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Special Collections: Guide to the Jasper J. Stahl Papers

Summary Information:

Collection Title: Jasper J. Stahl Papers
Dates of Collection: 1886 - 1970
Box Numbers: Boxes 315-319a and folio
Quantity:  5 ft.

Administrative Information:

Provenance: Deposited by Waldoboro Historical Society.
Access Restrictions: No restrictions
Preferred Citation: Jasper J. Stahl Papers, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine
Copyright: Contact department for copyright information

For Additional Information:
Special Collections Department
University of Maine
5729 Fogler Library
Orono, Maine 04469-5729
(207) 581 1686

Biographical Information:

Jasper J. Stahl was born in Waldoboro, Maine, and graduated from Bowdoin College in 1909. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Taught at Reed College from 1911-1917. Was Director of Studies at Hill School from 1918-1947 with a brief time in the U.S. Navy during WWI. He was a historian of Waldoboro, and author of its history. He also studied Germans in Maine


Papers of a historian of Waldoboro, Maine including correspondence, research notes, and clippings relating to Stahl's history of Waldoboro and to Germans in Maine

Contents of boxes:

Box 315

Box 315 f1 Letter of Sympathy (Passing of Stahl's Father) March 14, 1933
Box 315 f2 Letters of Sympathy (Passing of Stahl's Mother) Jan. 24, 1935- April 15, 1935
Box 315 f3 Letter of Sympathy (Passing of Stahl's Uncle George Keene) Feb. 25, 1937
Box 315 f4 Letters from Sister Carrie (At the request of Sister Carrie to Jasper From Gould & Shackley) July 21, 1936
Box 315 f5 Letters from Sister Carrie Oct., 1934 - June, 1961
Box 315 f6 Letters from Mother Jan. 23, 1933 - June 18, 1934
Box 315 f7 Letters from Mother Sept. 10, 1934 - Jan 11, 1935
Box 315 f8 Letters from Emma Johnston June 21, 1935 7 Feb. 18, 1937
Box 315 f9 Letter from Attorney's at Law Oct. 6, 1966 & March 16, 1966
Box 315 f10 Correspondence to Jasper Stahl during WWI 1917 - 18
Box 315 f11 Correspondence to Jasper Stahl during WWI 1917 - 18
Box 315 f12 Miscellaneous Letters to Jasper Stahl
Box 315 f13 Lectures
Box 315 f14 Lectures
Box 315 f15 Lectures
Box 315 f16 Class Lectures
Box 315 f17 Sermons
Box 315 f18 Sermons
Box 315 f19 Addresses and Eulogy
Box 315 f20 Highway Surveyor's Books
Box 315 f21 Waldoboro Businesses'
Box 315 f22 German Authors
Box 315 f23 Story of Bremen Fisherman
Box 315 f24 Maine Register

Box 316

Box 316 f1 Bowdoin College
Box 316 f2 Bowdoin College
Box 316 f3 Correspondence
Box 316 f4 Correspondence
Box 316 f5 Correspondence
Box 316 f6 Correspondence
Box 316 f7 Correspondence
Box 316 f8 Correspondence
Box 316 f9 Diary from Vietnam 1966 - 67
Box 316 f10 Historical information of Life of Michael Jung
Box 316 f11 Maine School Building Authority
Box 316 f12 Maine School Building Authority
Box 316 f13 Personal File Miscellaneous
Box 316 f14 Photographs and Personal Notes
Box 316 f15 Photographs and Personal Notes
Box 316 f16 Photographs and Personal Notes
Box 316 f17 Students papers written about J. J. Stahl
Box 316 f18 Town Reports Miscellaneous
Box 316 f19 Writings by J. J. Stahl
Box 316 f20 Writings- Unfinished

Box 317

Box 317 f1 Baptist Church
Box 317 f2 Broad Bay Moravian Archives
Box 317 f3 Broad Bay Moravian Archives
Box 317 f4 Correspondence
Box 317 f5 Correspondence
Box 317 f6 Deeds
Box 317 f7 Documents, 18th Century
Box 317 f8 Genealogical Papers and Notes
Box 317 f9 Lincoln and York Deeds
Box 317 f10 Miscellaneous
Box 317 f11 Newspaper Clippings
Box 317 f12 Newspaper Clippings
Box 317 f13 Research Papers 1770-1780
Box 317 f14 Research Papers 1790-1800
Box 317 f15 Research Papers 1810-1820
Box 317 f16 Research Papers 1820-1830
Box 317 f17 Research Papers 1830-1840
Box 317 f18 Research Papers 1840-1850
Box 317 f19 Research Papers 1850-1860
Box 317 f20 Research Papers 1870-1880
Box 317 f21 Research Papers 1834-1835 (Personal) The New Century
Box 317 f22 The Present (Newspaper Clippings)
Box 317 f23 Waldoboro Papers
Box 317 f24 Waldoboro Papers
Box 317 f25 Waldoboro School Building Committee
Box 317 f26 Waldoboro Voting List

Box 318

Broad Bay, historical notes.

History of Old Broad Bay and Waldoboro. Files concerning the publication of the book, sample book cover and typewritten manuscript.

Notebooks, nine.

Pamphlets, miscellaneous.


Box 319

Bank books and bills.

Document, three copies, appointing Jasper J. Stahl to the Maine school building authority for five years, 1963.

Pamphlets, miscellaneous.


Waldoboro historical society. Correspondence.

Waldoboro historical society. Treasurer's notebook.

Box 319 folio

Mr. Waldo’s estimate of expences [sic] on the expedition against Cape Breton (photostatic copy of original from Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery)

Copy of an old document, Jan. 17, 1731/e, Muscongus patent (photostat)

1800 census of Waldoborough (photostat)

1810 census of Waldoborough (photostat)

1820 census of Waldoborough (photostat)

Original state & county tax for the east & west side, 1816; a coppy [sic] of the state bill for the year 1816

Valuation lists for Waldoborough, 1822, 1828, 1836, undated

This plan represents a road laid out … beginning at Jefferson town line … surveyed by Thomas Simmons, June 12, 1827

Sketches, Medomak River area by E. Gross

Damariscotta and Medomak Rivers (photograph of a U.S. Coast Survey nautical chart)

Waldoboro quadrangle, U.S. Geological Survey topographical quadrangle map, edition of Aug. 1915, reprinted 1940 with correction

Botanical sketches

Three diplomas of Jasper Stahl, 1909-1910

Box 319a

Bank statements.

Census, 1830, filmstrip.

German authors, file cards.

Income tax.

Personal accounts.


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