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Special Collections: Guide to the John Edwards Godfrey Papers

Collection title:  John Edwards Godfrey Papers
Collection number: MS 204      

Dates of collection:  1745-1965  
Size of collection: 4 boxes
Restrictions on access and use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval


John Edwards Godfrey was born in Hampden, Maine in 1809, the son of John and Sophia (Dunn) Godfrey. He attended Washington Academy in East Machias, Maine, completing his studies in 1830. He read law with his father and with William Abbott and was admitted to the Penobscot bar and opened a law office in Calais in 1832. In 1834 he returned to Bangor, Maine, and later became a judge. He lived in Bangor until his death in 1884 and played an important part in the cultural and political life of the city. He was also the author of numerous articles on the history of early Maine. Further biographical notes can be found in the introduction of The Journals of John Edwards Godfrey, Bangor, Maine 1863-1869, Courier-Gazette, Rockland, 1979.

Scope and Content Note

Manuscripts, diaries, and notes of a prominent 19th century Maine historian. Especially strong in Maine and Bangor history. The papers were received in a large box without order. Upon receipt, the papers were rearranged and reordered into file folders. These folders have been put into alphabetical order by title of the folder. The titles were assigned by the librarian and are based upon titles on the works themselves or the first lines therein. In many cases Godfrey's works were divided or were fragments. Where possible the parts have been brought together to reform the original manuscript.

Contents of Boxes

Box 1201

Fl Ames child case. Sangerville, Maine.

F2 Annals of Bangor. These notes were made by the late Hon. Wm. D. Williamson of Bangor, the last historian of Maine.

F3 D'Aulney and LaTour.

F4 The D' Aulneys and LaTour.

F5 D'Aulnay'e letter to Mr. Endecott. Governor, by Mr. Allen [Capt. John Allen ...

F6 (Bangor history).

F7 (Baron de St. Castin).

F8 The Baron de St. Castin and his family.

F9 The battle of Hampden. From Lieut. Col. John to Gen. Sir John Sherbrook, Bangor, on the Penobscot River, September 3, 1814.

F1O Books of reference.

F11 (Calef, John) 1725 - 1812. The Siege of Penobscot by the Rebels.

F12 Capt. Frye's journal. (Extracts).

Fl3 Carte dela nouvelle france. augmentee depuis la derniere... 1632. facit 1'an 1632 par le Sieur de Champlain. (Added to the Godfrey papers by his descendants. Photoreproduction shelved in Box 1204. )

Fl4 Carte qeographique de la Nouvelle Franee facite par le Sieur de Champlain Saint Tongois Cappitaine Ordinaire pour le Roy en la marine. facit en 1612. (Added to the Godfrey papers by his descendants. Photoreproduotion shelved in Box 1204. )

F15 Castine the Younqer.

Fl6 (Dr. Josiah Deane).

Fl7 Early voyages to America.

F18 Enrolled men and bounties.

F19 Essay: "About 1819, a private school having the name of the Young Ladies Academy was established... "

F2O Essay: "Although the military tournaments, if they may be so called) previous to the war..."

F21 Essay: 'The arrival of De le Saussage at Port Royal & from that place to St. Saviour." (Identified as Chapter 22.)

F22 Essay: 'Bangor had just emerged from wiqwams and log cabins... "

F23 Essay: 'Charles Amadis La Tour came to America early in the seventeenth century with his father. Claude Turgis de Saint Etienne. Sieur de la Tour."

F24 Essay: "Charles LaTour."

F25 Essay: "The climate."

F26 Essay: 'A concert of Messrs. Firmback and Oliver J. Shaw...' with notes on land speculation in Maine.

F27 Essay: "Correspondence of the New York... " Concerns Bangor description.

F28 Essay: (Currency and money ).

F29 Essay: "Geologists inform us that more than 400,000 years ago a race of men existed upon the earth of a very low type."

F3O Essay: ' Geologists say that man has been upon the earth from one hundred thousand to one million years. "

F3l Essay: "The great objection urged against sustaining the government in carrying on the war is that the President has issued his proclamation declaring the slaves of persons in rebellion against the government of the United States on the first of January 1863.

F32 Essay: "I saw somewhere in a report of a speech before an educational committee or society that a majority of the boys of Bangor grew up vicious and worthless."

F33 Essay: "Immediately after the annual election, copies of the votes cast in the various precincts... "

F34 Essay: "In 1834 the speculation in timberlands commenced in Maine."

F35 Essay: "In Addison's time it was not considered by him a matter worthy of note that a general thirst for news existed among his countrymen."

F36 Essay: "In President Grant's message to Congress, he says in relation to the struggle that at present time exists in Cuba..."

F37 Essay: "In the year 1837 Capt. George Baxter of Bangor in command of the America ship, Panther, on a voyage from England put into Halifax harbor... "

F38 Essay: "In this year there had been much disorder in the town." (Bangor, 1834).

F39 Essay: "In walking through the streets of cities and larger towns..."

F4O Essay: ' It is a sad fact, that since the commencement of the War of the Rebellion the use of alcoholic beverages has
alarmingly increased."

F4l Essay: It is a wonderful age."

F42 Essay: 'It has long been acknowledged by those who given any attention to the subject...abstinence from alcohol.' F43 Essay: "May it please the court... Charles Stetson... "

F44 Essay: "A mesmerical and surgical event. " (Dr. Doane' s operation on Luther Carry in 1844.)

F45 Essay: "The most powerful and outrageous of the fallen heroes of the ancients. Hercules, to whom is attributed so many and so incredible exploits... "

F46 Essay: "Mr. Prescott was born November 18 1805 in Northwood N.H. "

F47 Essay: "On May 1O. 1837, Brig. Gen. John Williams. Col. Rich' H. Bartlett... "

F48 Essay: (Penobscot Indians).

F49 Essay: "The President of the Great Republic has been assassinated. "

F5O Essay: "The reader of ancient history will perhaps recollect the following anecdote of the younger Cyrus... "

F5I Essay: 'Some years after the first settlement of Bangor a Frenchman. named Junin, established himself near the Penobscot.... "

F52 Essay: '"The State of Maine in her extensive sea coast... "

F53 Essay: "That personal freedom is the natural right of every man... "

F54 Essay: "There is a principle implanted by nature in every human breast which no education can destroy, no oppression eradicate... "

F55 Essay: "Twenty eight years after France had taken possession of Acadia for the purpose of settlements... "

F56 Essay: "We all know. that the war is between these two principles. the aristocratic and the democratic..."

F57 Essay: "We think we have fallen upon evil times."

F58 Essay: "When a boy. in riding up and down the west bank of the noble river..."

F59 From the Mech & Farmer. 1838.

F6O Godfrey diaries. Book 2. June 16. 1863 - July 24. 1864.

F6l Godfrey diaries. Book 3. July 31. 1864 - August 6. 1865.

F62 Godfrey diaries. Book 4. August 11, 1865 - November 5. 1870.

F6S Godfrey diaries. Book 5. November 13. 1870 - January 31. 1876.

F64 Godfrey diaries. Book 6. February 6. 1876 - April 24. 1881.

F65 Godfrey diaries. Book 7. May 1. 1881 - February 17, 1884.

BOX I202

Fl Grant from Sir William Alexander to Sir Claude St. Estienne.

F2 Historical chronology. 1815 - 1824.

F3 History of Bangor by Jacob McGaw Esq.

F4 (The history of the island of Hayti... )

F5 (The history of the West Indian Seas... )

F6 Indenture between St. Charles St. Stephens lord of La Tour in France and Sergeant Major Edward Gibbons of Boston in New England... 1645.

F7 Index rerum : or index of subjects.

F8 La Tour and D'Aulnay.

F9-12 Letters and legal papers.

Fl3 Longfellow. The Baron of St. Castine.

Fl4 "The 'Maidens."

Fl5 Mount Desert.

FI6 My sketch book a journal.

Box 1203

Fl The new way to raise the wind by J. O. B.

F2-3 Newspaper clippings. (folder 1)

F4 Norumbega.

F5 Norumbega. [This folder contains Godfrey's manuscript history of early Maine. The chapter headings are listed below.]

The Latours
Acadie Under Rarilli and the Pilgrims
The Rivals
Excitement Among the Puritans
The Governor Considers
The Expedition
LaTour Again in Boston
The Lady LaTour. her Trials and ?
D'Aulney Still Belligerent
Renewal of Negotiatons
LaTour a Wanderer
Death of D'Aulney
The Return of LaTour
Acadie Still Troubled
Acadie After the Death of Latour
Norumbega at the Close of the Century
The English Ravage Norumbega

F6 Norumbega. (from Ramasio)

F7 Notebook with entries dated December 21. 1829 through August 7, 185O.

F8 Noted localities.

F9-10 Notes and fragments. (unsorted. folder I)

F11-12 (Novel). (untitled)

FI3 Papers. undated material.

F14 Papers. 1700's.

F15 Papers. 1800 - 1809.

FI6 Papers. 1810 - 1819.

F17 Papers. 1820 - 1829.

F18 Papers. 1830 - 1839.

F19 Papers. 1840 - 1849.

F2O Papers. 1850 - 1859.

F21 Papers. 1860 - 1869.

F22 Penobscot.

F23 The Pilgrims at Penobscot.

F24 Popular superstitions.

F25 Printed papers. (unsorted)

F26 A sermon.

F27 St Domingo.

F28 Verses.

F29 Voyages de Champlain.

F3O Wills of John E. Godfrey.


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