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Special Collections: Guide to the Brooks W. Hamilton papers

Administrative Information

Collection title: Brooks W. Hamilton papers
Collection number: MS 218
Dates of collection: 1937-1992
Size of collection: 3 boxes (3 linear feet)
Restrictions on access and use:  Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility.  One week's notice required for retrieval.
Note: Finding aid prepared in January, 2012 from handwritten notes.

Biography / Historical Note

Brooks Hamilton was born in Boston in 1918. He was graduated from Bates College in 1941 with a B.A. in government and did graduate work at Boston University and Brown University. Before joining the University of Maine staff in 1952 he served as city editor of the Daily Kennebec Journal in Augusta, Maine. During World War II he served in the U.S. Coast Guard. At the University of Maine he chaired the Department of Journalism and Broadcasting for 18 years and served as faculty advisor to The Maine Campus, the University's student newspaper. He was instrumental in the drafting and passage of Maine's "Right to Know" law in 1959. He retired from the University in 1984, but remained as emeritus teaching part-time in journalism and the Honors program until his death in 1996.

Scope and Content Note

The papers include personal information, correspondence, manuscripts, newspaper articles, course materials, information on public service activities, and materials relating to current legal issues in the field of journalism.

Contents of Boxes

  • Box 1808

    Brooks Hamilton Personal

      Vita n.d.
      Appointment as assistant professor at University of Maine 1952
      Exception to salary guidelines 1971
      Awards 1975
      Bird and Bird Instructional Improvement fund 1977
      Faculty Activity Report 1977 – 1979
      Honors Program 1977
      Request for leave of absence 1977
      Collective Bargaining Agreement, UM 1980
      Yankee Quill Award 1983
      Retirement 1984 – 1985
      Appointment to part time teaching at the University of Maine 1989


      Damborg, Peter n.d.
      Memorial Union n.d.
      Kennebec Journal 1952
      Bates College Career Conference 1953
      Mount Desert Island Lions Club 1954
      Pittsfield Kiwanas 1955
      Hauck, Arthur 1956
      Shibles, Mark. Increase in Maximum Pay/ UM 1957
      Hauck, Arthur 1958
      Gould, John 1960
      Toomey, Jack, Lewiston Daily Sun 1961
      Durnbaugh, Jerry and Gayle, The Weekly Packet 1966
      “Alan” 1968
      Jandoli, Russell 1968
      Littlefield, John A. 1968
      MacLauchlin, Bob and Liz 1968
      Hickey, Maurice, Bangor Newspaper Property 1971
      Morison, John R., Maine News and Comment 1971
      Shibles, Dean and Alice 1971
      Skipper Magazine 1971
      Van de Bogart, Erik, North of the Namaskeag 1971
      Bowden, Hugh 1973
      Loeb, William 1976-1979
      Nilson, George T., Marie Lang Association 19676
      March, John P. 1977
      Baldwin, Donald, Classroom and Newspaper seminar 1978
      Hamilton, Xana, Pornography 1978
      Strusse, Thomas MPBM 1978
      Wieland, Rhett; Bradford, Earl; Worthy Bill 1978
      Allen, Kenneth/ UM New Offsett Press 1979
      Blake, John, Cost accounting Study 1979
      Barnstein, Joe 1980
      Hazelton, Paul 1980
      Tierney, James 1980
      Bacharach Louis 1982
      Randazza, John, Maine Yankee Atomic Power Co.
      Ghiglione, Loren 1984
      Grayson, Benson, Maine Newspapers 1984
      “Inside Story” 1984
      Johnson, Arthur/ UM 1984
      Mencher, Melvin 1984
      Ombudsman 1984
      Schmentz, Herbert 1984
      Linscott, Dan 1985
      Brennan, Joseph, Diamond Visiting Committee Report 1986
      Reynolds, Paul, Bangor Daily News 1986
      Soule, William, Use of tape recorders in classrooms 1986
      Bither, Eve M., Proposal to reorganize academic system 1988
      Lick, Dale/ UM 1988
      International Visitors Program 1989
      Woodbury, Robert L./ UM 1989
      Pogorzelski, H. A., Semiological Mathematics 1992

    Public Service Activities

      “Comments on Procedures for Ethics Committee for the Maine Press Association” n.d.
      The County [Aroostook] Times n.d.
      Notes, etc. Re: Stillwater Village n.d.
      Right-to-Know, Ellesworth City Charter n.d.
      The Senior Citizen Booster Suggestions n.d.
      “Report of a Study of 1958 Campaign Coverage in Two Maine Newspapers” 1959
      Lakeville Journal 1970
      Franklin Journal 1972
      “The Marginal Operation of Weekly Newspapers.” 1973-1974
      Vermont News Guide 1973
      Eastport, Pittston 1975
      Maine Press Association Ethics Committee 1975
      Penobscot Times Data 1976
      Report on Berkshire Courier, Inc., Great Barrington Prov.
      Access Case – Fairfield Right to Know 1979
      Berry v. Maine Times 1979 – 1990
      Dunn v. Bangor Daily News
      Lewis v. Maine Sunday Telegram
      Matheson v. Bangor Daily News 1979
      N.H. Anti-Trust Case 1979
      Ellsworth Competition Case 1980
      Hancock Newspapers 1981
      Bowdoin Orient Edition Case 1982
      “If You Ran a Small Town Weekly,” by John N. Cole 1982
      Robinson Lab’s Bill to UM 1983
      Scott File Maine Press Association 1983
      Ellsworth American, Inc. Audit Report 1984
      Katahdin Times Co., Inc. 1984
      SDX Chapter – ME 1984
      Lakeville Journal 1985-1986
      Scott Legal File, Maine Press Association 1985
      Civic League – Pornography Bill 1986
      Ellsworth Talk 1986
      Press Council Project 1986
      Hohler, Robert, Concord Monitor 1987
      Libel Mediation Proposals 1987
      Muskie / Cook Data 1987-1988
      Schoenberger Case 19877
      Taxings Advertising 1987
      Lick / Gavett UM 1988
      “Proposed: A Way to Balance Rights and Wrongs without Filing Suits”, The Bulletin 1988
      African Journalists Visit 1989
      Gannett Publishing v. UM, Gavett Data 1989
      Gelardi/ Forbes Case 1989
      Haitians Journalists visit to Maine 1989
      Main Street Current Plan, Bucksport, Maine 1989
      Workman v. Ellsworth American 1989-1990
      Lewiston Daily Sun v. City of Lewiston and Laurent F. Gilbert, Sr. 1991

    Box 1809


      Broadcast Law Problems n.d.
      Contempt & First Amendment n.d.
      Critiques of Newspapers n.d.
      Reporter Immunity n.d.
      State Conditions Re: Freedom of the Press n.d.
      Fair Trial Problems 1964-1976
      Newspaper Presentation Act 1971-1976
      Stolen Documents 1972
      First Amendment, Freedom of Speech 1973-1978
      Student Press 1973-1977
      Advertising 1975
      Federal Records Act 1975
      Libel 1975
      Nichols, David 1975
      Roster of 128 Law School Newspapers
      Public Access 1975
      Right to Know 1975
      Buckley Amendment Data 1976
      Right to privacy 1976-1981
      Postal Problems 1977-1978
      Guidelines on Public Access to the Records of Local Law Enforcement Agencies 1978
      Patent Laws Symposium 1978-1979
      Jr. 175 Law of Publications 1979
      McKusick and Privilege 1980 – 1987
      Memos to UM Campus concerning various legal problems 1982-1984
      Tax Law 1982-1984
      Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company v. Maine Nuclear Referendum Committee 1983
      Newspaper Searches 1983
      Proposed legislation to prohibit advertising for political candidates on radio and television 1983
      “Is Taxing Newspapers Constitutional” 1984
      Maine Journalist of the Year 1984
      Lester Nadeau File, UM 1984
      SDX – Camera Proposal 1984
      Media coverage of Judicial Proceedings 1985
      Canada’s Constitution Act 1986
      Gordon Scott 1986
      Obscenity 1986
      Department of Journalism, UM Gemignani Recommendations 1987
      Reporter Testimony 1987
      Gun Laws 1989
      Tierney 1989
      State of Maine v. Denis Letellier 1990
      “When does a reporter testify?” 1990
      Student Publications Comm. 1991-1992


      Speech to Modern Society Group n.d.
      Speech to School Superintendents n.d.
      Statement by Brooks W. Hamilton, Professor of Journalism, University of Maine at Orono to the Committee on Judiciary of the 107th Legislature… n.d.
      “When not to take your lawyer’s advice” n.d.
      No Title 1952 (?)
      Speech to Lewiston Elks 1952
      Speech to Southwest Harbor, Maine Chamber of Commerce
      “Seminar” 1953 (?)
      No Title 1954 (?)
      Speech to Kiwanis 1954
      Speech to Dow’s Public Relations Class 1955
      Speech to Women’s Literary Union, Portland 1956
      No Title 1971(?)
      Commentary I & II 1971(?)
      Caribou Talk 1971(?)
      Transcript of James Halbe Interview, Maine News and Comment 1971
      Report on Journal – Transcript 1972
      Barry v. Maine Ties 1982-1985; Taxpayers/ UM; Anti-porno statute; Maine Legislature/ UM
      University of Maine Merging 1983
      Seminar Faculty Paper “Criticisms of the Press Since Granada.” 1984
      Teaching/Journalism 1984
      Hazelwood, High School Newspaper 1988

    N.P. Articles

      “A Case of Labeling” n.d.
      Prof. Brooks W. Hamilton... to Discuss ‘Obligations of the Press’ Saturday Night” Kearsarge Independent 1952
      “Increased State News Coverage Urged by Journalism Professor” Lewiston Sun 1952
      “Savant Holds Press Has Vital Role to Fill…” 1952
      “What, Where, Then, There…” Portland Press Herald 1978
      Zahn, Bernard (“Bunny”) 1983
      “A Newsman’s Job” 1983
      “No Substitute or the Truth”; “All Ethics are ‘Situational’” 1984(?)
      “Right to Know” Portland Press Herald 1985

    News Releases

      “Report of a Study of 1958 Campaign Coverage in Two Maine Newspapers” 1959
      National Newspaper Association 1972


      Michigan Press Association 1970
      Public Occurrences 1983

    Letters to the Editor

      No Title 1977
      Homosexuality / Christianity 1982


      Public Schools, Millinocket, Minneapolis 1968

    Box 1810

      National Geographic Society v. California Board of Equalization 1977
      Powell v. Holland and Jane Newspaper, Inc. 1979
      Scheck v. Baileyville School Committee Censorship 1981
      Canada’s Constitution and Press 1982
      Canada’s Rule 467 and American Gag Laws 1982
      Her Majesty the Queen and Beurmond Banville 1982
      The K. C. Irving Case: A Comparison of Antitrust Laws in the United States and Canada 1982
      Recent Developments in Media Law 1892
      Westmoreland v. Columbia Broadcasting, et al (CBS) 1982-1984 5 folders
      Anthony and Paul Gelardi v. Forbes 1990 5 Folders
      Schonberger v. Bangor Publishing Company 1990

    Syllabi and Class Materials
      Old Tests n.d.
      Seminar n.d.
      JBR 134 Fall 1979
      JBR 32 Back Data 1980-1981
      JBR 375 1980-1991
      JBR 175 Back Grades 1981-1984
      Fall Senior Seminar 1983
      JBR 170 Spring 1983
      Faculty Seminars 1984
      JB 31 Back Data 1984
      JB 170 Spring 1984
      JB 370 Spring 1985
      JBR 370 Seminar 1985
      JBR 100 Notes 1987
      JBR 489 Spring Seminar 1987
      Seminar For Freebies 1987
      JBR 375 Quizzes 1988-1990
      JB 175 1988-1991
      JBR 175 1989
      JBR 232 1989
      “Current” Materials JBR 375 1990-1991
      JBR 375 Grades 1990
      JBR 375 (Fall) 1991
      JBR 357 Handouts 1991
      Gladys Hasty Carroll Neighbor to the Sky, N. X. Macmillan w. notes in front end pages by Hamilton 1937


      Film by Brooks Hamilton – Trials by Press

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