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Special Collections: Guide to the Peirce Family Papers

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves
Raymond H. Fogler Library Special Collections Department
February 2004
Introduction and Summary Information
Collection Title: Peirce Family Papers.
Dates of the Collection: 1812-1940 (inclusive); 1850-1930 (bulk).
Provenance: The Peirce Family Papers came to the Special Collections Department as a gift from Ellen Peirce in 1971.
Collection Number: MS 396.
Box Numbers: 1-13 (formerly Boxes 47-50, 426-431).
Size and Arrangement: The collection consists of ten archival record cartons, one document box and two oversized boxes of material (18 cubic feet) + 5 linear feet of ledgers.
Conservation Note: The collection has been re-housed in acid-free folders and boxes. Documents have been surface cleaned as needed and metal fasteners removed. Photographs have been housed in polypropylene sleeves and remain with the relevant documents.
Preferred Citation: Peirce Family Papers, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine.
Restrictions on Access and Use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval.

The collection contains the business records and personal papers of several generations of the Peirce family of Bangor, Maine. It centers on materials of Waldo Treat Peirce and his son, Mellen Chamberlain Peirce. Also included are papers of Mellen Peirce’s father-in-law, William B. Hayford.
Waldo Treat Peirce was born in 1804 in Frankfort, Maine, the son of Waldo and Catherine Treat Peirce. In 1828, he married Hannah Jane Hills. Waldo T. Peirce and his brother, Hayward, both of Bangor, were merchants and partners in the firm of W.T. & H. Peirce. Waldo Peirce also did business as a shipping and commission merchant in Bangor and owned timberlands in northern Maine. He also served in the Maine legislature in the 1850’s. Waldo Treat Peirce had several children, including Mellen Chamberlain Peirce, Luther H. Peirce, Waldo Treat Hills Peirce, June, Florence and Ada Peirce. Waldo Treat Peirce died in 1858.
Mellen Chamberlain Peirce was born in 1846 in Bangor and lived there almost all of his life. Early in his life he was in the wholesale hardware and grocery business. In 1882 he married Anna Hayford, the daughter of William B. and Laura Hayford. After Hayford’s death in 1887, Mellen Peirce managed the timberlands and business property of the Hayford estate. He was also a director and officer of the Dirigo Ice Company of Bangor. Mellen and Anna Peirce had three children: Ada Peirce McCormick, Hayford, and Waldo Peirce. Mellen Peirce died in 1936.
William B. Hayford was born in Belfast, Maine, in 1827, the son of Arvida Hayford. The family moved to Bangor when William Hayford was fourteen. He went to Wisconsin as a young man, entered into business and married his wife, Laura, there. Returning to Bangor, he went into business with his son George under the name of W.B. Hayford & Son, until George’s death. William Hayford owned large parcels of timberland and operated a lumber business on the Penobscot River. He built a steam mill in partnership with A.B. Sutton, and in partnership with Franklin Stetson of Bangor, he formed the company of Hayford & Stetson in 1874. With its office at Carleton, St. John, New Brunswick, the company manufactured spruce and pine lumber, cedar shingles, etc. Hayford also was president of the Kenduskeag National Bank, acting president and manager of the European and North American Railway, one of the incorporators of the Medway Railway Company, and president of the Green Mountain Railway and the Bangor and Piscataquis Railroad. He was elected mayor of Bangor in 1876. William Hayford died in 1887.

Scope and Content Note
The collection is arranged in four series: papers of Waldo Treat Peirce, papers of William B. Hayford, papers of Mellen C. Peirce, and papers of other Peirce family members. Each series is further divided into several sub-series. The collection had been re-foldered at an earlier time by Library staff and those folder headings have mostly been retained in this guide. Each series contains both personal and family papers and business records.
The papers of Waldo Treat Peirce include four sub-series: correspondence, legal and business records, financial records, and lumbering records. Many records are from the firm of W.T. & H. Peirce, a partnership between Waldo Peirce and his brother Hayward Peirce. The correspondence, 1847-1868, contains personal letters from family members, business letters from correspondents in South American and Caribbean cities, and letters concerning Peirce’s land holdings and lumber business. The legal and business records consist of copies of deeds, agreements, mortgages and notes, as well as writs of attachment and tax records. The financial records contain account books, bills and receipts. Lumbering records contain mostly permits for land use and bills of lading and other records of lumber shipped.
The papers of William B. Hayford also contain four sub-series: legal and business records, papers of Laura Hayford, records of Hayford & Stetson, and records of ancillary companies. The legal and business records include information about Hayford’s assets, 1869-1883, copies of deeds and promissory notes, and bills and receipts. The papers of Laura Hayford contain bills and receipts, 1885-1895, mainly for groceries and other household expenses. The records of Hayford & Stetson contain the articles of co-partnership between Hayford and Franklin Stetson, 1874, and letter books of outgoing correspondence, 1870-1928, which also reflect the work of Mellen Peirce after William Hayford’s death. Maps of Hayford & Stetson lands in Aroostook County, Maine, and information on woods and stumpage scales, boomage bills, and financial information about the company complete this sub-series. The records of ancillary companies contain records of incorporation and meetings of the directors of the Seboois Log Driving Company, 1880-1881; and articles of agreement, correspondence, and stock certificates of the Green Mountain Railway Company, 1882-1889. William Hayford was president of the Seboois Log Driving Company and a director of both companies.
The papers of Mellen C. Peirce include eight sub-series: correspondence; legal records; records of the estate of William B. Hayford; bills, receipts and financial information; lumbering; Dirigo Ice Company records; miscellaneous personal material; and papers of Anna Peirce. The records strongly reflect his involvement in managing the property and business of his father-in-law after William Hayford’s death in 1887. The correspondence contains personal letters from Mellen Peirce’s mother and father and other family members but is primarily business correspondence related to the management of his financial affairs and of the Hayford estate and land holdings. The legal records contain deeds and tax documents; the records of the estate of William Hayford include financial information about the property and other holdings in the estate, as well as tax information, bills and receipts.
The sub-series with bills, receipts, and financial information is a mix of business and personal materials, 1887-1923, with a cashbook, 1925-1926, and a ledger of rents collected, 1928-1929. Lumbering records include a land book describing Peirce land holdings, and field notes and plans from various surveys of Hayford and Peirce timberlands. The records of the Dirigo Ice Company, of which Mellen and Anna Peirce were incorporators, include articles of agreement and minutes of directors’ meetings, 1880-1911, as well as stock certificates, proxies, deeds, etc. Miscellaneous personal material of Mellen Peirce includes notes, maps, and information about social activities. The papers of Anna Peirce consist mostly of financial information and income tax documents, as well as six Peirce family photograph albums, 1889-1906; many of the photographs were taken by Anna Peirce.
The final series, papers of other Peirce family members, is made up primarily of personal correspondence, including that to Hannah Jane Hills Peirce, 1829-1860, much of it from her husband Waldo Treat Peirce as he traveled on business or during his time in Augusta while in the Maine legislature. Another large group of letters, 1843-1853, is to Waldo Treat Hills Peirce, son of Waldo Treat and Hannah Jane Peirce. Other family letters are addressed to Ada and June Peirce, Waldo Treat Peirce’s sisters, as well as members of the Hills family. Most of the folders in this series contain original letters as well as typewritten copies provided by an unknown transcriber.
The last sub-series, records of Silas Peirce & Company, appears to have been given by Herbert Kelley of Boston in 1953 and 1954 to Waldo Peirce, Mellen Peirce’s son. Mr. Kelley, originally from Maine, worked for Silas Peirce & Co. for many years. Silas Peirce, born in Scituate, Massachusetts, in 1793, was an uncle of Waldo Treat Peirce, and founder of a wholesale grocery company in Boston which operated for over a century. The records in this collection are mostly pages from daybooks, 1820’s-1860’s, which document the sales made by the business. The user interested in records of Silas Peirce & Company should note that company records are contained in the collections of the Baker Library, Harvard Business School, Boston, and the Holy Cross College Library, Worcester, Massachusetts.
The researcher interested in the Peirce family may also want to consult the papers of Ada Peirce McCormick, daughter of Mellen and Anna Peirce, which are also held by the Special Collections Department of Fogler Library.

Box List
Please note: All items without a folder number and designated as Ledgers or Maps are kept in wall or oversized storage areas.
Series I: Papers of Waldo Treat Peirce
Box 1

Sub-series 1: Correspondence
1 Letters from Waldo Treat Hills Peirce, 1847, 1852
2 Letters from John Hobson, 1848
3 Letters, incoming, 1848-1852
4 Letters from Ada Peirce, 1849
5 Letters from J.A. Nash regarding tuition and board for Waldo Treat
Hills Peirce, 1849-1850
6 Chamberlain letters, 1850’s
7 Documents re Chamberlain estate
8 Letters from James West, 1850
9 Prices current, Montevideo and Buenos Aires, 1850-1857
10 Letters incoming, 1853-1857
11 Prices current and letters, 1854-1859
12 Telegrams, 1854-1867
13 Letters incoming, 1854-Feb., 1855
14 Letters incoming, Mar.-June, 1855
15 Letters incoming, July-Aug., 1855
16 Letters incoming, Sept.-Dec., 1855
17 Letters and circulars from foreign ports, 1855
18 Telegrams, 1855
19 Prices current and letters, Barbados, 1856-1859
20 Prices current and letters, Cuba, 1856-1859
21 Prices current and letters, Rio de Janeiro, 1856-1859
22 Prices current and letters, Trinidad, 1857-1859
23 Letters incoming, 1858
24 Letters incoming, 1859
25 Letters incoming, 1860
26 Letters incoming, 1863-1864
27 Letters incoming, 1865-1866
28 Letters incoming, 1867-1868
29 Letter from W.T. Peirce to C.S. Clark, undated

Sub-series 2: Legal and business records
30 Stock certificates, shares held, 1820’s-1850’s
31 Deeds, 1820’s
32 Deeds, 1829-1830’s
33 Deeds and abstracts, 1830’s
34 Deeds, 1830’s
35 Deeds, 1830-1840
36 Lists of conveyances of land, 1830’s-1840’s
37 Deeds for house on May St.; other deeds, 1830’s-1840’s
38 Deeds of land in Old Town, 1830’s-1850’s
39 Deeds, 1830-1833
40 Deed, Haywood Read, 1831
41 Deeds to lands in Orono and Penobscot County, 1834-1835
42 Deeds, 1834-1839
43 Deed, 1835
44 Indenture executed July 18, 1835
45 Deeds, notes, etc., 1835-1837
46-47 Deeds, 1840’s
48 Deeds, abstracts, 1840’s-1850’s
49 Deeds, 1840’s-1850’s
50 Deed to Emery Mills, 1840
51 Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Resolve on the petition for Township
no. 7, 1841
52 Deeds, #1, Range 11, 1846-64
53 Deeds, indentures, early 1850’s
Box 2
1 Unsigned deeds, 1850’s
2 Deeds, 1850’s
3 Deed and memos, 1850
4 Deeds, 1850-1851
5 Deeds, 1852
6 Deeds, 1853-1856
7 Index to deeds, 1800’s
8 Agreements and miscellaneous legal documents, 1820’s-1870’s
9 Agreements, etc., 1830’s
10 Agreements and mortgages, 1830’s-1850’s
11 Agreements, 1830-1849
12 Agreements and mortgages, 1840-1850
13-14 Agreements and business papers, 1840’s-1850’s
15 Agreement, deeds, 1850’s
16 Mortgages, agreements, memo, 1850’s
17 D.C. Oakes, agreement to build a schooner, 1853
18 Agreements and obligations, 1859-1860
19 Leases, 1830’s-1840’s
20 Leases, 1850’s-1860’s
21 Notes, receipts, 1830’s-1850’s
22 Notes: records of payments and receipts, 1830’s-1860’s
23 Notes, receipts, etc., 1835
24 Notes, 1840’s
25 Notes and important papers, 1850’s
26 Notes, 1855-1856
27 Webster Treat & Company: notes, receipts, 1870’s
28 Tax receipts, 1850’s-1860’s
29 Writs of attachment and other legal documents, 1830’s
30 Writs of attachment, 1840’s-1850’s
31 Memo book: property of H.J. & W.P. Peirce, 1846
32 Land plans, undated
33 Township booklet, undated [Description of land]
34 Business card of Waldo T. Peirce, undated
35 Codicil, will of Waldo Peirce (1778-1841)
36 Bangor Insurance Co.: Stockholders listing, etc., 1840’s
37 Election of Waldo T. Peirce to Maine House of Representatives, 1852
38 Copy of “The Bangor Jeffersonian,” Sept. 6, 1859
Sub-series 3: Financial records
39 Accounts, 1820’s-1850’s
40-41 Accounts, 1850’s
42-43 Estimates, explorations, etc., Aroostook lands, 1850’s
44 Accounts, 1850’s [Located physically in Box 11]
45 Account book, 1854-1855
46 Miscellaneous accounts, 1850’s-1860’s
47 Treat accounts, 1850’s to 1870
48 Ledger: Account book of rentals, 1860’s
49 Accounts, 1870’s
Box 3
1 Bills and receipts, Cram, Dutton & Co., 1835-1837
2 Bills not belonging to store, 1849
3 Bills, receipts, 1850’s
4 Tax receipts, state of Maine, 1850’s
5 Bills for military ball, March 4, 1856 [Waldo T. Peirce, treasurer]
6 Receipts, 1857
7 Bills, receipts, 1860’s
8 Receipts, 1870’s
9 Receipts, 1873
Sub-series 4: Lumbering records
10 Permits, Township #6, Range 4, 1848
11 Permits, 1850-1853
12 Report of J.R. Gilmore: his exploration of No. 16 Franklin Co.
13 Miscellaneous papers re lumbering, 1830’s
14 Bills of lading, invoices for lumber shipped, 1857-1858
15 Cargo accounts, 1857-1860
16 Record book, 1859-1860: Loaded at Bucksport
17 Bills of lading, 1873

Series II: Papers of William B. Hayford
Sub-series 1: Legal and business records
18 William B. Hayford’s account of stock, real estate, assets, 1869-1883
19 Assets, personal property, June 15, 1881
Ledger Notes and bills payable and receivable, W.B. Hayford, 1870-1884
20 Deeds and mortgages, 1840-1870
Ledger Medway title book, 1856-1940
21 Papers, deeds, deeds to 214 Cedar St. and Pond St., 1860’s
22 Deeds, Township #3, Medway Railway Co., 1860’s-1870’s
23 Deeds, receipts, 1870’s
24 Land surveys, 1870’s
25 Deeds, letters, 1871
26 Promissory notes, 1870-1876
27 Promissory notes, 1872-1873
28 Papers of Arvida Hayford, etc., 1837-1857
29 Will of Arvida Hayford, 1857
30 Will of Caleb Billings, 1833; other documents, 1880’s
31 Documents re Joy family, 1880’s
32 Documents re settlement of estate of Anna R. Hayward, 1887-1888
Ledger Scrapbook of news clippings re railroads and lumbering [primarily of
William B. Hayford], 1871-ca. 1907
33 Robinsonian universal interest tables, &c. [printed volume]
34 Receipts, 1870’s
35 Receipts, 1870-1871
36 Bills, notes, Jan.-July, 1871
Box 4
1-2 Notes, bills paid, Jan.-July, 1872
3-4 Receipts, 1872
5 Bills, correspondence, 1872-1873
6 Receipts, 1872-1873
7 Letters, bills, 1873
8 Expenses for church pew, shoeing a horse and bridge toll, 1873
9-10 Receipts, 1873
11 Letters, bills, receipts, 1876
12 Receipts, Kidder, Peabody & Co., 1876
13 Receipts, bills, etc., 1879
14 Letters, notes, bills, 1879
15 Hall Safe and Lock Co.: contracts, letters, etc., 1881-1882

Series II: Papers of William B. Hayford cont.
Sub-series 2: Papers of Laura Hayford
16 Bills of Laura Hayford, 1885
17 Bills of Oscar H. Fickett, groceries, 1890’s
18 Receipts, bills, Laura Hayford, 1890
19 Bills for board and meals, the Lowder, 1890
20 Receipts, Thompson & Kellogg, grocers, 1891-1895
21 Receipts, Lemuel Nichols, 1893-1895
22 Bills, receipts, 1893-1896
23 Maintenance payment for Bangor General Hospital, 1894
Sub-series 3: Records of Hayford & Stetson
24 Articles of co-partnership between William B. Hayford and Franklin
Stetson of Bangor, 1874; correspondence, 1883, 1886
Ledger Letter books, outgoing correspondence, 1870-1884; M.C. Peirce,
1890-1928 [3 volumes]
Ledger Letter books, outgoing correspondence, 1874-1879 [2 volumes]
Ledger Letter book, Geo. Wm. Hayford Co. and W.B. Hayford, 1882-1885
Ledger Letter book, W.B. Hayford, 1885-1887; M.C. Peirce, 1887-1892
Ledger Letter book, Hayford & Stetson, Sept., 1883-Dec., 1886
Map Estimate of hemlock bark on Township no. 2 Range 9 owned by W.B.
Hayford, 1876
Map Plan of Twps 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6, Range 15, 16, 17, 18 & 19, headwaters
Of the West Branch, Penobscot; made by Noah Barker + letter, 1882
Map Township No. 3, Indian Purchase
Map Township No. 4, Indian Purchase
Map Townships No. 3 & 4, Indian Purchase as surveyed A.D. 1836 by
Isaac S. Small
Map No. 4, Range 4 N.B.K.P.; 17.661 acres, Noah Barker’s survey
Map Plan of Township No. 6, R. 10 W.E.L.S.; surveyed A.D. 1860 by
D. Barker; plan made by W.B. Hayford, Sept. 1866 + sheet of lumber
Map Copy: Plan of Township No. 9, R. 4, W.E.L.S. as surveyed in 1869 by
Noah Barker + report on land, 1878
Map Hayford and Stetson’s plan of Twp. 15, 16, 17 & 18, Range 1, 2, 3,
4, & 5, March 22d 1882, copied by Geo. Wm. Hayford
Map Township No. 18, Range 10; E.S. Coe plan book, page 34
Map Plan of No. 18, R 10
Map Township No. 18, R. 10; copied from old plan; corrected from field
Ledger William B. Hayford stumpage accounts, 1870-1922
Ledger Copy of woods scale of logs cut on land belonging to Wm. B. Hayford,
winter, 1872-73 to winter, 1884-85
Ledger Hayford & Stetson stumpages, Nov. 1, 1879-1913
Ledger Woods scale, Hayford & Stetson, 1879-1928
Ledger Woods scale, 1927-1929
25 Boomage bills, 1872
Ledger Journal, W.B. Hayford, Sept. 1, 1871-Jan. 14, 1887
Ledger Ledger, W.B. Hayford, 1871-1887
Ledger Journals, Hayford & Stetson, Nov. 3, 1877-1891; account book for
land holdings, 1913-1932 [3 vols.]
Ledger Timberlands, W.B. Hayford, 1869-1906
Ledger Account book, 1878-1889, W.B. Hayford?
26 Index to account book, 1878-1889
27 Bills of lading, shipping receipts, 1872

Oversized item, plan book containing several maps

Plan of W. B. Hayford's Homestead Lot, circa 1869
Plan of Nicatou and Tract Z, W.E.L.S., no date
Plan of Hopkins Academy Grant, by Noah Barker and Levi Alford, copied by T. W. Baldwin from original by F. H. Coombs, 1850
Plan of Township No. 1, Range 6, WELS, no date
Plan of Letter A, Range 7, WELS, no date
Grant Town No. 2, Range 13, WELS, no date
Plan of Township No. 2, Range 9, North of Waldo Patent, no date
Plan of Township No. 3, Range 9, North of Waldo Patent, no date
Plan of Kingsbury showing purchases of John S. Abbot, Henry Hudson, and Paul S. Merrill by Hon. Noah Woods, no date
Plan of Township No. 6 in the 9th Range, West from the East Line of the State, no date
Boyd Town, No. 1, Range 4, with line showing the high lands between the Penobcot and the Kennebec Waters in the range, no date
Tract X in the 14th Range, and a part of Township No. 2 in the 15th Range, WELS, surveyed 1851, copied 1868
Plan of Indian Township No. 3 showing land ownership of Hayford, Prentiss, Coggins, H. & P. and Smith, no date
Plan of Township No. 4 Indian Purchase, no date
Plan of Township No. 1, R. 8, WELS, compiled by Coombs & Appleton, 1869
Plan of Township No. 6, Range 6, WELS, 1869
Plan of Township No. 9 in the 11th Range, WELS, surveyed 1849
Plan of Township No. 9 in the 13th Range, WELS, showing tract set out to David Pingree, surveyed 1849
Plan of Township No. 9, Range 12, WELS, showing location of tract set out to David Pingree, surveyed 1849 by R. B. Tarbox, David Haynes, L. E. Dunn

Sub-series 4: Records of ancillary companies
Ledger Seboois Log Driving Company: Records of corporation and directors,
1880-1881; daybook of unidentified compiler, 1931-1934
28 Green Mountain Railway Company: articles of agreement, correspondence, stock certificates, 1882-1889
Series III: Papers of Mellen C. Peirce
Sub-series 1: Correspondence
29 Letters from Hannah Jane Hills Peirce, 1850’s
30 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1850-1854
31 Letters from Cousin Katie (Kitty), 1853
32 Letters from Ada Peirce, undated
33 Letters, bills, receipts, 1887
34 Letters, bills, receipts, 1887 [includes W.B. Hayford estate]

Box 5
1 Letters, Medway and 2R9, Feb. 7, 1887-Jan. 1, 1888
2 Correspondence, F. Stetson, 1887
3 Letters, bills, receipts, July 1, 1887-Jan. 1, 1888
4 Letters from and about Medway and T-2, R-9, 1888-1890
5-6 Bills, letters, 1888
7 Letters, 1889
8 Bills, letters, receipts, July 1, 1889-Jan. 1, 1890
9 Bills, letters, 1890’s
10 Bills, letters, 1890
11 Letters, bills, receipts, Jan.-July, 1890 [W.B. Hayford estate]
12 Letters, bills, receipts, July 1, 1890-Jan. 1, 1891
13 Letters, bills, receipts, Jan.-Mar., 1891
14 Letters, bills, receipts, Apr.-July, 1891
15 Letters, July, 1891-Jan., 1892
16 Letters, 1892
17 Letters, Gilbert Albert, 1899-1900 [W.B. Hayford estate]
18 Letters re investment, Indianapolis, Shelbyville & Southeastern
Traction Co., 1902-1925
19 Letters, etc., 1914-1915
20 Letters from American Realty Co., 1902; 1920’s
21 Letters from American Realty Co., 1920’s
Box 6
1 Correspondence, 1920’s
2 Letter from tax collector, Eagle Lake, Maine, Feb. 13, 1924
3 Correspondence, incoming, A-C
4 Correspondence, incoming, D-G
5 Correspondence, incoming, H-M
6 Correspondence, incoming, M-P
7 Correspondence, incoming, P-Q
8 Correspondence, incoming, R-S
9 Correspondence, incoming, S-Z
10 Correspondence, incoming, government
11 Correspondence, incoming, bank statements, Merchants National Bank
12 Correspondence, incoming, unidentified
13 Telegrams
14 Correspondence, outgoing
15 Correspondence, incoming, A
16-19 Correspondence, incoming, B
20 Correspondence, incoming, C
21 Correspondence, incoming, D
Box 7
1 Correspondence, incoming, D
2 Correspondence, incoming, F
3 Correspondence, incoming, H
4 Correspondence, incoming, H-K
5-9 Correspondence, incoming, K
10 Correspondence, incoming, L
11 Correspondence, incoming, L-M
12 Correspondence, incoming, M
13 Correspondence, incoming, N-P
14 Correspondence, incoming, P-S
15 Correspondence, incoming, S
16 Correspondence, incoming, T
Box 8
1 Correspondence, incoming, T
2 Correspondence, incoming, W-Y
3 Correspondence, outgoing, 1876
Ledger Letter books, correspondence, outgoing, May 1, 1893-Dec. 29, 1920;
July, 1927-Aug., 1935 [6 vols.]
Sub-series 2: Legal records
4 Deeds, 2 Range 7, miscellaneous, 1800’s
5 Miscellaneous bonds, deeds, agreements, 1880-1900
6 Deeds, abstracts, 1887-1900’s

Series III: Papers of Mellen C. Peirce cont.
Sub-series 2: Legal records cont.
Box 8 cont.
7 Deeds, 1892-1931
8 Deeds, etc., Mellen and Anna Peirce, 1900’s
9 Deeds, Fairbanks lots, 409 Hammond St., 1900’s
10 Deed to Harlow St. house, 1903
11 Deed for corner, Hammond and Franklin, Bangor, 1909 [Anna Peirce]
12 Deeds, legal papers, Eagle Lake property, 1922
13 Deeds, 1930’s-1940’s
14 Jamison deeds, 1941
15 Legal documents: bill of sale, guardianship papers, Silas Peirce estate, 1900’s
16 Deeds, correspondence about squatting claims, documents re Township
No. 17, R 5
17 Sale of 1/32 of Township #2 to Percival Baxter, 1936
18 Miscellaneous documents
19 Income tax, 1913, 1916, 1920
20 Income tax, 1929
21 Income tax, 1931-1933
Sub-series 3: Estate of William B. Hayford
22 Accounting of W.B. Hayford estate, 1887-1906
23 Acct. and distr. of estate of William B. Hayford
Ledger Cash 3, estate of W.B. Hayford, 1905-1910
Ledger Journal 1, estate of W.B. Hayford, 1887-1913
Ledger Ledger, estate of W.B. Hayford, 1887-1906
24 Deeds and documents, 1857-1896
25 Papers and deeds, 1880
26 Wild lands, state and county taxes, 1887-1888, 1891
27 Receipts, 1887
28 Bills, receipts, 1889
29 Mt. Hope Cemetery receipts, estates of W.B. Hayford, Anna Hayward, etc., 1886-1887, 1928
Sub-series 4: Bills, receipts, financial information
30 Rep. bills, hospital, dentist, doctor, etc., 1887-1891
31-34 Receipts, 1889-1890
Series III: Papers of Mellen C. Peirce cont.
Sub-series 4: Bills, receipts, financial information cont.
Box 9
1 Receipts, 1890
2 Receipts, F.H. Johnson & Co., 1890
3 Receipts, Mrs. Thomas Quinlan, 1890
4 Receipts, T.H. Dyer & Co., 1890
5 Receipts, 1890-1891
6 Receipts, July, 1891-Jan., 1892
7 Receipts, 1892
8 Bills, receipts, 1894-1899
9 Bills, receipts, 1900-1923
10 Receipts, advertisements, etc., 1908-1920’s
11 Receipts for money paid for land to establish Washington Street
in Bangor, 1909
12 Cancelled checks, 1906-1907
Ledger Cashbook, Jan., 1925-Oct., 1926
Ledger Vol. 2, Cash, M.C. Peirce estate, 1938-1939
13 Ledger of accounts, rents, 1928-1929
Sub-series 5: Lumbering
Ledger Peirce land book, 1890’s
14 Ledger containing information on various townships
15 Field notes, Twp. 16, R 4, W.E.L.S., May-June, 1910, Appleton & Sewall
16 Lumber accounts and documents
Map A plan of township numbered two in the seventh range ... by Joseph Kelsey, surveyor; per Hayford Peirce, 1905
Sub-series 6: Dirigo Ice Company records
17 Articles of agreement, minutes of meetings, 1880-1911
18 Stock certificate book
19 Stock certificates issued
20 Proxies, cancelled checks, etc., 1900’s
21 Hampden deeds
22 Dirigo Ice Co. documents
23 Correspondence, 1918
24 Photograph: Dirigo ice house, Hampden, Maine

Series III: Papers of Mellen C. Peirce cont.
Sub-series 7: Miscellaneous personal material
Box 9 cont.
25 Tarratine Club treasurer’s reports, 1920’s
26 Bradstreet Lumber Co. pamphlets re taxation and the lumber industry
27 Mellen’s notes
Map Map of northern Maine specially adapted to the uses of lumbermen and sportsmen by Lucius L. Hubbard
Map Map of the railroads of the state of Maine, accompanying the report
of the Railroad Commissioners, 1894
Map U.S. Geological Survey topographical quadrangles, Arizona [4 maps]
Sub-series 8: Papers of Anna Peirce
28 Correspondence, outgoing, 1908
29 Correspondence, Stanton Oil Co., 1917-1918; subpoena, 1924
30 Letter from Dr. Lethiecq, 1920
31 Income tax documents, 1909-1910
32 Income tax, 1921
33 Account with Kidder, Peabody & Co., 1912-1916, 1922-1924
34 Account with Kidder, Peabody & Co., 1916-1918
35 Account with Kidder, Peabody & Co., 1918
36 Account with Kidder, Peabody & Co., 1919-1921
37 News clippings re suit against Anna Peirce by city of Bangor, 1906
Ledger Peirce family photograph albums, 1889-1906 [6 vols.; located physically in Box 13]
Series IV: Papers of other Peirce family members
Sub-series 1: Papers of Hannah Jane Hills Peirce
Box 10
1 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1829-1834
2 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1835-1839
3 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1841-1843
4 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1846-1848
5 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1849
6 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1850-1851
7 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1852

Series IV: Papers of other Peirce family members cont.
Sub-series 1: Papers of Hannah Jane Hills Peirce cont.
Box 10 cont.
8 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1853
9 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1854
10 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, 1855-1857
11 Letters from Waldo Treat Peirce, undated
12 Letters from Waldo Treat Hills Peirce, 1846-1860
13 Letters from Mary Ann Greenwood Peirce (Mrs. Hayward), 1851
14 Letter from Edward A. Kelley (nephew to aunt), 1858
15 Letter from Hannah Jane Hills Peirce to Catherine, her sister, 1828
(actually written as a joke by Waldo Treat Peirce)
16 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce to their children, 1851-1853
17 Letters from Hannah Jane Hills Peirce to brother or sister, 1853
Sub-series 2: Papers of Waldo Treat Hills Peirce
18 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce, 1843, undated
19 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce, 1846
20 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce, 1847-1848
21 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce, June-Sept., 1849
22 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce, Nov.-Dec., 1849
23 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce, Jan.-Mar., 1850
24 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce, June-Sept., 1850
25 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce, 1851
26 Letters from Waldo and Hannah Jane Peirce, 1852-1853
27 Letters from Edward A. Kelley (cousin), 1844-1849
28 Letters from John S. Crosby (cousin), 1845
29 Letters from Ada Peirce, 1846-1853
30 Letters from Silas Peirce, 1848-1850
31 Letters from Joseph W. Fiske, 1849
32 Letters from John A. Winn, 1849
33 Letters from John A. Winn, 1850
34 Letters from Charles H. Dennett, 1849-1850
35 Letters from Joseph (Jose) Olano, 1850
36 Letters from Walter B. Rankin, 1850
37 Letters from Henry C. Nash, Joseph Olano, Valentine Villota, 1850-1851
38 Letters from Valentine Villota, 1850-1851
39 Letters from Waldo T.H. Peirce to Joseph Olano and Valentine Villota, 1851
40 Letters from Mary Ann Greenwood Peirce, 1851
41 Letters from Julia Kelley (cousin), 1852
42 Letters from R. Rankin, 1852
43 Letters from D. Stone, 1853
44 Letters from N.D. Carlile, undated
Sub-series 3: Other family letters and miscellaneous material
45 Letters from Ada Peirce to June Peirce, 1851, undated
46 Letters from Florence Peirce to June Peirce, 1851, undated
47 Letters from Hannah Hills to Susan Hills, 1812
48 Letters from Charlotte Hills to Sarah Hills, 1819
49 Letters from “Aunt Sarah” to Luther Hills, 1813
50 Letters from Sarah Hills to Charlotte Hills, 1814
51 Letters from Sarah Hills to Prudence Bailey, 1817
52 Letters from H.L. Griswold to Lucilla Peirce Kelly, 1850’s?
53 Letters from Sallie Veazie to Grace Kelley Goodwin, 1865
54 Miscellaneous Peirce family correspondence and notes
55 Petition of Joseph Hills, 1682 [copy]
56 Peirce-Hills family information
57 College notes of M.C. Peirce, Jr., 1800’s
58 Essay of Mellen Peirce, Jr., 1907: Prohibition in Maine
59 American Ambulance Field Service in France [printed volume]
60 Deux mouvements dans l’art Byzantin du Xe siecle, by Hayford Peirce and Royall Tyler, 1927
Sub-series 4: Records of Silas Peirce & Company
61 Letters, receipts, 1830’s
62 Correspondence, 1840’s-1850’s
63 Correspondence, Webster & Treat, 1850-1860
64 Correspondence, Franklin Treat and others, 1860’s
65 Miscellaneous papers as saved by Herbert Kelley, Boston
66 Daybook pages, 1820’s [Located physically in Box 11]
67 Daybook pages, 1830’s [Located physically in Box 11]
68-69 Daybook pages, 1830’s [Located physically in Box 12]
70 Daybook pages, 1840’s [Located physically in Box 12]
71 Daybook pages, 1850’s-1860’s [Located physically in Box 12]
72 Invoices, 1830’s
73 Receipts, 1830’s-1870’s
74 Bills of lading, 1860’s
75 “A Century of Service, 1815-1915” [printed history of Silas Peirce & Co.]

Finding Aids for selected manuscript collections in the Special Collections Department at Fogler Library are accessible online in URSUS, in a browsable Guide to Manuscript Collections. Please contact Special Collections at or (207) 581-1686 for further information.

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