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Special Collections: Guide to the Marc A. Johnson Collection

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves
August 2010

Collection title: Marc A. Johnson Collection
Collection number: MS 1630
Provenance: Gift of Holly D. Johnson in memory of Marc A. Johnson, June 2010
Dates of collection: 1890s-1994 (inclusive)
Size of collection: 2 boxes, 1 linear foot of ledgers + 31 oversized map folders
Restrictions on access and use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval.


Marc Allen Johnson, the son of Arnold E. and Lenore Erickson Johnson, was born on February 11, 1944 in New Britain, Connecticut. He graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science degree in forestry in 1967 and from the University of New Hampshire with a Master of Science degree in forestry in 1971. He worked at Scott Paper Company in Waterville, Maine, and in real estate and forestry, later becoming president of Skylark, Inc. After his retirement in 1995, he started a forestry consultant business. An accomplished photographer and woodcarver, Johnson was also a historian of the log drives in Maine and worked from 1971 to 1976 to photograph the last log drives on the Kennebec River. He was a member of various organizations including the New England Society of American Foresters, Small Woodland Owners Association of Maine, Maine Woodcarvers Association, the American Tree Farm System and the Maine Audubon Society among others. A resident of South China, Maine, he also served as president of the China Historical Society, the Comprehensive Land Use Committee and the China Forestry Committee.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains maps, plans, photographs and other materials gathered by Marc Johnson to document logging, lumbering and land use in Maine, especially in areas near the Kennebec River and Moosehead Lake.

The first part of the collection contains a few general files belonging to Mr. Johnson as well as a few records from Hollingsworth & Whitney Company and Scott Paper Company. These are followed by the maps, plans and photographs that make up the bulk of the collection. Most of the maps are blue line print copies of originals with a few original maps also included.

Items are arranged alphabetically by title or by company name. Prominent in the collection are ledgers, aerial photographs and maps from Hollingsworth & Whitney Company, a papermaking firm established in Boston in 1862 and operating paper mills in Gardiner, Winslow and Madison, Maine. Aerial photographs, maps, and plans of boats and machinery from Great Northern Paper Company Division of Forest Engineering also make up a significant portion of the collection as do financial ledgers of the Kennebec Log Driving Company. The remaining maps and plans are from a wide variety of sources.

Box List

Box 1


Marc Johnson files

1 Articles about log drives, woodlands, etc.

2 Field organizer: 1. Contact & marking reports; 2. AFI forms; 3. Recon & type map sheets

3 Historical perspectives on sustainable development: Maine’s forest resource. Remarks to Maine/New Hampshire Chapter, American Society for Public Administration, May 19, 1994. Lloyd C. Irland

4 Log drive

Hollingsworth & Whitney records

5-8 Operating information, 1940s-1950s

9 Miscellaneous records, 1890s-1916

Scott Paper Co. records

10-11 Contracts & agm’ts

12 Appraisal report: Pierce Pond Township, Somerset County, Maine, prepared for Scott Paper Company by Bret P. Vicary, James W. Sewall Company, June 6, 1990


Oversized maps, plans, photographs

Oversized Folder

Folder 1 Maps, A-E

Androscoggin river basin, New Hampshire—Maine, undated

Brassua storage for Brassua Lake storage dam, Rockwood, Maine. H.S. Ferguson, Engineer, 1924-1925 (5 plans, copies)

Central Maine Power Company. Shawmut Redevelopment. Showing flowage on Kennebec River, Shawmut Dam to Skowhegan Village, undated (partial map only)

Central Maine Power Company. Dam—log sluice, intake plan & elevation, Indian Pond Project. NEPSCO Services Inc. Engineering Dept., 1953

China, Maine sesquicentennial map. Published by the Anniversary Committee

Cutover map of Hobbstown showing cuts to 1953-54 (Inc.), April 1954

Day’s Academy Grant, Piscataquis County, Maine for Scott Paper Company. James W. Sewall Company, 1958 (copy)

Drainage basin of Kennebec River (northern portion), undated

Eagle Lake & West Branch Railway tramway terminal, 1926-1933, Compiled and drawn by Terence F. Harper, 1995

East Dallas, T. 2, R. 2, W.B.K.P. surveyed by F.H. Colby, 1911. From the office of F.H. Colby, Bingham, Me., land agent for estate of J. Manchester Haynes

Folder 2 Maps, F-G

Forest type map by Wentworth, 1950 [shows area around Kibby Stream]

Forest type map of Hobbstown. DLD 1920 cruise (copy)

Greenville Station grounds. 1902 chainage.

Great Northern Paper Company Records

Folder 3 Great Northern Paper Company aerial photographs

Great Northern log boom, 6-21-57

Millinocket, Maine: Furguson & Quakish Lakes, 11/6/56. James W. Sewall Co.

Old Town, Maine: Penobscot River, 7/2/50. James W. Sewall Co.

T3 Indian Purchase, Elbow Lake, 8/20/56. James W. Sewall Co.

T3 Indian Purchase, Elbow Lake, 11/6/56. James W. Sewall Co. (2 photographs)

Waterville/Winslow, Maine, Kennebec River, 5/30/57. James W. Sewall Co.

Unidentified composite aerial photograph

Folder 4 Great Northern Paper Company maps and plans, A-G

Maps produced by Great Northern Paper Company. Division of Forest Engineering

Abol Camp building no. 60, construction no. 216, May 8, 1914

Sketch showing present location of dams on Dead River & Alder Stream and possible locations, Nov. 23, 1909

General plan and sections of Alder Stream Dam, Sept. 29, 1913

Plan of dam on Little Alder Stream showing plan, elevation and gross sections, Oct. 1, 1913

General plan and section of the old dam on Alder Stream, Oct. 10, 1913

[Alder Brook Dam] showing plan, elevation & sections, April 4, 1916

Boomhouse at Ambejejus, Feb. 12, 1913

Anson & Madison, Me. showing ownership of adjacent lands, July 2, 1926

Madison & Anson showing buildings and property lines, May 7, 1930 [Manufacturing and Investment Co.’s map]

Plan of roll dam no. 4, Bear Brook, showing plan, elevation and cross sections, Oct. 7, 1913

Plan of Caribou Valley Dam showing plan, elevation and cross sections, Oct. 4, 1913

Cheney Pond Sluice, Hammond Twp., showing plan, profile & section, Dec. 21, 1916, sheets 1 & 2

Chesuncook Village: cemetery showing location of lots & Graves by A.B. Chaplin, Aug. 28, 1917

Cooper Brook Road, log hauler trestle, showing various details, Aug. 27, 1927, 2 sheets

Crockertown, Oct. 26, 1949

Dole Pond Dam, Dole Pond, Dole Town, plan, elevation & sections, Jan. 6, 1922

Eagle Lake & West Branch R.R. – Allagash Stream – Turnbuckle truss bridge span, plan, elevations & detail, Mar. 3, 1926

E.L. & W.B.R.R. Eagle Lake terminal, Tramway – T. 8 R. 13 showing location of piers, etc., Apr. 3, 1926

Eagle Lake – West Branch Railroad, Twp. 8 Range 13 showing plan & profile, Mar. 1927, sheet 1, 1b, 2, 10

Flagstaff Plantation, Sept. 13, 1950

Grindstone – piling grounds showing plan & profile, Feb. 14, 1925

Grindstone – general plans showing bridge, roads, buildings, topography, Apr. 1927

Folder 5 Great Northern Paper Company maps and plans, K-S

Sketch showing location of piers on Kennebec and Carrabassett Rivers, Dec. 1, 1913

Kennebec River – upper part of section no. 1, K.L.D. Co. [Driving map, Kennebec River, showing booms, sand beds, etc., Mar. 28, 1930]

Kennebec River – lower part section no. 1, section no. 2, K.L.D. Co.

Kennebec River survey showing location of piers, Sept. 24, 1932

[Kennebec River], sheet no. 1a & 1b, undated

Map of Kennebec River watershed north of Madison, Maine, 1932 [2 copies]

Kineo property survey, Rockwood strip, showing location of buildings, roads, etc., Aug. 20, 1915

Lake Moxie Dam, Lake Moxie Station, showing contour plan & profile, Jan. 17, 1922

Little Sourdnahunk Dam, Little Sourdnahunk Str. (T. 4, R. 10), showing plan, elevation & sections, July 9, 1919

Map of railroad timberlands showing portions of Penobscot & Aroostook Counties, 1933

Michaud Farm tote road, T. 16, R. 10, T. 16, R. 11 and T. 15, R. as showing detail, Oct. 28, 1938 [3 sheets]

Mill’n’k’t-Ches. Dam telephone line, Mill’n’k’t – Debsconeag Falls section – Ches. Dam section, showing plan & profile, Mar. 10 & 17, 1916 [2 sheets]

Mt. Abram Township dam sites, May 19, 1915

Penobscot Brook sluice, Hammond Twp., showing traverse & profile, June 6, 1916

Penobscot Lake sluice, Hammond & Prentiss Twps., showing plan, profile & sections, Dec. 23, 1916

Penobscot Lake sluice, Hammond & Prentiss Twps., showing elevation & sections, Dec. 26, 1916

Penobscot Lake flowage, Dole – T. 4 R.5 – Hammond & Prentiss, plan, Mar. 28, 1922

Sketch showing part of the Penobscot River, Oct. 31, 1911

Plan of flowage, Pine Stream Dam No. 5, Sept. 18, 1913

Flowage in 2 R 4, Pittston flowage on Seboomook dead-water … run in summer of 1912 by C.E. Cobb

Pleasant River tractor road, Township B Range 10, showing plan & profile, Apr. 8, 1927 [2 sheets]

Plan of dam at foot of Pollywog Lake, April 1913

Portage Lake sluice, T. 4, R. 5, N.B.R.P., showing traverse & profile Deadwater Brk. & sluice prelim., Sept. 8, 1922 [2 sheets]

Quakish Lake showing long logs and short wood storage, Mar. 18, 1918

Profile, 15 foot dam, St. John Pond, undated

Seboomook roll dam, Big Eddy, showing plan & sections, Mar. 25, 1916

Seboomook Dam survey, Seboomook Dam, Me., showing topography, Feb. 1, 1919

Seboomook damsite survey, Seboomook, Me. showing plan, topography & profile, Nov. 29, 1921, Oct. 29, 1925

General plan and section of the slide dam on Soper Brook, Oct. 14, 1913

Sourdnahunk Lake Dam, Sourdnahunk Lake, showing plan, profile, details & sections, April 20, 1916

Slide dam, Sourdnahunk Stream – T. 3, R. 10, showing plan, profile & sections, April 27, 1916

Toll dam, Sourdnahunk Stream, T. 3, R. 10, showing plan, elevation & sections, May 17, 1916

Timber crib dam – “Toll dam,” Sourdnahunk Stream, T. 3, R. 10, showing plan, elevation & detail, Oct. 20, 1928

Folder 6 Great Northern Paper Company maps and plans, T-V

Camp lease location, Tomhegan Twp., Sec. 17, showing O.R. Fahey’s camp and road location, Dec. 27, 1932

Plan of T. 4, R. 10 W.E.L.S., April 22, 1914 [original + 2 copies]

Engine house, Umbazooksus R.R., 1926

Channel clearing, Umbazooksus Stream, Oct. 27, 1928

Section of St. John River, Van Buren, Maine, showing roads, railroads, piers, etc., Apr. 8, 1930

Great Northern Paper Company plans of machinery, boats, etc.

Gasoline boat no. 17 & 18 showing sections, plan, side view, Apr. 9, 1919

Motor boat no. 18 showing plans, sections & details, July 2, 1919

Pulp wood boat for Seboomook deadwater showing elevations, section, plan, Feb. 21, 1919

Steam boat for Penobscot Lake showing elevation, plan, sections, Dec. 27, 1917

32 foot boom jumper boat built at Greenville shop, winter, 1927-28, showing construction detail, June 2-4, 1928 [2 plans]

Bathurst type boom showing construction details, April 9, 1941

Details of capstan, undated

Proposed diesel log hauler showing sectional elevation of transmission assembly, Dec. 23, 1927

Four foot wood sled, Ranney pattern (revised) showing details and assemblies, July 6, 1917

Four foot wood sled, Gould pattern (revised) showing details and assemblies, Sept. 27, 1917

Power bucksaw, design started March 1932, Orris A. Harkness

Pulp wood conveyor, Monticello, showing portion of shoe section – cable conveyor, Jan. 8, 1918

Pulp wood conveyor, Monticello, showing plan, elevation of cable conv., section of flight, Jan. 10, 1918

Wagon sleds showing assembled view and list of parts, March 30, 1916

Hollingsworth & Whitney Company records

Ledger 1 Records of paper title to Day’s Academy Grant, obtained from the Somerset County, Maine, Registry of Deeds, the Piscataquis County, Maine, Registry of Deeds, the Maine State Land Office and the Maine State Treasurer’s Office. From the office of Cornish and Bassett, Augusta, Maine

Ledger 2 Timberland records: comparative costs for woods operations, purchased and Canadian pulpwood, cost of pulpwood used and on hand, ca. 1926-1954

Hollingsworth & Whitney aerial photographs

Aerial photographs made for Hollingsworth & Whitney Company, controlled mosaic from infrared photography completed by Robinson-Standard Aerial Surveys, Teterboro Air Terminal, Teterboro, N.J.

Folder 7 Attean S.E.; Attean S.W., Oct. 1947

Folder 8 Brassua Lake, N.E. N.W. S.E. S.W., Oct. 1946, Oct. 1947

Folder 9 Chain Lakes, N.E., Oct. 1947

Folder 10 Cooper Mtn., N.W., S.E., S.W., Oct. 1946

Folder 11 The Forks, N.E., N.W., S.E., Oct. 1946, Oct. 1947

Folder 12 Greenville, N.W., S.W., Oct. 1947

Folder 13 Jackman Village, Oct. 1947

Folder 14 Long Pond, N.E., S.E., S.W.; Long Pond Village, Oct. 1947

Folder 15 Moosehead Lake, N.E., N.W., Oct. 1946

Folder 16 North East Carry, S.W., Oct. 1946

Folder 17 Penobscot Lake, S.E., S.W., Oct. 1946

Folder 18 Pierce Pond, N.E., N.W., Oct. 1947

Folder 19 Plymouth, S.E., S.W., Oct. 1946, Oct. 1947

Folder 20 Roach River, N.E., N.W., S.W., Oct. 1946, Oct. 1947

Folder 21 Roach River, S.E., Oct. 1946

Folder 22 Sebec Lake, N.W., Oct. 1947

Folder 23 Skinner, S.E., Oct. 1947

Folder 24 Spencer, N.E., N.W., S.W., Oct. 1947

Folder 25 Hollingsworth & Whitney maps and plans

Boom property of H. and W. Co., Waterville and Winslow, Me., undated

Bradstreet Township No. 4, Range 7 B.K.P.W.K.R., Somerset County, Maine. F.H. Sterling, surveyor, 1909

Bradstreet Twp. topographic map. Surveyed and mapped 1930

Brassua Lake storage dam showing approximate area of property flooded by raising water to elevation 1073. H.S. Ferguson, engineer, 1924

Browns Island piers and boom at Farmingdale and Chelsea, 1955

Camp site, Hobbstown, Maine. W.H. Wentworth, 1944

Cold Stream and Johnson Mt. tracts topographic map. Surveyed and mapped 1930

Dallas Plantation east 1/2, formerly Township 2 Range 2 W.B.K.P. , Franklin County, Maine. F.H. Colby, Surveyor, 1911

East Outlet Dam , Moosehead Lake. Kennebec Log Driving Company, Plan #19-46; received 1955, H & W Wat. Chief Engineer

5% cruise of portion of Fish Pond drainage, Twp. 4 Rg. 6, Somerset Cty., Me. for H & W Div. Scott Paper Co. by University of Connecticut Forestry Camp, Hobbstown, Maine, July 1955

Forest type map of Bald Mountain, 1951

Forest type map of Blake Tract, 1949

Forest type map of Brassua, 1950

Forest type map of Frenchtown, Baker Mountain and a portion of Gore A 2, 1949

Forest type map of Hobbstown, 1950 (2 copies)

Forest type map of Johnson Mt., 1949

Forest type map of Kibby

Forest type map of Misery and a portion of Misery Gore, 1949

Forest type map of Sandwich and a portion of Rockwood Strip, 1949 (2 copies)

Forest type map of Shawtown, 1949

Forest type map of Skinner, 1950

Frenchtown, Township A Range 13 W.E.L.S., Piscataquis County, Maine. W.P. Oakes, surveyor, 1899

Hobbstown, Township R, Range 6, B.K.P.W.K.R., Somerset Co., Maine. W.M. Viles, surveyor, 1921

Kennebec River, Madison: bridge to Norridgewock, 1946

Lily Bay, Township A, Range 14 W.E.L.S., Piscataquis, Maine. E.B. Crowley, surveyor, 1909, 1910

Map of Hobbstown operation, Gerard, Maine, Jan. 6, 1948. Prepared and traced by H.R. Keiser

Map of Scott Paper Company storehouse vicinity at Greenville Junction, Maine, 1956

Misery Town timber map, 1897. Austin Cary, forester; traced by J.L. Dean (2 copies)

[Misery Township]. Traced from sketch by I.H. Randall, 1897

Misery Township 2 Range 7 B.K.P.W.K.R., Somerset County, Maine. Louis Oakes surveyor, 1898, 1899

Misery Township topographic map. Surveyed & mapped, 1930

Moscow, Somerset County, Maine, 1921

Plan of Misery Town, the same being Township No. 2 in the 7th Range, Bingham’s Kennebec purchase west of the Kennebec River, 1895 (2 copies)

Plan showing Maine timberlands of the Hollingsworth & Whitney Co., Dec. 1929

Sketch showing approximate location and size of buildings at “sporting camp” on Spencer Lake in Hobbstown, May 2, 1951

Skinner, Township 1 Range 7 W.B.K.P., Franklin County, Maine. W.E. Craig, surveyor, 1917

Table showing “Aerial mosaic, taxed and book acreage” for H. & W. lands and public lots; also “Total operable volumes” for Hollingsworth & Whitney Co. lands and public lots, 4-17-50

Taunton & Raynham Grant, Township 1, Range 1, N.B.K.P., Somerset County, Maine. E.B. Crowley, surveyor, 1909

Topographical map of Misery Township, 1897. Austin Cary, forester; traced by H.A. Dolley, Hollingsworth & Whitney Co.

Kennebec Log Driving Company Records

Ledger 3 Cash book, 1955-1975

Ledger 4 Financial ledger, 1940s-1950s

Ledger 5 Financial ledger, 1943-1954

Ledger 6 Financial ledger, 1955-1957

Ledger 7 Financial ledger, 1966

Ledger 8 Financial ledger, ca. 1970-1976

Ledger 9 Closed accounts, 1955-1965

Folder 26 Maps, K-L

Kennebec River basin, undated

Kennebec River: The Forks to Augusta, August 6, 1935

Kibbie Town, T. 1 R. 6, W.B.K.P., Franklin County, Maine

King and Bartlett, No. 10, Pratt and Pray, Townships No. 3 and 4, Range 5, Somerset county, Maine. From map by Roy L. Martson, 1908

Land sold to Kennebec Log Driving Co. by M.G. Shaw Lumber Company, Squaw Mountain Township, 1901

Log driving data, Kennebec and Dead River Log Driving Cos., revised Feb. 7, 1922

Long Falls Hill by-pass and landing road traverse, Spring Lake, T3 R4, Somerset Cnty., Maine, Nov. 9, 1962

Folder 27 Maps, M

Maine Environmental Improvement Commission. Inland and tidal water classifications, Aroostook-York Counties, 1965?

Map of Cold Stream Tract, 1880. From actual survey by A.D. Murray; traced from

original tracing April 4, 1918

Map of cutting area on Frenchtown and Baker Mt., 5-3-54

Map of Johnson Mt. and Cold Str. Tracts, Somerset Co., Maine. Survey and map made in 1918

Map of Kennebec River from The Forks to Indian Pond showing options held by Walter H. Sawyer, engineer, Lewiston, Maine, undated

Map of Moosehead Lake, undated (2 copies)

Map of Moosehead Lake by Kennebec Water Power Company, 1905

Map of Parlin Pond Twp., Somerset Co., Maine. Survey and map made in 1918, Elmer Crowley, surveyor

Map of the Rangeley Lake and Dead River region, undated

Map of Spencer Lake, Hobbstown, T. 4, R. 6 BKP WKR, showing approximate location of contours 1093.5 & 1096.5 in vicinity of the lake, Nov. 9, 1949

Map of Township No. 4, Range 6 … commonly known as Hobbstown. Drawn by Snow & Humphreys, Sept. 11, 1909. Traced from blueprint on July 31, 1913

Map showing flowage on land of A. Roderick, Joe Julien, Abraham Newton and Pepper along Moose River, 1911 (2 copies)

Map showing flowage on land of Abram Newton, Geo. Nichlos & Sullivan Newton along Moose River, 1911 (2 copies)

Map showing flowage on land of H.P. McKenney between Wood & Attean Ponds, 1911

Map showing flowage on land of Louis Blais & Chas. Tardis & H. Bartley along Moose River, 1911 (2 copies)

Mayfield, Somerset County, Maine. Traced Mar. 6, ’20 from map by R.L. Marston. Showing holdings of Coburn est. 1906

Moosehead Lake, undated

[Moosehead Lake dam at east outlet]: various plans, 1901, undated

Folder 28 Maps, O-P

Operations map of B.C.E. and A.R. 12, undated

Operations map of Hobbstown area north of depot camp, undated

Parlin Pond, Tp. No. 3 R. 7 B.K.P.W.K.R. Surveyed by R.H. Colby, 1910

Penobscot River basin, Maine, undated (2 sheets)

Plan and survey of Scott Paper Company lease for sluice site and access pond on Central Maine Power Company land in Chase Stream Township, 1963

Plan of Bald Mountain Twp. (T. 2 R.3, B.K.P.E.K.R.), Somerset County, Maine, 1909, 1910

Plan of Kennebec River at the east outlet of Moosehead Lake, showing shore lines, dam, piers, Wilson’s mill and hotel, the C.P.R.R. station and bridge … I.E. Getchell, 1895

Plan of Kennebec River from Augusta bridge to Hussey’s landing. Made for the Kennebec Log Driving Company, 1904

Plan of Kokadjo Farm, Piscataquis Co., Maine, 1931

Plan of lot surveyed for the Kennebec Log Driving Co. at south end of Moosehead Lake dam, Squaw Mt. Township, 1905

A plan of No. 4 in the 6th range, Bingham’s purchase west of Kennebec River … traced from blueprint, Apr. 27, 1920 (2 copies)

Plan of 100 acres reserved on Hobbstown by Hutchins, Kendall and Humphreys at Gerard camps, 1920

Plan of soundings above and below East Outlet Dam at Moosehead Lake, 1911

Plan of Township No. 1 in the 5th Range and No. 1 & 2 in the 6th Range west of Kennebec River in Bingham million acre purchase, undated

Plan of Township No. 2, R. 1, Sandwich Town showing division line between Moose River and Misery Stream drainage. Louis Oakes, surveyor, 1902. On same sheet: Rockwood strip and Sandwich Academy Grant No. 2, R. 1, N.B.K.P., showing holdings of Coburn est., 1909. Traced Mar. 9, ’20 from map by R.L. Marston

Plan of Township No. 2 R. 1 N.B.K.P., Somerset Co., commonly known as Sandwich Academy Grant. Compiled Aug. 1898 by Louis Oakes (2 copies)

Plan of Township No. 2, R 7, Misery Town in B.K.P. Compiled in March 1900 from resurvey made in 1898 and 1899 by Louis Oakes, surveyor (2 copies)

Township Number 2 Range 7, B.K.P. W.K.R., Somerset County, Maine, commonly known as Misery Town. Compiled by Louis Oakes, surveyor, 1900

Property of Joe W. Kilgore in the town of China, Kennebec County. Coffin Engineering & Surveying, 1981

Folder 29 Maps, R-S

Rockwood strip and Sandwich Academy Grant, No. 2, R. 1, N.B.K.P. Traced Mar. 9, ’20 from map by R.L. Marston, showing holdings of Coburn Est., 1909

Rough plan of Kennebec River from Moorhead [sic] Lake to the Forks, 4-26-02

S.D. Warren Company. Hastings lot, E. Conway, N.H. Drawn by K.Y. Woodsum, Feb. 4, 1960; traced by E.S. Robinson, Oct. 14, 1972

S.D. Warren Company. Woodlands Dept. Engineering Div., Bingham, Me. Lots 10 and 11, Township 4, Range 5, B.K.P. W.K.R., Somerset County, Maine, 1928

S.D. Warren Company. Mabel Stone lot, Conway, N.H. Surveyed & drawn by D. Clements, 9-28-66; traced by Earl Robinson, 10-15-72 (2 copies)

S.D. Warren Company. Northeast unit [Maine], Jan. 1994

S.D. Warren Company. Northwest region [Maine], Jan. 1994

S.D. Warren Company. Southeast unit [Maine], Jan. 1994

S.D. Warren Company. Southwest unit [Maine], Jan. 1994

St. John River basin, Maine-Quebec, undated. Sheet 1 of 4

St. John River basin, Maine-New Brunswick, undated. Sheet 3 of 4

Scott Paper Company. Forest type map, T. 2 R. 7 … (Misery) and portion of Misery Gore. James W. Sewall Co., Aug. 1973

Scott Paper Company. Northeast operations, Winslow, Maine, Oct. 1977 (2 copies)

Scott Paper Company. Northeast operations, Winslow, Maine, Nov. 1977

Scott Paper Company. Winslow, Maine, undated

Sketch map of Kennebec River, Madison Bridge to Norridgewock, showing lots abuting river, Nov. 28, 1907. Snow & Humphreys, engineers (3 copies)

Sketch map of Squaw Mt. Township, Piscataquis Co., Maine. Compiled by Bureau of Forestry, United States Department of Agriculture, 1902 (2 copies)

Sketch of Pittston Farm, Pittston Twp., Somerset Co., Maine, undated

Skylark, Inc. Conway, N.H., Sept. 1973

Skylark, Inc. Plan of land in Conway, N.H., property of Skylark, Inc. Subdivision plan, survey of Sept. 1973

Skylark, Inc. Plan of land in Conway, N.H., property of Skylark, Inc., survey of Sept. 1973; rev. Jan. 1974

Skylark, Inc. Plan of land in Effingham, N.H., property of Skylark, Inc., “Rumney Hill tract,” survey of Dec. 1973

Skylark, Inc. Plan of land in Effingham, N.H., property of Skylark, Inc., Waterville, Me., Rumney Hill subdivision, Nov. 1975

Skylark, Inc. Plan of land in Effingham, N.H., property of Skylark, Inc., “Rumney Hill tract,” survey of Dec. 1973, rev. Aug. 1976

Skylark, Inc. Plan of land in Effingham, N.H., property of Skylark, Inc., Waterville, Me., Rumney Hill subdivision, Dec. 1973; rev. Aug. 1976

Skylark, Inc. Proposed subdivision for Skylark, Inc., Effingham, N.H., June 1973

Folder 30 Maps, T, W

Topographical map of Sandwich Academy Grant, south part of No. 2, Range 1, N.B.K.P. owned by the estate of A. & P. Coburn. Made by Roy L. Marston, 1909

Topographical map of Township No. 2, Range 1, N.B.K.P., Rockwood Strip and Sandwich Academy Grant, owned by the estate of A. & P. Coburn. Made by Roy L. Marston, 1909

T. 1 R. 1 N.B.K.P. & Sand Bar tract, Taunton & Raynham, Somerset Co., Me. as explored in 1939. James W. Sewall

Twp. 1 R 6 B.K.P., E.K.R., Indian Stream, Somerset Co., Me., showing Despositors Trust Company tract as explored in 1940. James W. Sewall

Township 1 Range 6 B.K.P., E.K.R., “Indian Stream,” Somerset County, Maine as explored in November of 1963. James W. Sewall Co.

T.W.P. 3 R1 N.B.K.P. (Long Pond), Somerset County, Maine as explored during 1938 (2 sheets)

Twp. 3 R. 5 B.K.P., W.K.R., Somerset County, Maine as explored during 1944. James W. Sewall.

Township 3 Range 5, B.K.P., W.K.R., Somerset County, Maine as explored summer of 1962. James W. Sewall Co.

Township 4 Range 5, B.K.P., W.K.R., “King & Bartlett,” Somerset Count, Maine as explored summer of 1962. James W. Sewall Co.

Township 4 Range 6, B.K.R., W.K.R. (Hobbstown), Somerset County, Maine for Scott Paper Company. James W. Sewall Co.

Type map of Mayfield and Saco Tract, Somerset County, Maine as explored by Coburn Heirs, Inc., Skowhegan, Maine, Nov. 1928; ownership revised 1944. Henry Crowell, surveyor

Watershed headwaters, Kennebec River covering portions of Somerset, Piscataquis & Franklin Co’s., undated

Wyman Dam flowage, Kennebec River above Bingham, undated (2 sheets)

Folder 31 Miscellaneous materials

Photograph, unidentified, color

Photograph of unidentified ski slope, black & white

Aerial photograph; written on verso: About, after 1989, Winterberry Farm, home started 10/1988

Posters and press release: Photographer Chris Pinchbeck at Colby College, Feb. 25, 2004

Unidentified illustration of log driver

Box 2

Aerial photographs (from box labeled: Booms on East Outlet, Sapling Tract, 1st Roach, Lazy Tom Bog (with ice?), Booms 2nd Roach, see cutting along Roach River. Roach, Lyford and Branch Pond photos)


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