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Special Collections: Guide to the Charles Lanman Papers

Collection title: Charles Lanman Papers
Collection number: MS 1425 sc
Dates of collection:
Size of collection: 3 folders

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains correspondence, printed questionnaires, photographs, etc. providing biographical information about politicians from Maine for inclusion in Charles Lanman's Dictionary of the United States Congress. Lanman appears to have sent out a circular in 1858 asking for basic biographical information to which members of Congress or their friends or relatives replied. His Dictionary was published in various editions between 1859 and 1869.

The collection also contains a letter dated Oct. 1, 1828, to Samuel L. Southard, Secretary of the Navy, from John Anderson, congressman from Maine; and a letter dated Dec. 5, 1828, to Southard from Joseph Ferdinand Wingate, congressman from Maine. Both letters concern appointments of midshipmen. Another letter, dated Sept. 9, 1846, is from John Fairfield, U.S. Senator from Maine, to P.C. Johnson and concerns the appointment of Johnson's son as a midshipman.

Contents of folders

Folder 1

Abbott, Nehemiah. Biographical questionnaire, undated; illustration of Abbott
Adams, John M. Letters concerning Justice Nathan Clifford, Aug. 25, Sept. 27,1858
Baldwin, John Denison. Letters, Mar. 17, 1863; Jan. 17, 1866
Benson, Samuel Page. Biographical information, undated
Blaine, James Gillespie. Letter concerning future editions of the dictionary, 1866
Blaine, James Gillespie. Biographical information, undated
Bradley, William C. Biographical questionnaire, undated; illustration of Bradley
Burnham, Edward P. Letters, April 12, April 28, 1859; Feb., 1867; Mar. 13, 1867
Davee, Thomas. Biographical information July 19, 1858.
Dunlap, Robert P. Letters concerning, Oct. 30, Nov. 3, 1858; biographical information
Evans, George. Biographical information, undated
Farwell, Nathan Allen. Letter, Dec. 30, 1864
Fessenden, Samuel Clement. Letters, Mar. 19, Mar. 21, 1866
Fessenden, William Pitt. Letter, Oct. 20, 1866; biographical information; photograph and illustration of Fessenden
Foster, Stephen C. Biographical questionnaire, undated
French, Ezra Bartlett. Letter concerning 2nd Auditors of U.S. Treasury, Jan. 12, 1867
Fuller, Thomas James Duncan. Letter, Nov. 11, 1858
Gerry, Elbridge. Letter, Sept. 1, 1858
Gilman, Charles J. Illustration of Gilman
Goodenow, Rufus King. Letter concerning King from William A. Rust, Sept. 2, 1858

Hall, Joseph. Letter, Aug. 30, 1858
Herrick, Joshua. Biographical sketch.
Kidder, David. Letter, Aug. 19, 1858
King, Horatio. Letters, Jan. 20, 1865; Mar. 21, 1867
Littlefield, Nathaniel Swett. Letter, Apr. 19, 1858
Lowell, Joshua Adams. Biographical sketch, 1868
Lynch, John. Letter, Mar. 6, 1865; photograph of Lynch

Folder 2

MacDonald, Moses. Biographical questionnaire, Apr. 8, 1866
Mayall, Samuel. Letter, Apr. 14, 1859
Morrill, Lot Myrick. Letter, Dec. 20, 1861
Morrill, Samuel Plummer. Letter and biographical sketch, Dec. 25, 1868
Morrill, Samuel Plummer. Letter to James Blaine concerning biographical sketch, Feb. 1, 1869
Morse, Freeman Harlow. Illustration of Morse
Perham, Sidney. Letter, Mar. 1, 1863
Perry, John Jasiel. Letter, Feb., 1859; biographical sketch
Peters, John Andrew. Letter, Sept. 29, 1866
Smart, Ephraim Knight. Letters, Aug. 29, Sept. 22, 1858
Smith, Albert. Biographical sketch
Stetson, Charles. Letter, Mar. 20, 1866
Sweat, Lorenzo DeMedici. Letter, Mar. 17, 1863
Washburn, Israel. Letter, May 7, 1858
Whitman, Ezekiel. Letter concerning Whitman from William Willis, May 18, 1858
Williams, Reuel. Letter, Aug. 21, 1858
Willis, William. Letters, Mar. 9, 1859; undated
Wood, John M. Letter, Nov. 25, 1858
Unidentified photograph, possibly John Denison Baldwin

Folder 3

Anderson, John. Letter to Samuel L. Southard recommending Elias Merrill for appointment as midshipman, Oct. 1, 1828
Wingate, Joseph Ferdinand. Letter to Samuel L. Southard recommending Thomas F. Davis for appointment as midshipman, Dec. 5, 1828
Fairfield, John. Letter to P.C. Johnson concerning recommending Johnson’s son for appointment as midshipman, Sept. 9, 1846

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