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Special Collections: Guide to the Guy Kendall Collection

Collection title: Guy Kendall Collection
Collection number: MS 1465
Dates of collection: 1924-1961 
Size of collection: 13 boxes
Restrictions on access and use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval

Note: This collection is being digitized and made available at


Guy T. Kendall was a photographer in Portland, Maine, maintaining a studio there from the early 1920s through the 1940s.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of notebooks dating from 1924-1961 kept by Guy Kendall about race horses and harness racing in Maine and New Hampshire. A few notebooks also have information about races in Connecticut and Massachusetts. The notebooks include photographs of the horses and jockeys, racing programs listing the horses in each race and notes on how the horses placed in the races.

The notebooks are arranged chronologically; a detailed list of the contents of each notebook is available in the Special Collections Department.

Contents of Boxes

Box 1


1 1924: Portland, Norway-South Paris, Waterville, Lewiston and more

2 1926: Sage Park, Bridgton, Cornish, Cumberland, Gorham, Waterville

3 1927: Sage Park, Bridgton, Skowhegan, Cumberland and more

4 1927: Waterville, Lewiston, South Paris, Topsfield, MA and more

5 1930a: Sage Park, Windsor, CT, Bridgton

6 1930b: South Paris, Cumberland, Rochester, NH, Fryeburg and more

7 1931a: Sage Park, CT, and Lewiston, ME

8 1931b: Cornish, Skowhegan, Bangor

9 1932a: Topsfield, MA; Rockingham Park, Salem, NH; Gorham, ME

10 1932b: Gorham, Portland, Skowhegan, Cornish, Lewiston

11 1933a: Rockingham Park, Salem, NH, Grand Circuit

12 1933b: Norway-South Paris, Cumberland, Rochester, NH; Acton, Topsham

Box 2

1 1934a: Gorham, Rockingham Park, Gorham Fair

2 1934b: Cumberland, Rochester, NH; Acton, Topsham

3 1935a: Gorham, Northampton (MA?); Sturbridge, MA; Rockingham, NH; Acton

4 1935b: Waterville, Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Cumberland

5 1936a: Early season workouts: Lewiston, Gorham, Old Orchard Beach

6 1936b: Topsham, Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Old Orchard Beach

7 1936c: Old Orchard Beach, Cornish

8 1936d: Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Cumberland, Rochester, NH

9 1936e: Gorham, Fryeburg, Topsham, Lewiston, Suffolk Downs, MA

10 1937a: Old Orchard Beach

Box 3

1 1937b: Old Orchard Beach, Cornish, Gorham

2 1937c: Gorham, Skowhegan, Damariscotta, Acton

3 1937d: Acton, Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Cumberland

4 1937e: Rochester, NH; Fryeburg, Topsham, Lewiston, Gorham

5 1938a: Gorham, Cornish, Lewiston

6 1938b: Skowhegan, Acton, Damariscotta, Windsor, Lewiston

7 1938c: Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Cumberland, Fryeburg; Rochester, NH

8 1938d: Topsham, Lewiston, Gorham, Cumberland

9 1939a: Poland, Gorham, Old Orchard Beach

10 1939b: Old Orchard Beach,

11 1939c: Old Orchard Beach, Cumberland, Gorham

12 1939d: Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Cumberland

13 1939e: Cumberland, Fryeburg, Topsham, Lewiston, Rochester, NH

Box 4

1 1940a: Gorham, Old Orchard Beach,

2 1940b: Old Orchard Beach, Cumberland, Bangor

3 1940c: Gorham, Skowhegan, Acton

4 1940d: Cumberland, Cornish, Fryeburg, Topsham, Norway-South Paris, Gorham

5 1941a: Lewiston, Gorham, Cumberland

6 1941b: Old Orchard Beach

7 1941c: Gorham, Skowhegan, Damariscotta, Windsor, Lewiston

8 1941d: Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Cumberland, Cornish, Rochester, NH

9 1941e: Cornish, Fryeburg, Gorham, Topsham, Cumberland

10 1942a: Gorham, Lewiston, Cumberland,

11 1942b: Old Orchard Beach

Box 5

1 1942c: Skowhegan, Cumberland, Windsor, Lewiston, Norway-South Paris

2 1942d: Rochester, NH; Cornish, Fryeburg

3 1942e: Topsham, Norway-South Paris, Gorham, Cumberland

4 1943a: Old Orchard Beach, Gorham

5 1943b: Old Orchard Beach

6 1943c: Old Orchard Beach, Topsham, Cumberland

7 1943d: Norway-South Paris, Cornish, Fryeburg, Rochester, NH

8 1943e: Fryeburg, Gorham, Lewiston, Cumberland

9 1944a: Lewiston, Gorham, Cumberland

10 1944b: Old Orchard Beach

Box 6

1 1944c: Old Orchard Beach

2 1944d: Gorham, Skowhegan

3 1944e: Rochester, NH; Cornish, Fryeburg

4 1944f: Topsham, Gorham, Lewiston, Cumberland

5 1945a: Topsham, Gorham, Cumberland, Westbury, NY

6 1945d: Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Rochester, NH

7 1945e: Cornish, Fryeburg, Topsham, Gorham

8 1946a: Gorham, Old Orchard Beach

9 1946b: Old Orchard Beach, Bangor

10 1946c: Bangor, Skowhegan, Damariscotta, Union, Windsor, Lewiston

Box 7

1 1946d: Norway-South Paris, Cumberland, Rochester, NH

2 1946e: Fryeburg, Topsham, Cornish, Gorham, Cumberland, Lewiston

3 1947a: Gorham, Cornish, Cumberland

4 1947b: Cumberland, Norway-South Paris, Old Orchard Beach

5 1947c: Old Orchard Beach, Gorham, Bangor

6 1947d: Bangor, Skowhegan, Norway-South Paris, Harrison, Rochester, NH

7 1947e: Topsham, New Gloucester, Gorham, Lewiston

8 1948a: Lewiston, Gorham, Cumberland, Old Orchard Beach

9 1948b: Old Orchard Beach, Gorham

10 1948c: Cornish, Westbury, NY

Box 8

1 1948d: Skowhegan, Windsor, Lewiston, Norway-South Paris

2 1948e: Cumberland, Fryeburg, Rochester, NH

3 1949a: Gorham

4 1949b: Lewiston, New Gloucester, Cumberland, Gorham

5 1949c: Old Orchard Beach

6 1949d: Old Orchard Beach

7 1949e: Skowhegan, Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Cumberland, Fryeburg,

Rochester, NH; Pease Farm, NH

8 1949f: Topsham, Cumberland, New Gloucester

Box 9

1 1950a: Old Orchard Beach

2 1950b: Old Orchard Beach, Gorham

3 1950c: Gorham

4 1950d: Skowhegan, Union, Lewiston, Norway-South Paris

5 1950e: Norway-South Paris, Fryeburg, Topsham, New Gloucester, Rochester, NH

6 1951a: Lewiston, New Gloucester, Cumberland, Gorham

7 1951b: Gorham

8 1951c: Gorham

9 1951d: Union, Windsor, Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Cumberland

10 1951e: Fryeburg, Topsham, New Gloucester

Box 10

1 1952a: Gorham, Cumberland, New Gloucester, Lewiston

2 1952b: Bangor, Skowhegan

3 1952c: Union, Lewiston, Norway-South Paris, Cumberland, Skowhegan, Rochester, NH

4 1952d: Fryeburg, New Gloucester, Topsham, Cumberland

5 1953a: Pine Point, Gorham, Cumberland, Lewiston

6 1953b: Gorham

7 1953c: Gorham, Skowhegan

8 1953d: Fryeburg, Rochester, NH

9 1953e: Fryeburg, Topsham, New Gloucester, Cumberland

10 1954a: Cumberland, Gorham

Box 11

1 1954b: Gorham

2 1954c: Skowhegan, Rochester, NH

3 1954d: Cumberland, Fryeburg, Rochester, NH

4 1954e: Fryeburg, Topsham, New Gloucester

5 1955a: Gorham, Cumberland

6 1955b: Gorham

7 1955c: Skowhegan, Union

8 1955d: Norway-South Paris, Rochester, NH

9 1955e: Rochester, NH; Cumberland, Fryeburg

Box 12

1 1955f: Topsham, New Gloucester, Cumberland

2 1956a: Lewiston, Cumberland, Gorham

3 1956b: Gorham

4 1956c: Gorham

5 1956d: Fryeburg, Topsham, New Gloucester

6 1957a: Gorham

7 1957b: Lewiston, Cumberland

8 1957c: Gorham, Skowhegan

9 1957d: Lewiston, Farmington, Fryeburg, Topsham, Lewiston

Box 13

1 1958: Lewiston, Fryeburg, Topsham, Rochester, NH

2 1959: Skowhegan, Clearview Farm, Norway-South Paris, Topsham

3 1960a: Gorham

4 1960b: Gorham

5 1961: Fryeburg

Miscellaneous programs


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