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Special Collections: Guide to the Maine Dairymen's Association Records

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves
Raymond H. Fogler Library Special Collections Department
October 2004
Introduction and Summary Information
Collection Title: Maine Dairymen’s Association Records.
Dates of the Collection: 1934-1979 (inclusive); 1948-1968 (bulk).
Provenance: Gift of Mrs. Ralph Prime in June, 1986.
Collection Number: MS 311.
Box Numbers: 1-4 (formerly Boxes 1365-1368).
Size and Arrangement: The collection consists of three archival record cartons and one oversized box of material (3.5 cubic feet).
Conservation Note: The collection has been re-housed in acid-free folders and boxes. Documents have been surface cleaned as needed and metal fasteners removed.
Preferred Citation: Maine Dairymen’s Association Records, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine.
Restrictions on Access and Use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval.

The collection contains records of the Maine Dairymen’s Association, a cooperative organization for farmers engaged in dairying and milk production.
The Maine Dairymen’s Association was formed in December, 1937, “to enable its members to secure the full market value of their dairy products, to bargain for the disposition of the same, [and] to establish proper checks on weights and tests of products sold ... ” The need for such an organization arose from the unsettled conditions for selling milk which existed during the 1930’s. Collective bargaining between associations of producers and dealers had broken down and various efforts by the federal government to set prices were beginning to be felt. Farmers in the Maine market realized the need for the sort of stabilization provided by a cooperative association, which would pay its members for milk supplied, market the milk, and return any profit to the farm owners.
The Maine Dairymen’s Association was divided into locals and a central organization, with the locals made up of individual dairymen who then elected representatives to form the central organization. The Association became active in promoting the needs of its members at the state and federal level, influencing industry legislation and working to maintain strong markets. It had a field man who worked actively with members in testing milk. Funds were available to help members in case of loss of milk payments or other financial difficulties. A newsletter, the Maine Milk Producer, began in 1941, merging in 1958 with another publication to become the Northern Milk Producer.
By the late 1960’s, many members had come to believe that the Association was too small and weak to have sufficient bargaining power for its members. The Board of Directors began to discuss the possibility of a merger with another organization. In February, 1969, a proposal was presented to merge with the New England Milk Producers Association, now Agri-Mark, and on May 9, 1969, the Maine Dairymen’s Association ceased to exist.

Scope and Content Note
The collection contains records of the Board of Directors and the Executive Secretary of the Maine Dairymen’s Association.
The collection is organized into two series: I. Records of the Board of Directors, and
II. Administrative Records. Series II is further divided into five sub-series: 1. Legal Records, 2. Correspondence, 3. Financial Records, 4. Membership Records, and
5. Subject Files. The collection had been re-foldered at an earlier date by Library staff; folder headings have been left as found with information added for clarity if needed.
Series I contains minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors from the 1940’s through the 1960’s. It also contains auditor’s reports to the Directors from 1938-1968, providing a financial picture of the organization throughout its history.
Series II contains office records of the organization maintained primarily by executive secretary Douglas Struven from 1958 to 1963, followed by Rosa Prime who was executive secretary until the organization ended in 1969. It contains a small sub-series of legal records, primarily market and membership agreements with members, followed by correspondence, 1948-1973, much of it to or from the executive secretaries, as well as Association president Philip Andrews. The financial records include records of money received as well as check registers and paid invoices.
The membership records which make up Sub-series 4 contain lists of locals as well as cancelled memberships and folders of membership fees for individual dairies or creameries. The subject files in Sub-series 5 are arranged alphabetically and include information on various organizations of interest to the Association as well as files documenting the internal workings of the office. Included in this section is a run of the organization’s newsletter, the Northern Milk Producer, as well as a history of the organization, The Maine Dairymen’s Association, 1937-1969, written by Rosa Prime.

Box List
Series I: Records of the Board of Directors
Box 1
1 Directors’ meetings, 1940’s
2-3 Directors’ meetings, 1950’s
4 Directors’ meetings, 1960’s
5 Auditor’s reports to Directors, 1938-1949
6 Auditor’s reports to Directors, 1950-1959
7 Auditor’s reports to Directors, 1960-1968
8 Financial statements, 1947-1954
Series II: Administrative records
Sub-series 1: Legal records
9 Consent forms (Members Marketing Consent)
10 Memoranda of agreement
Sub-series 2: Correspondence
11 Correspondence, 1948-1956
12 Correspondence, 1957-1959
13 Correspondence, 1960-1961
14 Correspondence, 1962-1964
15 Correspondence, 1965-1967
16 Correspondence, 1968-1973
17 Correspondence, 1979, re 10th reunion
18 Federal tax returns and withholding statements, 1950’s
19 Federal tax returns and withholding statements, 1960’s
20 Social Security, 1940’s
Sub-series 3: Financial records
21 Bankbook, 1956-1964
22 Cash and checks received, 1960-1963
23 Cash received, 1960-1969 [Oversized; located in Box 4]
24 Record of checks drawn, 1960-1969
25 Check stubs, 1960-1964
26 Check stubs, 1965-1968
27 Paid invoices, 1961-1963
Box 2
1-3 Paid invoices, 1964-1968
Sub-series 4: Membership records
4-5 Locals: membership, etc.
6-8 Withdrawals (cancelled memberships), 1948-1951
9 Brewer’s Dairy
10 Cote’s Dairy
11 Fairview Creamery
12 Ferland’s Dairy
13 Franklin Cooperative Dairy Assoc. record book, 1934-1938
14 Goodwin’s Dairy
15 Gosline’s Dairy
16 Grant’s Dairy
17 Guimond’s Dairy
18 Hancock County Creamery
19 Hunt’s Dairy
20-21 Katahdin Creamery
22 Locust Farms Dairy
23 Oakhurst Dairy
24 Purelac Dairy Products
25 Riverside Farms
26 Titcomb’s Dairy
27 White Creamery Co.
Sub-series 5: Subject files
28 Banks
29 Boston Milk Producers of Maine
30 Bulk tank calibration tests
31 Confidential reports
32 Cooperative payment accounts, 1948
33 Dairy Development, Inc.
34 Dairymen’s League Co-op Assoc., 1969
35 Field man: reports, etc.
36 Food Council (New England Dairy & Food Council)
37 Maine dairy farming costs index, 1950’s
38 The Maine Dairymen’s Association, 1937-1969
39 Maine Milk Producer: advertising, etc.
40 Maine Milk Producer: Simonds, Payson, Co.
Box 3
1 Milk Federation (National Milk Producers Federation)
2 Milk pricing: Maine Milk Commission
3-5 Milk production: USDA statistics, 1950-1958
6 Miscellaneous reports, articles, etc.
7 NEMPA (New England Milk Producers’ Assoc.)
8 New York-New England Dairy Cooperative Coordinating Committee
9 Northern Farms Cooperative
10-12 Northern Milk Producer (newsletter), Feb., 1959-Sept., 1969; Aug-Dec.,
1970; Mar., 1972
13 Perrin-Paus Co., advertising: correspondence, etc., 1956-1959
14 Photographs
15 Promotion Committee
16 Sign project
17 South Portland
18 Testing lists
19 Testing reports, 1959-1966
20 United Farmers of New England
21 United Farmers of New England: correspondence, 1947-1948
22 U.S. Post Office: correspondence, etc., 1940’s
23 U.S.D.A.: correspondence, 1940’s
24 U.S.D.A. Market Administrator: correspondence with, reports to, 1940’s
25 U.S.D.A. Market Administrator: correspondence with, reports to,
26 U.S.D.A. Dairy Div.: memos, etc., 1968-1969
27 U.S.D.A. Milk Marketing Orders Div.: memors, etc., 1964-1967
28 U.S.D.A.: pamphlets, memos, etc.
29 U.S.D.A. rules and regulations
Box 4
Oversized material

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