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Special Collections: Guide to the Roger Grindle Papers

Summary Information:

Collection Title: Roger Grindle Papers  
Dates of Collection: 1840-1939
Box Numbers: Boxes 1983-2005
Quantity: 23 boxes.

Administrative Information:

Provenance:  Gift of Anita Grindle, April 19, 1995
Access Restrictions: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval
Preferred Citation: Roger Grindle Papers, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine
Copyright: Contact department for copyright information

For Additional Information:
Special Collections Department
University of Maine
5729 Fogler Library
Orono, Maine 04469-5729
(207) 581 1686

Historical/Biographical Information: 

Roger Grindle was born and raised in Rockland, Maine. He graduated in 1959 from the Farmington State Teacher’s College with a B.A. in Education. He earned his Master’s degree in History from the University of Maine in Orono in 1962. He is the author of several books about Maine history and its granite and lime industries. 


This collection consists largely of research note cards concerning a variety of subjects including schooners, the lime industry, and the granite industry. 

Notes on Arrangement: 

Boxes 1983-2000 contain boxes of note cards, arranged as Grindle had them. They include records of schooners in boxes 1983-1990 and 1993-2000; boxes 1990-1992 record St. John Wood boats. Boxes 2001-2004 contain Grindle's note cards in their original order, stored in bundles in photo boxes. Most boxes contain approximately two (2) drawers worth of Grindle's cards, so often two groups of unrelated cards may be stored together. Box 2004 also includes folders containing photocopies of clippings of interest. Box 2005 contains more note cards, as well as microfilm and audio tapes. 


As received.

Roger Grindle Papers

Box 1983 Records of schooners.  A-Bed.
Box 1984 Records of schooners.  B-Cy.
Box 1985 Records of schooners.  D-F.
Box 1986 Records of schooners.  G-Jo.
Box 1987 Records of schooners.  Jo-Ma.
Box 1988 Records of schooners.  Man-Rc.
Box 1989 Records of schooners.  Rc-Va.
Box 1990 

Records of schooners.  U-Z.  

Records of St. John Wood boats.  Be-Co.

Box 1991 Records of St. John Wood boats.  Co-Li.
Box 1992 Records of St. John Wood boats.  Ma-Wi.
Box 1993 More records of schooners, including sales, cargoes, and sinkings.  UF 1886 A-F; UF 1886a H-Z; UF 1887 (1); UF 1887 (2).
Box 1994 Records of schooners.  UF 1887 4; UF 1888 A-H.
Box 1995 Records of schooners.  UF 1889.
Box 1996 Records of schooners.  UF 1890, 1892.
Box 1997 Records of schooners.  UF 1892, 1895.
Box 1998 Records of schooners.  UF 1895; one box of shingle, limestone records.
Box 1999 Records of schooners.  UF CG 90, 91, 94.
Box 2000

Four unlabeled boxes, misc.  

1.  Schooner records, O-R.

2.  Organized by city, Augusta-Machias.

3.  Ice boat records.

4.  Exports, by schooner.

Box 2001

 Photo box 1 - occupations file, #1 and #2.

 Photo box 2 - occupations file #2 (cont.), misc. boat records.

Box 2002

Photo box 1 - Schooner records, UF 1891 #1 and #2.  

Photo box 2 - "Non-vessel" cards; ship records (voyages, accidents, cargoes etc.)   

Box 2003

Photo box 1 - "Libby diaries".  

Photo box 2 - Schooner records; notes from Houlton Times, other papers.   

Box 2004  Clippings (photocopies) 
Box 2005 Note cards, audiotapes, microfilm


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