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Special Collections: Guide to the Great Northern Paper Company Records

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves
June 2009

Collection title: Great Northern Paper Company Records
Collection number: MS 210
Dates of collection: 1889-1992 (inclusive)
Size of collection: 60 boxes
Provenance: Deposited by Great Northern Paper Company
Restrictions on access and use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval


The history of the Great Northern Paper Company began when Charles W. Mullen and other Bangor lumbermen and timberland owners were granted a charter by the Maine legislature in 1897 to develop water power on the West Branch of the Penobscot River in Millinocket, Maine. Mullen then approached Garret Schenck, general manager and part owner of the Rumford Falls Paper Company, to interest him in building a paper mill there. Schenck formed the Northern Development Company in 1897 to find financial backing and prepare plans and specifications for the paper mill that was constructed at Millinocket in 1899 and began producing newsprint in 1900. A mill at Madison, Maine, was also acquired at this time. In 1906 construction began on a third mill on a farm and land owned by John Powers in what became East Millinocket. Finished in 1907, the East Millinocket site also included a dam and power development at East Millinocket as well as a dam at Dolby Pitch, a grinder room and a hydroelectric station.

In addition to its mills and timberland, the company owned several farms including Pittston, Grant, Chesuncook and Seboomook; the Great Northern Hotel, opened in 1900 and torn down in 1961; and several vessels. It maintained offices in Bangor and Boston as well as sales and treasurer’s offices in New York.

The 1940s saw the timberland holdings of Great Northern reach just over 2 million acres. World War II brought increased demand for paper coupled with a labor shortage in the woods, a shortage somewhat alleviated by the establishment of a prisoner of war camp at Great Northern’s Seboomook Farm near Moosehead Lake. In the 1950s the company began producing specialty papers for magazines, newspaper supplements, paperbacks and catalogs. The East Millinocket mill expanded at this time and the Ripogenus Dam power station was completed.

Great Northern was instrumental in organizing the Great Southern Land and Paper Company in 1962. Located near Cedar Springs, Georgia, the company produced kraft linerboard used in corrugated shipping containers. Great Southern merged with Great Northern in 1965.

Great Northern entered into a merger with Nekoosa-Edwards Paper Company of Wisconsin in 1970, creating the Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation. In 1989 the Georgia-Pacific Corporation launched a hostile takeover of Great Northern Nekoosa completing the deal in 1990. Shortly afterward in 1991 Bowater Corporation of South Carolina purchased the Great Northern mills, timberland and other Maine holdings from Georgia-Pacific. In 1999 Inexcon, a Canadian firm, bought Bowater’s Maine holdings. In late 2002 Great Northern filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection; its mills in Millinocket and East Millinocket were purchased by Brascan Corporation of Toronto in April 2003 and the company was renamed Katahdin Paper Company LLC.

The company, faced with high energy costs and fluctuating demands for paper, struggled to keep its mills at Millinocket and East Millinocket open, halting production and laying off workers at various times in 2008.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains the records of Great Northern Paper Company, a major company in Maine for much of the 20th century.

The collection is arranged in five series: Series I: Executive and administrative records; Series II: Financial records; Series III: Production and sales records; Series IV: Department reports; and Series V: John E. McLeod papers. Series I is further subdivided into six sub-series: Sub-series 1: General and special files; Sub-series 2: Records of Madison mill; Sub-series 3: Contracts for materials, supplies and services; Sub-series 4: Labor; Sub-series 5: Publications; and Sub-series 6: Photographs.

Series Descriptions

Series I: Executive and administrative records

Sub-series 1: General and special files

The material in this sub-series was refoldered upon its arrival at Fogler Library; subject headings used in that project have been retained. The material is arranged alphabetically by folder name and most dates from the 1890s through the 1950s. Material includes subject files, plans and maps, information on construction, subsidiary companies, etc. Copies of general and executive orders issued by William A. Whitcomb and William O. McKay provide information on policies and procedures needed to run the mills.

The difference between general and special files is not clear but the special files appear to contain much information used in the executive office in Boston. Included is correspondence to and from Sheldon E. Wardwell and other members of the law firm of Burdett, Wardwell & Ranney in Boston as well as letters to William A. Whitcomb, president of the company; William Hilton, manager of the spruce wood department; and John McLeod. Information on subsidiary companies is also found in the special files.

Sub-series 2: Records of Madison mill, 1899-1974

These files are arranged alphabetically by subject and include deeds and plans, contracts and specifications, correspondence, etc.

Sub-series 3: Contracts for materials, supplies and services

This sub-series contains contracts for goods and services at the mills at Millinocket, East Millinocket and Madison as well as for the Mattaceunk Development and Ripogenus Dam. The contracts are arranged alphabetically by company name and date mostly from the 1920s through the 1940s with some earlier dates also represented. Typical files include contracts for boilers, chemicals, dyestuffs, pumps, etc., from such companies as Babcock & Wilcox and Ingersoll-Rand Co.

Sub-series 4: Labor, 1912-1960

This small sub-series contains a labor book from around 1912 to 1932 with labor agreements, letters from union officials, payroll, hourly and weekly earnings reports and cost of living statistics. Also found in this sub-series are copies of labor agreements from the 1930s to the 1950s with the various unions at the mills as well as those with office employees and workers at the Great Northern Hotel. Unions include the International Brotherhood of Paper Makers, International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite and Paper Mill Workers, International Brotherhood of Stationary Firemen, International Association of Machinists, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the Office Employees International Union among others.

Sub-series 5: Publications

This sub-series contains both publications of the company itself and publications and articles about the company. Included are copies of The Northern, the magazine issued by the company from 1921-1928; internal publications for salaried and management employees, 1962-1974; the Public Affairs Department newsletter, 1973-1986; and the Pittston Farm Weekly, 1962-1966. Publications about the company include an article on the construction of the Millinocket mill from the Paper Mill and Wood Pulp News, 1900, as well as articles from the Bangor Daily News and Down East magazine.

Sub-series 6: Photographs, 1899-1963

The first part of this sub-series includes individual photographs and photograph albums arranged alphabetically by subject. Included are photos of the Great Northern mills at Millinocket, East Millinocket and Madison, as well as photos of mill workers, Great Northern dams and power stations, personnel, and work in the woods and on the river.

The sub-series also contains a collection of 10 x 14 inch glass plate negative: 269 negatives of the Millinocket mill taken between 1912 and 1935; 30 negatives of the East Millinocket mill taken between 1921 and 1932; a few negatives of Dolby dam, 1930-1932; and 38 negatives of the Madison mill, 1921-1930. Corresponding interpositives and film negatives were made for these glass plate negatives in 1988 and are available for use. A detailed list of the subject content of the negatives is also available in the Special Collections Department.

The sub-series continues with a collection of 7 x 9 inch glass plate negatives: 51 glass plate negatives of the Madison mill, ca. 1890-1923; 137 negatives of the East Millinocket mill, 1906-1907; 20 negatives of Dolby dam, 1907-1908; 442 negatives of the Millinocket mill, 1899-1902; as well as negatives of Ripogenus Dam and miscellaneous unidentified negatives. These smaller glass plate negatives were not reproduced as film negatives or interpositives. A list of their subject content is available in the Special Collections Department.

Series II: Financial records

This small series contains yearly statements pertaining to pulpwood inventory, 1928-1959, as well as cost statements and records of deferred charges, 1941-1957.

Series III: Production and sales records

This small series contains a few records from the 1930s-1950s about pulpwood inventory and operating contracts and shipments of various papers.

Series IV: Department reports

This series consists of progress reports on construction jobs, 1921-1925, from the Engineering Department, as well as departmental weekly newsletters, 1925-1951. It also contains records from the Spruce Wood Department including circular letters, 1919-1943, and job records about construction and repair, 1946-1950. The series closes with records of the Woodlands Department including job records of repairs and maintenance, 1948-1962, and operations, drive costs and weekly pulpwood operation reports, 1946-1957.

Series V: John E. McLeod papers

This series contains a typescript copy of John E. McLeod’s history, The Great Northern Paper Company, as well as an index to the history compiled by Frances C. Hartgen, former head of the Special Collections Department at Fogler Library. The book was written between 1960 and 1974 by McLeod, a retired Great Northern executive. He started work at Great Northern in 1924 as a sample boy and typist at the East Millinocket mill, progressed through several positions at the Boston office, moved to the Bangor office in 1952 and became manager of personnel in 1955 with additional responsibilities for the insurance department, the Great Northern Hotel, advertising and public relations. He retired in 1959 but remained a consultant to the company until 1972.

Contents of Boxes

Series I: Executive and administrative records

Sub-series 1: General and special files

General files

Box 1


1-3 Boston clippings on GNP subjects [scrapbook]

4-5 Deeds, etc., 1890-1891

6 Deeds, title searches, etc., 1891-1892 [Pierce Pond, Totman]

7-9 East Branch Improvement Co.

10 Eibel Process Co. v. Remington-Martin Co., U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, 1915

11-12 Engineering Dept.: Construction costs, 1913-1928, mill jobs

13 Equipment and methods used at pulpwood operations upon the West Branch of the Penobscot River, 1935-1940, by Cecil Max Hilton (University of Maine thesis, 1940)

Box 2

1-2 Executive orders, general orders, 1912-1930

3 General orders (revisions)

4-5 Forestry vouchers, 1901-1902

6 Index to directors’ meetings, July 1898-June 1954

7 Index of valuable papers transferred to custody of treasurer, July 3, 1963

8-9 Interstate Commerce Commission: Correspondence, etc. re increases in freight rates and charges, 1938-1948

10-11 Interstate Commerce Commission: Ex parte no. 115: Increases in freight rates and charges, 1934

12 Interstate Commerce Commission: Ex parte no. 123: Fifteen percent case, 1937

13-15 Interstate Commerce Commission publications

16 Journal kept in Bangor office probably by Wm. St. John Murray

Box 3

1-4 Legislation (supplemental file), tax laws, 1951-1955

5-7 Lists of stockholders, 1902-1927

8 McCann, Paul K. History of Great Northern Paper Co. (old copy), 1992

9 Manufacturers Investment Co.: Boomage rights, land, etc., 1889-1891

10 North Branch Dam Co.

11 Northern Maine Power Packet Co.

12 Penobscot Lake Dam Co.

13 Plans and maps: Plan of 1,060,166 acres of land and water … as a purchase made by Henry Jackson and Royal Flint … April 20th, 1792 [copy from office of land agent, 1891]

14 Plans and maps: Maps of GNP land, locations of dams, etc., 1898, 1899, 1903, 1937

15 Plans and maps: Miscellaneous maps of Maine

16 Plans and maps: Plans and sections of Millinocket mill, 1899

17 Plans and maps: General plan showing fire protection for lower mill, Oct. 30, 1906; General plan for mill buildings, Millinocket, April 29, 1910; Administration building, Millinocket mill, first, second, third floor plans, Aug. 1-Sept. 6, 1912 [3 plans]

18 Plans and maps: Plan and section of machine room extension, west end, Millinocket mill, June 1, 1914; General plan of mill year, lower mill, Nov. 12, 1915; Wrapper paper machine and beater room, Millinocket mill, Jan. 16, 1917; Administration building, third floor, steel partitions, Millinocket mill, June 16, 1954

19 Plans and maps: Plan and section of sulphite screen room; sections of screen rooms and plan of core and storerooms, Millinocket mill, 1924

20 Plans and maps: Changes in screening system, ground wood screen room, Millinocket mill, 1926

21 Plans and maps: Plans, elevations and sections for various dams, 1964-1966

21a Pulp and paper investigation hearings, 1908-1909 (Washington, Government Printing Office, 1909). 6 volumes, stamped “William A. Whitcomb”

22 Resource protection plan for portions of the East Branch and the West Branch of the Penobscot River and Lobster Lake and Stream, 1981 [draft]

23 Ripogenus construction: correspondence, etc., 1951

24 Ripogenus certificates of necessity, 1951-1952

25 Ripogenus: government regulation, 1951-1952

26 Ripogenus: NPA hearing, Jan. 21, 1952

27 Scrapbook: Lumber reports from Boston newspapers, 1921-1926

28 Spruce Wood Department insured structures [includes photographs]

Box 4

1-5 Structures (description, repairs, valuation)

6 Statistical charts (operations and costs) used in Boston office, 1950?

7 Steam [coal and boiler information, 1922-1950]

8 Tax on power

9-10 Taxes, forest industries, 1948-1958

11 Timberlands purchases – original data from Auditing Dept.

12-13 Town site [Millinocket, 1925-1927]

14-15 Water power, public power – supplemental to N.E.N.Y.I.A.C. file

16 Water storage charts used in Boston office

17 Weston grist mill, Madison, 1946-1947

Special files

Box 5

1 Accident prevention

2 Advertising

3 Anecdotes

4 Annual meetings, minutes, 1897-1911 [includes Northern Development Co.]

5 Annual and special meeting notices, 1953-1954, 1961-1975

6-11 Annual reports, financial reports, 1930s-1970s

12 Apprentice program

13 Associations, contributions, etc.

14 Audit, stock, financial information, 1936

15 Barnjum, Frank

16 Big Black River Dam Co.

17 Boston

18 Boston Post

19 By-laws

20 Canadian wood, 1942-1944

21 Charitable trust, Millinocket hospital

22 Charters

23 Chemi-groundwood development

Box 6

1 Chesuncook Dam [includes photographs]

2 Coal – compensatory adjustments, World War II, 1942-1947

3 Company publications

4 Competition

5 Correspondence, 1898-1904

6 Credit unions, 1959-1975

7 Depression (newspaper clippings, 1929, 1933)

8-9 Dorcourt Co. suit – Stratton Brook, 1950-1951

10 East Millinocket mill correspondence, 1906-1915

11 East Millinocket mill – general information, 1950s

12 East Millinocket mill – historical information

13 East Millinocket [town]

Box 7

1 Employee reports [reports to employees], 1956-1967

2 Engineering & Research Center

3 Executive orders, 1947-1951

4 Federal Power Commission, 1941-1945

5 Financial: analysts’ reports, increase in capital stock, 1949

6 Financial: 1953 loans, 1954 preferred stock

7 Financial, early

8-9 Freight rate cases

10 Government controls, 1950s

11-12 Government investigations

Box 8

1-2 Government investigations

3 Great Southern merger

4-5 Historical – general published material

6 Historical – general miscellaneous items

7 Historical items, radio

8 Hospital [Millinocket Community Hospital]

9 Insurance

10-12 Labor, Canadian, World War II period

Box 9

1-2 Labor, Canadian, World War II period

3 Labor, Canadian – Miscellaneous, 1947, 1952, 1954-1955

4-7 Labor – mills

8-9 Labor – woods – wages and rates, 1943-1948

10 Legislation

11 Machine works, 1942

12-13 Madison – Hearst proposal, 1920

14-15 Manufacturers Investment Co.

16 Manufacturing reports, 1952; technical data, 1959

17 Mattaceunk

18 McLeod – special notes

Box 10

1-3 Millinocket mill

4 Millinocket mill – contracts, 1899

5-6 Millinocket mill – 2 roll vs. 3 roll machines

7-8 Millinocket airport

9-12 Millinocket – town

13 Mills, old

Box 11

1 National Recovery Administration

2 Nekoosa merger

3 Newsprint – historical information

4 Newsprint, 1943-1945

5 Newsprint manufacturing

6 Newsprint price

7 News Print Service Bureau

8 Newsprint situation

9 Northern Development Company

10 Old office leases

10A Office of Price Administration

11 Office of Price Administration Mitscherlich pulp price and subsidy, 1942-1946

12-13 OPA newsprint prices

14 OPA pulpwood prices

15 OPA sulphite paper

16-17 OPA violation, 1942-1946

18 Office of Production Management, 1941-1952

19-20 Paper industry history

Box 12

1-2 Parks, national and state, Maine

3 Patents

4 Personnel: Hardy Ferguson, F.A. Gilbert, William Hilton, Wm. O. McKay, Chas. W. Mullen

5 Personnel: Garret Schenck, Wm. A Whitcomb

6 Personnel departments

7-8 Personnel – news clippings, etc.

9 Pollution

10 Prisoners of war

11 Production control allocation, 1943

12 Quebec Extension Railroad Company

13 Re-negotiation, 1944-1946

14-15 Rice Barton paper machine

16 Ripogenus Dam

17 Ripogenus Dam – photographs, 1915

18 Roads

Box 13

1 S.S. Ripogenus, schooner Northland [includes photos]

2 Salaried retirement plan

3 Sales Department

4 Schenck-Mullen agreements, 1896-1899; Schenck, Mullen, Haskell, Paine papers, 1896-1913

5 Signatures

6 Southern mill

7-8 Special miscellaneous [correspondence, 1928-1961]

9 Stock increase in 1920s, employee stock

10 Stock options

11 Subsidiaries: Ashland Company, Brassua Associates, Canada Falls Dam Co., Carrabassett Dam Co.

12 Subsidiaries: East Branch Improvement Co.

13 Subsidiaries: Great Northern Power Co., Kennebec, Knox Lime Co., Knox Railroad, light companies, water companies

14 Subsidiaries: Mattawamkeag and Northern Railway Co., Moose River Log Driving Co., Moxie Dam Co., Nahmakanta Dam Co.

15-18 Subsidiaries: Pope Appliance Corp.

19 Subsidiaries: Seboomook Dam Co., Sourdnahunk Dam & Improvement Co., West Branch Driving & Reservoir Dam Co., Wood Stream Improvement Co.

20 Subsidiaries: Merger of subsidiary companies

21 Subsidiaries: Misc. dams, misc. notes on subsidiary companies

Box 14

1-3 Survey Committee, reports to, 1946-1949

4-5 Survey Committee, reports to, 1950-1951

6-7 Survey Committee, report to: Report on a 150 tons per day bleached sulphate pulp mill, Chas. T. Main, Inc., 1951

8-10 Survey Committee, report to: New products study: hardwoods, white pine & cedar reported by Charles Carpenter, 1952

11-12 Taxes

13 Traffic Dept.

14 United States Trust Co.

15 S.D. Warren Company

16-18 Water power

Box 15

1-4 Water power

5-14 Woodlands, general

Box 16

1-3 Woodlands, general

4 Woodlands, cuts and locations

5 Workman’s wage insurance

6 Miscellaneous information, A-J

7-8 Miscellaneous information, J-Z

9 Buildings, Great Northern Paper Company, Division of Forest Engineering

Sub-series 2: Records of Madison mill

Box 17

1-2 Anson station and grinder room rebuild, 1922-1934

3 Specifications, etc. for Madison mill and machinery, 1899

4 Contracts and specifications, 1901-1903

5 Contracts for machinery, 1937, 1939, 1946

6 Correspondence, estimates, data, sketches, etc. re Madison in office of H.S. Ferguson, 1907

7 Correspondence between G.N.P. Co. and Hollingsworth & Whitney Co. re sale of property at Madison, 1907

8 Correspondence, etc. re sale of Madison mill, 1954

9 Madison dam, 1928-1932

10-11 Deeds, plans, etc.

12 Diary: construction, new mill, Madison, Me., 1901-1902

13 Estimate for altering Madison Mill to produce super-calendered book paper, 1916

14 Flood, 1936

15 Letters to John McLeod, 1960-1974 , Madison local histories

16 Plans for equipment for Madison from Rice, Barton & Fales, 1921-1923

17 Studies of Madison operation, 1946, 1950-1953

18 Madison water district

19-21 Madison weekly newsletter, 1948-1955

Sub-series 3: Contracts for materials, supplies and services

Box 18

Millinocket mill

1 A

2-8 B

9-10 C

11 D

12 E

13-16 F

17-19 G

20-21 H

22-23 I

24-25 J

26 K

27-28 L

29 M

Box 19

1-2 M

3 N

4-5 P

6-9 R

10-12 S

13-16 T

17 V-W

18 W

East Millinocket

19 B, C

20 E, F, H, J

21 L, M

22 P, R, S, T, W

23 Mattaceunk Development

24 Madison

25 Ripogenus Dam

Sub-series 4: Labor

Box 20

1-4 Labor book

5 Labor agreement, 1912

6-14 Labor agreements, 1919-1960 (with gaps)

15 Labor agreements, Office Employes [sic] International, Local 192, 1946-1951, 1953, 1959

16 Labor agreements, Great Northern Hotel workers, 1957, 1958

17 Labor agreements, Spruce Wood and Woodlands Depts. with International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite & Paper Mill Workers, 1947-1954

18 Labor agreements, Spruce Wood and Woodlands Depts. with United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners, 1941-1959

Sub-series 5: Publications

Box 21

1-5 The Northern, April 1921 (v. 1 no. 1)-October 1928

6-10 Great Northern Monthly Salaried Employees Newsletter/Great Northern Newsletter for Management Employees, June 1, 1962-March 15, 1974

11-20 Public Affairs Newsletter, July 6, 1973-December 1981

Box 22

1-9 Public Affairs Newsletter, January 1982-December 1986

10-13 Pittston Farm Weekly, Nov. 15, 1962 (v. 1 no. 1)-June 3, 1966 (v. 4 no. 13)

14 A greater Great Northern

15 The Northern the way I remember by John E. McLeod

16 Scenes in the spruce woods of Maine compliments of the Great Northern Paper Company

17 Derb’s story on the construction of the Millinocket Mill in The Paper Mill and Wood Pulp News, Nov. 24, 1900

18 Report of annual meeting of the American Paper and Pulp Association in Paper Trade Journal, Feb. 15, 1902

19 Report on Great Northern Paper Co., Bangor Daily News, Feb. 28, 1959

20 Paul Bunyan would be proud: GNP ad re 200th anniversary of Bangor, Maine, in Bangor Daily News, Oct. 4-5, 1969

21 Great Northern’s last big pulpwood drive, Down East Magazine, Oct. 1970

22 William Hilton ’11, in Maine, University of Maine Alumni Assoc., Fall 1991, p. 52

23 International Paper Company after fifty years, 1898-1948

24 Newsprint paper in North America by Royal S. Kellogg (New York: Newsprint Service Bureau, 1948)

25 Report on water pollution in the state of Maine, 1950. Maine Dept. of Health and Welfare, Division of Sanitary Engineering

26 1690-1940: 250 years of papermaking in America published by Lockwood Trade Journal Co., 1940

Sub-series 6: Photographs

Box 23

1 Aerial views of power stations, Sept. 19, 1941

2 Old boom house, Ambajejus Point, undated

3 Bateau on Penobscot Drive, undated

4 Boston office, 1930s

5 Brassua Lake and Dam, Oct. 1941

6 Car dumping device at North Twin, Aug. 15, 1946

7 Car dumping device at North Twin, 1946-1947

8 Charter, International Brotherhood of Paper Makers, Millinocket Local No. 27, 1909

9 Chesuncook, Me., ‘23

10 Collage of news articles re murder of William A. Whitcomb, 1946

11 Dolby Dam construction, 1906-1907

12 East Millinocket mill construction, 1906-1907

13 Construction, East Millinocket (burnt land) and Dolby, 1906-1907

14 East Millinocket mill exterior, undated

15 East Millinocket mill, near view, [1947]

16 East Millinocket: early scenes of town

17 Experimental pulpwood car with swing sides, 1945

18 Garret Schenck School in Anson, undated

19 Goddard Brook, Aroostook, ca. 1930

20 Original Grant farm, undated

21 Grant farm, undated

22 Great Northern hotel, 1931

23 Grover Cleveland’s cabinet officers, end of second term

24 Interior mill photos, undated

25 Jo-Mary camps, 1957, undated

26 Log booms, undated

27 Log trains, log piles, moving logs, etc., undated

28 Machine shop, Greenville, undated

29 Machines, undated

30 Madison mill construction photos, 1890s

31-32 Madison mill, undated

33 Madison mill workers inside mill, pre-1910?

34 Madison, ca. 1890

35 Mattaceunk Dam and power station, 1937-1939, 1942

36-39 Millinocket mill #1 construction, 1899-1902

40 Millinocket mill panoramas, 1899-1900

41 Millinocket mill interior views, ca. 1900?

42 Scenes at Millinocket mill, 1900 or 1901

43 Millinocket mill exterior, undated [1904?]

44 Millinocket mill [ca. 1904?]

45 No. 1 and 2 machines at mill no. 1, July 4, 1941

46 Aerial views of Millinocket and East Millinocket mills, Sept. 19, 1941

47 Millinocket mill and municipal airport, Nov. 7, 1946

48 Millinocket mill exterior: hardwood conveyor to chemi-plant, 5/2/57

49 Aerial views of Millinocket mill, undated

50 Millinocket mill exterior, undated

51 Looking across Millinocket Stream at Fowler farm and location of Millinocket mill, ca. 1899?

52 Millinocket early scenes

53 Scenes from Millinocket ca. 1904

54 Millinocket: Katahdin Ave. ca. 1904

55 Millinocket: Penobscot Ave. ca. 1904

56 Millinocket airport, Oct. 1941 (aerial view)

57 East side housing development, Nov. 7, 1946

58 Millinocket aerial views, Sept. 20, 1947

59 Millinocket housing project: Eastland Ave. dev., Sept. 20, 1947

60 Millinocket selectman Allen M. VanTassel, 1962-1963; East Millinocket selectman Wilfred Ruth, undated

61 Millinocket Stream looking south, undated

62 Millinocket Stream looking north, undated

63 Millinocket (?) street scene in residential area, undated

64 Charles W. Mullen, mayor of Bangor, 1911-1912

65 North Twin, 1935, 1938, undated

66 Old North Twin dam and powerhouse, undated

67 Northeast Carry at the head of Moosehead Lake, undated

68 Personnel

69 Personnel: Dr. Bryant

70 Personnel: Hardy Ferguson

71 Personnel: Delbert G. Gardner

72 Personnel: W.O. McKay

73 Personnel: Peter S. Paine

74 Personnel: Garret Schenck

Box 24

1 Photograph album: Millinocket, East Millinocket, Madison, 1913-1917

2 Photograph album: S.J. & S.L. Railway, Chesuncook, West Branch, Ten Mile, Pittston, Canada Falls, Forty Mile, undated

3-8 Photograph albums of GNP sites, undated (2 copies; includes index to photos)

9 Photograph albums: Photos of property Great Northern Paper Co. Spruce Wood Dept., undated (oversized: located in Boxes 25-28)

10 Original Pittston Farm, ca. 1904

11 GNP private road between Allagash Village and Allagash Pond, undated

12 Ripogenus Dam, Me. Great Northern Paper Co. job 1023. Aberthaw Construction Co., Sept.-Oct. 1915

13 Ripogenus Dam, Oct. 1941

14 Ripogenus Dam, various dates

15 Russell Stream drive, 1946

16 Seboomook prisoner of war camp, 1944

17 Seboomook campground, Seboomook Dam, etc., undated

18 Scene of fire at Seboomook, 1945

19 GNP Co.’s snow plough, Rockwood, Maine, undated

20 Sourdnahunk Lake campground, undated

21 Special train, 13 cars, 52-12 plate imp. Decker Screens from J.W. Penney & Sons Co., Mechanic Falls, for GNP, Millinocket, shipped Feb. 24, 1900

22 Spruce trees, 1941

23 Stage crossing East Branch, Medway, Me., undated

24 Stone Dam, ca. 1904

25 Sulphite pipeline bridge

26 Vessels: “William Hilton” in Bangor on way to coast after having been sold, Sept. 1972

27 Vessels: “O.A. Harkness,” William Hilton” and others, undated

28 Woods kitchen, Jo-Mary?

29 Working in the woods, various dates

30 Compact disk of selected photos: Ripogenus Dam construction, 1915; Chesuncook; Grant Farm

31 CD and prints of selected photos from GNP collection, 1/5/01

32 Reprints of various photos

33 Miscellaneous unidentified photos

34-36 Miscellaneous negatives, 1830-1962, undated

Box 25-28

Photograph albums: Photos of property Great Northern Paper Co. Spruce Wood Dept., undated

Box 29

Millinocket mill: 10 x 14” glass plate negatives, no. 1-83, 1912-1936

Box 30

Millinocket mill: 10 x 14” glass plate negatives, no. 84-169, 1921-1935

Box 31

Millinocket mill: 10 x 14” glass plate negatives, no. 170-239, 1912-1935

Box 32

Millinocket mill: 10 x 14” glass plate negatives, no. 240-269, 1927-1939

Box 33

East Millinocket mill: 10 x 14” glass plate negatives, no. 1-30, 1921-1932

Dolby Dam: 10 x 14” glass plate negatives, no. 32-43, 1930-1932, undated

Madison mill: 10 x 14” glass plate negatives, no. 1-38, 1921-1930, undated

Box 34

Unidentified 10 x 14” glass plate negatives

Box 35

Negatives of 10 x 14” glass plates:

Millinocket mill no. 1-99; missing 15, 20, 21, 28, 41

Box 36

Negatives of 10 x 14” glass plates:

Millinocket mill no. 100-199; missing 121, 150, 171, 173

Box 37

Negatives of 10 x 14” glass plates:

Millinocket mill no. 200-269

East Millinocket mill no. 1-30; missing 19, 22, 30

Box 38

Negatives of 10 x 14” glass plates:

Madison mill no. 1-38

Dolby no. 32-43; missing 32, 33, 43

Unidentified negatives

Interpositives of 10 x 14” glass plates:

Millinocket mill no. 1-49; missing 15, 17, 20, 27, 40, 41, 43

Box 39

Interpositives of 10 x 14” glass plates:

Millinocket mill no. 50-150; missing 96, 118, 121, 133, 134, 150

Box 40

Interpositives of 10 x 14” glass plates:

Millinocket mill no. 151-250; missing 171, 173, 227

Box 41

Interpositives of 10 x 14” glass plates:

Millinocket mill no. 251-269

East Millinocket mill no. 1-30; missing 19, 30

Madison mill no. 1-38

Dolby no. 32-43; missing 32

Box 42

Interpositives of 10 x 14” glass plates:

Unidentified negatives

Box 43

Madison mill 7 x 9” glass plate negatives no. 1-51, ca. 1890-1923

East Millinocket mill 7 x 9” glass plate negatives, no. 1-12, 1906

Box 44

East Millinocket mill 7 x 9” glass plate negatives, no. 13-71, 1906-1907

Box 45

East Millinocket mill 7 x 9” glass plate negatives, no. 72-137, 1907

Box 46

Dolby Dam 7 x 9” glass plate negatives, no. 150-169, ca. 1907-1908

Millinocket mill glass plate negatives, no. 1-39, 1899

Box 47

Millinocket mill glass plate negatives, no. 40-99, 1899

Box 48

Millinocket mill glass plate negatives, no. 100-159, 1899

Box 49

Millinocket mill glass plate negatives, no. 160-238, 1899

Box 50

Millinocket mill glass plate negatives, no. 241-299, 1899-1900

Box 51

Millinocket mill glass plate negatives, no. 300-349, 1900

Box 52

Millinocket mill glass plate negatives, no. 350-407, 1900

Box 53

Millinocket mill glass plate negatives, no. 408-442, 1900

Miscellaneous no. 1-6, 1901, undated

Box 54

Miscellaneous no. 7-46, 1901-1902, undated

Box 55

Ripogenus Dam glass plate negatives, no. 8-99

Box 56

Ripogenus Dam glass plate negatives, no. 100-199

Series II: Financial records

Box 57

1-3 Yearly statements pertaining to pulpwood inventory, etc., 1928-1959

4-7 Controller’s Dept. miscellaneous cost statements, 1948-1957

8-9 Miscellaneous deferred charges, costs, 1941-1957

Series III: Production and sales records

10 Pulpwood inventory and consumption studies, 1939-1949

11 Manila shipments, 1950-1952

12-13 Pulpwood operating contracts, 1952-1954

14 Experimental manufacture of hardboards, Fiber Products Laboratory, Springfield, Ohio: summary of pertinent data

Series IV: Department reports

15 Engineering Department: Progress reports on construction jobs, 1921-1925

16-18 Engineering Department: Weekly newsletters, 1925-1933

Box 58

1-7 Engineering Department: Weekly newsletters, 1934-1951

8 Spruce Wood Department: Scale bills and reports, 1902-1914 [5 vols.]

9-11 Spruce Wood Department: Circular letters, no. 1-300, 1919-1943

12 Spruce Wood Department: Job records, 1946-1950 (construction and repair)

13 Woodlands Department: Accounting records-notebook of George Hall, 1933

14-18 Woodlands Department: Job records, 1948-1962 (repairs and maintenance)

19-20 Woodlands Department: Operations reports, 1952-1953

Box 59

1-2 Woodlands Department: Operations reports, 1952-1953

3 Woodlands Department: Drive cost reports, 1946-1953

4-14 Woodlands Department weekly pulpwood operation reports, 1953-1957

Series V: John E. McLeod Papers

15 Notes on chapters

16 Dedication, introduction

17-23 Chapter 1-7

Box 60

1-22 Chapter 8-22

23 Appendix A-F

24 Index compiled by Frances C. Hartgen


Finding Aids for selected manuscript collections in the Special Collections Department at Fogler Library are accessible online in URSUS, in a browsable Guide to Manuscript Collections. Please contact Special Collections at or (207) 581-1686 for further information.

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