittery, ME
17 Boston Theatrical Guide, Vol. 3 No. 9, May 1900. Theatrical Guide Pub. Co. Publishers
18 A Brief Historical Sketch of the Life and Sufferings of Leonard Trask, the Wonderful Invalid. Portland: printed by David Tucker, 1858
19 D. W. Brunel Shoe Co., Portland, Maine. Fall catalog, 1906
20 Buckminster, Joseph. A Discourse, Delivered at Portsmouth, New-Hampshire…. Portsmouth, NH, printed and sold by John Melcher, 1789
21 Business cards and advertisements, c. 1880’s-1900’s
22 Business catalogs, c. 1800’s-1900’s
23 Calendars, 1890, 1892, 1901, 1902, 1911, 1917
24 Calling cards, etc.
25 Channing, William E. A Discourse Occasioned by The Death of Rev. Dr. Follen. Second Edition. Boston: James Monroe and Company
26 The Christian Register and Almanack. (2). Published by Robert Foster, Portsmouth, NH, 1824 and 1825
27 Clark, Rufus W. The New Serial Question Books on the Heroes of the Bible. Boston: Mass. S. S. Society, Henry Hoyt, Graves & Young, 1864
28 Nathan, Clifford. Speech of Mr. Clifford of Maine, on the General Appropriation Bill for 1840
29 Cody, William F. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West booklet for the 1895 Season, Portsmouth
30 Flyer for “The Creole Belles at Town Hall, York Village”
31 Pamphlet of “Democratic Songs”
32 A Description of Various Nations. Concord, NH, Rufus Merrill & Co., 1843
33 The Domestic Dyer, Being Receipts for Dying Cotton and Linen, Hot and Cold. New England, printed for domestic uses, 1811.
34 Edwards & Walker Company, Portland, ME, illustrated catalog. “Fine Fishing Tackle and Baseball Goods. Guns, Rifles and Ammunition. Wholsale Hardware.” Lakeside Press Co., Portland, ME
35 “The Epworth Herald”, Vol. XXIII-No. 41, Chicago and New York, October 12, 1912. Dan B. Brummitt, Editor.
36 Various fashion catalogs. Catalogue of Fashions. (11). Published by The Butterick Publishing Co., London and New York. from 1895-1911.
37 Finney, Frank. A Woman Has an Awful Lot to Thank a Whale For. G. B. French Co., Portsmouth, N.H. Published by The Warner Brothers Co., 1909.
38 Follen, Charles. Professor Follen’s Funeral Oration, Delivered at the Burial of Dr. G. Spurzheim. Boston: Marsh, Capen & Lyon, 1832
39 From the Ranch to the Table. Copyrighted 1893 by The Cudahy Packing Co., Omaha. Engraved and Printed by Burkley Printing Co., Omaha
40 Greenleaf, Abner. Remarks Prepared for a Meeting of the Democratic Republicans of Portsmouth…. Printed by Abner Greenleaf Jr., 1840
41 “[Tract No. 12] Henry Clay and the Right of Instruction.-The Presidential Election of 1825 and the Bankrupt Law of 1841.”
42 Hersey, Hon. Ira G. Hale and Fernald, A Tribute. American Statesmen Series, No. 8513-X. Press of The Waterville Sentinel Publishing Company, Waterville, ME
43 The History of Birds. Portland: Bailey & Noyes
44 “The History of England; from the Union of Heptarchy to the Present Time.” [1830?]. Chart of monarchs
45 The History of Insects. Portland: Bailey & Noyes
46 “Hood Farm”, Vol. 1 No. 5. Lowell, Mass., August 1898
46a “Horrid massacre at Dartmoor Prison, England; where the unarmed American prisoners of war were wantonly fired upon by the guard.” Boston: Nathaniel Coverly, [1815] [broadside]
47 “Methodist Almanac”, 1858. Hostetter’s Illustrated United States Almanac. (6). Published by The Hostetter Company, Pittsburgh, PA. 1883, 1888, 1895, 1900, 1903, 1904
48 Humphrey, Frederick. Humphrey’s Manual. (3). Humphrey’s Homeo. Medicine Company, New York. 1916, 1925, 1937
49 In Colonial Days, Selections from the Youth’s Companion. The Companion Library, American History II, No. 35. Perry Mason Co., Boston, Mass., 1908
50 Independent Order of the Odd Fellows. Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Quascacunquen Lodge, Number Thirty-nine. Boston: Printed by Bro. T. Prince, 1844
51 Kendall, Amos. “[Tract No. 11] Texas. The First Duty of Democrats to Preserve Our Principles.”
52 Kendall and Whitney annual seed catalogs, Portland, ME. Daily Press Printing House, 1874, 1907.
53 The Key to Esperanto, the International Language. Published by American Esperantist Co., Inc., Mass. 1918
54 International Illustrated Stock Book. Published by International Stock Food Co., Minn.
55 “An Ordinance Regulating and Licensing Taxicabs and Taxicab Drivers…” Town of Kittery Maine, 1953
56 The Ladies’ Home Journal informational booklet on canvassing for subscriptions to win a college scholarship
57 Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. Booklet of photographs, “Courtesy of the Boston & Maine Railroad”
58 Lally, A.V. The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers. Copyright 1920 by Chase & Sanborn, Tea and Coffee Importers, Boston
59 “Later Papers of Samuel Bowles”
60 Leavitt, Dudley. Leavitt’s Farmer’s Almanac, 1865. Concord: Edson C. Eastman
61 “Pawnee Bill’s Historic Wild West [Show]” souvenir booklet for Portsmouth
62 Liming of Soils and Spraying. Issued by the Rockland-Rockport Lime Co., Rockland, ME
63 Medical advertisements from Philbrick’s Pharmacy, Portsmouth NH; R.T. Booth Co., New York; and Piso’s Cures and Remedies
64 “Methodism’s New Awakening…” Maine Methodism pamphlet
65 “Missionary Lesson Leaf” Vol. 4 No. 12, July 1887. Mrs. S. A. Rulison Fish, editor and publisher, Flint, Michigan
66 “Music of Ye Olden Time, a Lyste…” flyer. Printing by John Bent & Co., Boston, 1875
67 Auction notices, (4), 1853-1876
68 Peck, George. The Methodist Almanac…. Published by Lane & Tippett, New York, 1846
69 Phillips, Libbie Sprague. Ruby Gordon or Back from the Grave. Copyrighted by F.B. Warner, 1909

Box 2


1 Phillips, Steven C. An Address, Introductory to the Second Course of the Franklin Lectures…. Boston: printed by Ford and Damrell, 1833
2 Commercial pictures and postcards
3 Portsmouth, NH telephone directories, 1911-1920
4 Princeton High School, Princeton, Maine, Catalogue, 1911-1912. Printed by E.C. Bowler, Bethel, Maine
5 Railroad timetables and maps for the Atlantic Shore Railway, 1916; and the Springfield Line, 1883
6 Map of New Hampshire; advertisement for The Sharples Separator Co., West Chester, PA
7-8 Recipe books
9 Rules of Work Originally Adapted by the Carpenters of the Town of Boston, in 1774, and Revised in 1800…. Boston: Marsh, Capen and Lyon, 1836
10 The Jenness Miller Shoe catalog, stamped with “Oren Bagden & Son, Fine Boots and Shoes, Portsmouth, N.H.”
11-12 Scrapbooks of postcards, commercial pictures, and advertisements
13 Sidelinger, Lowell H. List of Vessels Built in Newcastle, Nobleboro, Damariscotta, and Bristol…
14 “Soldiers’ 1915 Memorial” pamphlet, Portsmouth, NH, May 31, 1915
15 Stereopticon pictures
15a Stereo viewer [Oversized-kept in Box 7]
16 Taylor, Virgil Corydon. The Concordia: A New Collection of Glees, Quartettes, Trios, etc…. Boston: Published by Oliver Ditson & Co.
17 “Terrible Fire!” Newspaper flyer from Portland Daily Press, Friday morning, July 6, 1866.
18 “To the Farmers of South Berwick and Vicinity.” Newspaper flyer from the Extra Democrat, Oct. 21, 1840
19 Trafton, I. S. “Family Groceries” advertisement, 1845
20 New York two-dollar bill with message “Go to the Centennial via the Fall River Line bet. New York & Boston” on back, 1875
21 The United States Conscription Act of 1863. Boston: Published by Benj. B. Russell
22 Vinton, John Adams. Thomas Gyles and his Neighbors, 1669-1689: or the Settlement of the Lower Kennebec. Boston: David Clapp & Son, 1867
23 Warner, William R. Warner’s Pocket Medical Dictionary…. Copyright: William R. Warner & Co., Philadelphia, 1897
24 “Washington Academy Alumni Book, 1823-1906”
25 D.D. Terrill Saw Company illustrated catalog, Bangor, ME. “Saws & Tools, Lumbering Tools, Mill Supplies, Hardware Specialties”
26 Catalogue of Washington Academy, East Machias, ME, 1792-1895. (2). Machias: Printed by C. O. Furbush, 1895
26a Webster, J.L. Travellers’ guide and statistical view of the United States, 1834
27 “Whalemen’s Shipping List, and Merchants’ Transcript.” New Bedford, Mass. Vol. 28 No. 50, Feb. 7, 1871, (2); Vol. 29 No. 32, Oct. 3, 1871; Vol. 30 No. 33, Oct. 8, 1872; Vol. 30 No. 36, Oct. 29, 1872; Vol. 30 No. 35, Oct. 22, 1872; Vol. 30 No. 37, Nov. 5, 1872

Series II: Manuscript material

28 Arithmetic notes: “Double Rule of 3,” “Alligation Alternant,” “Alligation Medial”
29 Bills (11) relating to Henry M. Raitt, 1815-1875
Ledger Blacksmith’s ledger, 1849-1889 [Bowdoinham?]
30 Record book of the town of Kittery, ME, 1750-1786
31 “Burying the dead at Waterloo,” document
32 [Curtis?], Mary [T.?]. copybook of arithmetic. Kennebunk, August 12th, 1826
33 Company orders for Mr. Parker. Boston, Sept. 11, 1833
34 “Citizen’s Union Line and United States Mail” time bill from Boston to Keene, Sept. 17, 1833
35 Daguerreotypes
36 Diary, 1891
37 Diary, 1893

Box 3


1 Dodge, Robert. Report, Full, Authentic, and Complete…of the Dodge Family…. New York: E. S. Dodge Printing Co., 1879. with handwritten notes and clippings
2 Dodge, Robert. Diary, 1892
Ledger Expenses of Schooner Eliza Otis, 1866-1867; Brig Burmah, 1868-1870;
Schooner Geo. Henry, 1870; Schooner Edward, 1871-1872; other expenses
3 Fernald family: deeds, wills, misc. legal documents, teaching certificate, 1788-1906
4 Map of travel route from log of schooner “Yantic” of Machias, Maine
5 Gazette Marine List. Portsmouth, April 29, 1806
6-7 Haley, Annie A. (Johnson), letters
8 Hammond, William. Letter to U. S. Sec. of Treasury recommending Daniel Jones to be keeper of the light for Boon Island, March 1845
9 Johnson, Annie A. Letter, April 8, 1872
10-11 Journals (2) relating to farming and medical matters
12 Kittery, ME. Receipts, indentures, bills, bills of sale, deeds. 52 items
13 State tax list for town of Kittery, ME, 1799
14 Record book of the Kittery Point Bridge Co., 1838
15 Land agreement between Edward Hodsdon and Henry Hodsdon, 1820
Ledger Ledger of accounts of lumber sold, 1847-1849
16 Leighton family: deeds, family correspondence, 1793-1900
17 Letter to “Dear Cousin Laura,” Farmington, Nov. 14, 1867
18 Letter to “Dear Uncle Newell,” Mt. Vernon, Nov. 25, 1867
19 Letter to Harriet Williams, Malden, Mass., Aug. 7, 1881; C. S. Williams’s Navy Yard employee’s automobile pass (2), Portsmouth, NH, 1929-1930; George Williams’s Christian Temperance Union pledge card “to abstain from the use of all Intoxicating Liquors”
20 Log book for the schooner “Yantic,” 1849
21 Log book for the schooner “Annie Sise,” 1868-1870
22-23 Manson, Albert. Letters, 1862-1863, Alexandria, Virginia
24 Manson, Albert. Poems addressed the Mrs. Mabel Miller, “Composed by a soldier in the army,” 1913
25 Marshall, Nathaniel G. Bill to Mrs. Lydia Johnson, 1853
26 Morrill, Charles M. Letter, [1839?]
27 Nason, William. Promissory note. Eliot, 1868
Ledger Order book of job printer, 1897-1903 [possibly Richard I. Walden, job printer, Portsmouth, N.H.
28 Petition for right to land, addressed to the Senate and House of Reps. of Commonwealth of Mass. “The petition of the inhabitants on the west side of the Penobscot River…,” April 23, 1785
29 [Peirce, Daniel]. Record book, 1790
30 Petition of the inhabitants of the west side of Penobscot River to the honourable the Senate & House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
April 23, 1785 (includes 189 signatures)

Box 4


1 Receipts, 1809-1903
2 Record books (2) of the first school district in the town of Kittery, ME. 1849-1892
3 Rogers, Josiah. Letter, [Beirth?], North Carolina, March 25, 1800
4 Schedule of the field artillery, in Mass. and in Maine, 1820
4a Scrapbook of newspaper clippings [Oversized-kept in Box 5]
4b Scrapbook of pictures, postcards, etc. [Oversized-kept in Box 6]
5 Record book, 1826; school photo, n.d., no identification
6 District No. 6, “Scholars subscription paper for a present for our teacher,” Feb. 2, 1884
7-8 School workbook and scrapbooks of the Haley family
9 Statement of indebtedness
10 Tucker, (Mrs.) [?]. Letters (3), 1908
11 Walker, John. Inventory of the estate of Mr. John Walker of Kittery, 1743
12 Washington, George. Letter, Mt. Vernon, May 20, 1792
13 Way bill for Boston and Keene Eagle Line, Sept. 3, 1832
14 Wilkens, E. Record book, Waterford, Jan 1, 1853- Sept. 17, 1859
15 Wilkens, J. and E. Record book of tannery, Jan. 1, 1845- May 26, 1851
16 York, J[ames] Frank. Bills of sale

Boxes 5, 6, and 7

Oversized material

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