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Special Collections: Guide to the Maine Music Educators Association

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves

Collection title:
Maine Music Educators Association Records
Collection number: MS 351
Dates of collection: 1916-2006
Size of collection: 5 boxes


The Maine Music Educators Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to working for the welfare of music educators, advancing music education and instructional opportunities and developing policies and standards within the profession. It also seeks to unify and strengthen the music teaching profession and to secure and maintain school music programs in Maine.

The organization, first called Music Supervisors Association, was established in 1916 at a meeting of a group of music supervisors attending a state teachers convention in Portland, Maine. The name of the group was changed to the Maine Music Educators Association in 1945 at the time of its affiliation with the Music Educators National Conference (MENC), now the National Association for Music Education.

The Association sponsors various activities and music festivals each year and publishes a newsletter, the Maine Music Educators Bulletin.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains minutes, treasurers’ reports, handbooks, directories and correspondence of the Maine Music Educators Association (MMEA). It is arranged in four series: I. Administrative records; II. Subject files; III. Financial records; and IV. Multi-media material.

Series I, Administrative records, includes the constitution and bylaws of the Association and minutes and treasurers’ reports for the Music Supervisors Association, 1916-1944, and for the MMEA, 1945-1975. It also includes handbooks for various years, a small amount of correspondence and copies of the newsletter.

Series II, Subject files, contains some general membership information and files about various conferences and music festivals with which the Association is involved, including the All-State Music Festival, Vocal Jazz, and Show Choir Festivals, among others. Activities of the Music Educators National Conference and Music in Maine (MIM) are also represented in this series.

Series III, Financial records, has treasurers’ ledgers, 1980-2000, treasurers’ reports from 2000-2003, and budget information, 2004-2006.

Series IV, Multi-media material, contains videocassettes of various performances and audiocassettes of interviews conducted in 1976 by association historian Louis O. Hall with Charles Wakefield, Arthur Rowndy and Elizabeth Canavan as well as an interview in 1977 with Gladys Pitcher. The series also includes recordings of the Maine All-State Concert/Music Festival for most years between 1958-1979.

Contents of Boxes

Series I: Administrative records

Box 1


1 Constitution and bylaws, 1970s

2 Music Supervisors Association minutes, treasurers’ reports, etc., 1916-1944

3-13 Maine Music Educators’ Association minutes, treasurers’ reports, etc., 1945-1975

14 Minutes of board meetings: MIMS, MMEA, etc., 1966-1974

15 Director’s report, etc., 2005

16-17 MMEA handbooks, 1996-1997, 2000-2001, 2002-2003, 2004-2005

18 MMEA directories, 1974-1975

19 Forms, blank

Box 2

1 Correspondence, 1965-1974

2 Newsletter, 1973-

Series II: Subject Files

3 Guide for curriculum building in music, revised ed., 2002

4 Membership information

5 MMEA 1985 districts

6 MMEA 1986 districts

7 Miscellaneous

8 In-service conference

9-16 Minutes, National Executive Board, Music Educators National Conference, 1970-1973

17 Memoranda, MENC National Assembly, 1971-1975

18 Music Educators National Conference. Music in our school days, 1975

19 Summer leadership conference, Aug., 2001

20 Advisory Committee on Fine Arts (Maine)

21 Maine Alliance for Arts Education, District I, 1973-1976

22 MENC in action, 1970-1971

23 MENC: fact sheets, interim meetings, National Assembly, 1972-1975

24 MENC information

25 National Assembly of Music Educators recommendation: Study 1-7, Proposal Concerning Improving Communication

26 Music in Maine (MIM) Board, 1966

Box 3

1 MIM teaching guide, 1966-1968

2 MIM financial report of operations, 1966-1975

3 All-State Music Festival, 1976

4 All-State Music Festival program, 2002

5 Comprehensive Arts Planning and Development Project. State Team Reports, 1974

6 Jazz festivals, 2001

7 Maine State Vocal Jazz and Show Choir Festival, 2003

8 Music Festival – Large Group, 2002

9 Revelli International School of Music, 1973-1974

10 Paul Shirley. Hail to Maine [words and music]

11 Traveling from sound to sound: a Title III, E.S.E.A. project in music education

12 Traveling from sound to sound: 33 1/3 rpm vinyl records

Series III: Financial Records

13 Financial manager’s job description

14 Proposed budget, etc., 2003-2004

15-16 Budget information, 2004-2005, 2005-2006

17 Treasurer’s ledger, 1980-1985

18-19 Treasurer’s ledger, 1987-1999/2000

20 Category detail reports, 1998-2001

21 Category detail report, 2000; treasurer’s reports, 1999-2000

22 Treasurer’s reports, 2000-2001, 2003

Series IV: Multi-media material

Box 4

America sings, dubbed Oct. 23, 1975 [Sony videocassette]

America sings-New England, dubbed Nov. 19, 1975 [Sony videotape]

“Sound” [filmstrip] + script to accompany the presentation “Traveling from Sound to Sound” by Nancy S. Pulsifer, 1971

Fall convention, 1976, MMEA [3 audiocassettes]

Interview: Charles Wakefield, Cherryfield by Louis O. Hall, MMEA historian,

Jan. 29, 1976 [1 audiocassette]

Interview: Arthur Rowndy, Fairfield by Louis O. Hall, Feb. 3, 1976 [1 audiocassette]

Interview: Elizabeth Canavan by Louis O. Hall, 1976 [1 audiocassette]

Conversations with Miss Gladys Pitcher, Belfast, Maine, April 24, 1977 [1 audiocassette]

Computer floppy disks [3.5 inch]: MMEA bulletins, handbooks, 1990s

Box 5

Maine All-State Concert/Music Festival recordings [vinyl records, 33 1/3 rpm], 1955, 1958-1960, 1962-1973, 1975-1976, 1978-1979


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