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Special Collections: Guide to the Corydon P. Cronk Papers

Arranged and described by Brenda Howitson Steeves

Raymond H. Fogler Library Special Collections Department

March 2004

Introduction and Summary Information

Collection Title: Corydon P. Cronk Papers.
Dates of the Collection: 1812-1967 (inclusive); 1910-1946 (bulk).
Provenance: The Cronk papers came to the Special Collections Department as a gift from Corydon and Gertrude Cronk in 1968.
Collection Number: MS 117.
Box Numbers: 1-17 (formerly Boxes 1-14a).
Size and Arrangement: The collection consists of 14 archival record cartons and three document boxes of material (15 cubic feet).
Conservation Note: The collection has been re-housed in acid-free folders and boxes. Documents have been surface cleaned as needed and metal fasteners removed. Photographs have been housed in polypropylene sleeves and remain with the relevant documents.
Preferred Citation: Corydon P. Cronk Papers, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine.
Restrictions on Access and Use: Kept at Fogler Library's offsite storage facility. One week's notice required for retrieval.


The collection contains the personal papers and business records of Corydon P. Cronk of Wellesley, Massachusetts. Mr. Cronk had a varied career in forestry, working both for private concerns and for the government. As a young man, he worked in the woods, gaining much practical experience before moving into numerous administrative positions. After his retirement, he remained active in various trade groups and maintained a life-long interest in the subject of forestry.

Corydon P. Cronk was born in 1887 in Washington, D.C. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1912 with a master’s degree in forestry. During his time in Michigan he worked in the summers in the state’s northern woods. After his graduation, he worked in the West, spending over a year as a forest ranger with the U.S. Forest Service in Portland, Oregon, and then working for two private companies, James D. Lacey & Co. of Seattle, and the Miami Corporation of Chicago. He was in charge of a tract of over 10,000 acres of timber near Vancouver, B.C. He also worked for the Portland Lumber Company of Portland, Oregon.

During World War I, Cronk served as a 2nd lieutenant in the Air Service. As office manager of the Lumber Branch Inspection Section, he oversaw inspection of rough lumber at its arrival at airplane plants, its care in handling and manufacture, reduction of waste, and sale of rejected lumber. After the war, he was involved in the Salvage Section Finance Division which oversaw the disposition of all lumber, veneers and plywood on hand at airplane and woodworking plants.

Cronk next worked for a short time for Thomas A. Edison, Inc., especially with a subsidiary, Wisconsin Cabinet and Panel Company, New London, Wisconsin, a manufacturer of phonograph cabinets. He then spent six years in various capacities promoting the sale of lumber, principally Pacific Coast wood, covering all parts of New York State. He next worked in New England, managing forest industries including woods properties, a sawmill, a wooden rake factory, a woodworking plant, a retail lumberyard, and a toy factory, South Tamworth Industries. He also did market studies, research and consultation for the State Forester of New Hampshire, market studies for forest products of the Yale University Demonstration Forest, and logging and mill time studies for the U.S. Forest Products Laboratory. He later spent two years as a trade promotion representative in New England for the West Coast Lumbermen’s Association.

Following the 1938 hurricane in New England, Cronk worked in the marketing section of the Northeastern Timber Salvage Administration, based in Boston. This federal agency was formed after the hurricane to salvage the hurricane-felled timber, reduce fire hazards in the forests, and rehabilitate the forestlands. During and after World War II he worked for the U.S. Office of Price Administration as a regional lumber price specialist. This agency had been established in 1941 to prevent wartime inflation, set price ceilings for most commodities and ration scarce consumer goods.

Cronk finished his career as president of the M.D. Greene Lumber Company of Auburn, New York, retiring in 1951. After his retirement, he kept an active interest in many aspects of forestry, maintaining memberships in trade and industry organizations and corresponding with colleagues from his long and varied career. As Cronk stated in a member information form of the Wood Collectors Society, “Inasmuch as war and depressions have bumped me into almost every phase of the lumber industry and allied forest utilization, I am interested in most everything that has to do with wood, from silviculture and forest management to the most advanced uses of wood fiber.”

Corydon Cronk died in 1972.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains correspondence, job-related documents, photographs, subject files, and publications relating to Corydon Cronk’s long and varied career in forestry. The materials were re-foldered sometime after their arrival at Fogler Library; folder headings have been transcribed for the most part as they were found. Mr. Cronk, in preparing his papers for transfer, provided notes outlining their arrangement, and this outline has been followed as best it could be determined.

The collection is arranged in two series: work-related materials and family papers. The first series is divided into several sub-series: biographical/personal, correspondence, jobs, subject files, and publications.

Biographical/personal materials include a chronological record of Mr. Cronk’s work, provided by him, copies of tests taken, speeches, and reports.

Correspondence contains a small group of business letters arranged chronologically, followed by correspondence arranged by subject. Subjects include reminiscences of Cronk’s work in the Michigan woods, comments on forest practices and machinery, and use of woods for various projects.

The jobs sub-series is arranged chronologically and begins with a diary written in 1908 about Cronk’s early work in the Michigan woods. A large section follows covering his work in the West; this section contains many photographs of logging operations. Photo captions have been added to the list as they were given by Mr. Cronk. Also included are files from his service with the Bureau of Aircraft Production in World War I, his work with Edison Industries, and with various companies and endeavors in New Hampshire. Files from his work as the eastern representative of the West Coast Lumbermen’s Association follow, as well as those from his tenure with the Northeastern Timber Salvage Administration and the Office of Price Administration.

Mr. Cronk also maintained subject files on many aspects of forestry; these are arranged alphabetically by subject. The files contain reports, notes, memos, meeting notices, conference programs, etc. Mr. Cronk also collected many publications, periodicals and reports on forestry which are arranged alphabetically by title or subject as the last sub-series in the collection.

The second series, family papers, contains early records of the More, Mitchell, Millard and Smith families.

Box List

Box 1


Series I: Work-related materials

Sub-series 1: Biographical/personal

1                      Chronological record of experience

2                      Miscellaneous notes

3                      U.S. Civil Service Commission exams, etc.

4                      M.I.T. Testing Materials Laboratory: report of test taken, 1938

5                      A brief bibliography on production control and supervision, 1942

6                      Forest history: a speech by C.P. Cronk, 1965[?]

Sub-series 2: Correspondence

7                      Business letters, 1918-1919

8                      Business letters, 1919-1920

9                      Correspondence, 1933-1950

10                    Business letters, 1934-1935

11                    Correspondence to Michigan Forestry Club, 1911

12                    Correspondence from West Oregon Lumber Co., 1925

13                    Correspondence re job possibilities, etc., 1947

14                    Correspondence re Siuslaw, 1953

15                    Correspondence re logging in Grayling, Michigan, 1964

16                    Correspondence, personal

17                    American Forest Products Industries correspondence, 1944-1965

18-20               American Forest Products Industries publications

21-22               American Forest Products Industries reports, memoranda, 1956-1967

23                    American Forest Products Industries teacher’s guide

24                    Correspondence re building codes, Boston, Wellesley, etc., 1930’s

25                    Federal Housing Administration correspondence, 1936-1937

26                    Correspondence re forest practices, etc., 1940’s

27                    Forest Products Research Society correspondence, etc., 1950’s

28                    Arthur A. Hood, letters, etc., 1950

29                    Hurricane in New England, correspondence, etc., 1938

30                    Correspondence re machines for lumbering, 1929-1930

31                    Markets in New Hampshire for forest products, 1928-1936

32                    Massachusetts Forest & Park Assoc., Reynolds era, letters, bulletins, etc., 1930’s, 1956

Sub-series 2: Correspondence cont.

Box 1 cont.


33                    Millwork, correspondence, reports, 1946

34                    Morgan Machine Co., Rochester, N.Y.: Box-making machinery correspondence, 1919-1920

Box 2

1                      National Retail Lumber Dealers Assoc. letters, miscellaneous material, 1948, 1951

2                      New England Forestry Foundation correspondence, pamphlets, etc., 1950-1953

3                      Correspondence re New Hampshire state planning and development, 1930’s

4                      Correspondence re study on New Hampshire markets, 1930’s

5                      New York State College of Forestry at Syracuse, letters, etc., 1949-1951

6                      Northeastern Forest Experiment Station correspondence, etc., 1930’s

7                      Northeastern Lumber Service miscellaneous material, correspondence, 1937-1939

8                      Roth, Filbert, correspondence, etc., 1907-1920’s, 1960’s

9                      Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, correspondence, 1933-1835

10                    Correspondence re South American cedar, 1965-1966

11                    Correspondence re tropical woods, 1946

12                    Union Fibre Co. correspondence, publications, etc., 1924

13                    U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, correspondence, 1933-1936

14                    U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory, correspondence, 1935-1938

15                    U.S. Dept. of Commerce letters, etc., 1932

16                    Correspondence, etc., re water tanks made of wood, 1936-1937

17                    Wood Collector’s Society correspondence, etc., 1949

18                    Correspondence re wood utilization, 1927

19                    Correspondence, etc., re markets for products of Yale Forest, 1933

Sub-series 3: Jobs

20                    Diary, 1908-1909 [work in Michigan woods, life in Ann Arbor]

21                    Winter logging of hemlock and hardwoods in Michigan, 1910

22                    Cost of planting and nursery work on the Barnes Farm of the Washtenaw Light & Power Co.,

Geddes, Mich., by C.P. Cronk, 1910

23                    Advertising poster for Raymond Log Loader Co., Escanaba, Mich.

Sub-series 3: Jobs cont.

Box 2 cont.


24                    Log book, Vol. 2, 1909 [summer work in the West]

25                    Photographs, notes, etc., re: Montana, summer, 1909

26                    Commercial importance of Umpqua harbor as a lumber-shipping seaport, by C.P. Cronk, 1910

27                    Daily diary, 1910-1911; homestead claims, 1910; memo book, U.S. Forest Service, Eugene, Oregon

28                    Siuslaw National Forest: notes, descriptive material, maps, 1910

29                    Siuslaw National Forest: logging in the Coast Range of Oregon by C.P. Cronk, 1911

30                    Notes on Port Orford cedar near Bandon, Ore., by C.P. Cronk, 1911

31                    Map of Lease W, New Westminster, Dist., B.C., James T. Lacey & Co.

32                    Daily log, May-Dec., 1912, Port Haney, B.C.

33                    Photographs: Lease W, Port Haney, B.C. (James T. Lacey Co.) & negatives

34                    Map: Lease W, New Westminster District, B.C.

34a                  Glass plate negatives of Lease W [located physically in Box 15]

35                    Fire protection map of a portion of the British Columbia Railway Belt, 1912

36                    Daily log, Dec., 1912-Oct., 1913

37                    Logging camp records, etc., 1913-1915

38                    Logging notes, Oregon and Washington, 1915

39                    Notes, diaries, etc., 1912, 1916, 1917

40                    St. Paul & Tacoma Lumber Co., Emerson Co.: documents, reports, 1916

41                    C.P. Cronk’s notes re work in the West, undated

42                    Photographs: 1911, 1912, 1915, undated

43                    Photographs: British Columbia, 1914

44                    Photographs: Lumber work, 1914-1915

45                    Photographs: Lumber work in Washington & B.C., 1914, 1916

46                    Photographs: Neverstil, Oregon, 1916

47                    Photographs: Lumber work in Oregon, 1916

Box 3

1                      Photographs: Oregon Lumber & Timber Co., 1916

2                      Photographs: Oregon logging, undated

3                      Notes, reports for Miami Corp., 1917

4                      Bentley Townsite Agency letterhead

5                      Photographs: Stave River cedar stump, B.C., 1917

6                      Photographs: Montana, railroad wreck, 1917-1918

7                      Photographs: Kapowsin, Wash., 1918

Sub-series 3: Jobs cont.

Box 3 cont.


8                      One dozen photographs of logging operations on the West Coast

9                      Seattle Photographs: Roll #35

35-1: Looking upunder same bridge

35-2: Close view showing slim fray(?) hued(?) with DF; D-Fir – 3x12 decking on walkway, 2x6 on pedestrian walk

35-3: Side view another bridge across?

35-4: 3x6 #1, 15% 2 F decking on bridge

35-5: Looking toward bridge in 8 above parkway

35-6: Side view bridge 1x4 VG, D fl – fl – 4x9 top, 4x6 rounded top rail

35-7&8: Another bridge

35-9: Bridge to Administration Bldgs; Roof 1x4 VG D-fir fl; Rail 2x8 VG fir; 3 side p(?); top rail pine rounded

35-10: Front view of bridge to Admin Bldg

35-11&12: Fir timbers and farming Waldo Fair P.O.

9a                    Negatives: “C” films: Portland; Larch Mtn. trip; Prince Rupert; Wash., 1917; Grand Trunk

10                    Photographs: miscellaneous logging

10a                  Photograph: Redwoods on the lands of the C. & C. Lumber Co. in Del Norte County, Calif., 1917

11                    Bucking (lumbering) notes, 1913-1914

12                    Columbia River logging, etc., 1916

13                    Cruising, topography, drafting, 1912, 1916

14                    Fires, 1911

15                    Flumes, notes, undated

16                    Hanzlik, E.J. A key to the western abies, 1913

17                    Mushrooms: miscellaneous material

18                    Oregon resources, 1920’s, 1930’s

19                    Oregon Lumber Manufacturers Assoc. Grading rules for fir, spruce, etc.

20                    Railroad equipment, correspondence, notes, 1913

21                    Railroads, general and construction information, notes, reports, etc., 1913

22                    Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Co.: Orders, mill output, 1923

23                    Seed dry kiln, reports, etc., 1910, 1911

24                    U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Public Roads, Portland, Ore. Standard timber culverts and cattle pass, 1933

25-26               University of Washington lectures on forestry, 1911

27                    Yarding (lumbering) notes, etc., 1914

28                    U.S. Bureau of Aircraft Production. Specifications for airplanes, 1918

29                    E.P. McConnell & Lawrence Ottingen. Plywood inspection, aircraft, 1918

30                    W.H. Webber. Mahoganies of commerce, 1918

31                    Airplane lumber information, reports, etc., 1918, 1920

Sub-series 3: Jobs cont.

Box 3 cont.


32                    Bureau of Aircraft Production. Plywood, 1919

33                    Reports done for Thomas A. Edison interests, 1920’s

34                    Edison Industries forest products plans, 1921

35                    Edison and music, 1919

36                    Wisconsin Cabinet & Panel Co.: Notes, reports, etc., 1919-1920

37                    Wisconsin Cabinet & Panel Co. Processes in manufacturing H-19 cabinets by C.P. Cronk, 08/02/20

38                    Photographs accompanying report in Folder 37

39                    Processes in manufacturing H-19 cabinets by C.P. Cronk, Aug. 9, 1920

40                    Wisconsin Cabinet & Panel Co. Machines and special equipment, C.P. Cronk, 12/1/1920

41                    Wisconsin Cabinet & Panel Co. plans for yard

42-43               Wisconsin Cabinet & Panel Co. description of jigs and equipment

Box 4

1                      Wisconsin Cabinet & Panel Co. drawings and diagrams, 1920

2                      Outline for planning logging operation, 1921

3                      Photographs: Emporium Forestry Co., N.Y., 1923

4                      Photographs: Model houses, N.Y., 1925-1926

5                      Photographs: Model house in Albany, N.Y.

6                      Photographs: Roll #33 – Seattle, then Huntington, L.I.

33-28: Seattle, New Frasers shad frame 35x90; all of D-fir parts with 2x4 WCH rafters. Note straightness and length of pces

33-29: Huntington, Ward Lumber Co. yard of Nassau-Suffolk Lumber Co.

33-30: House cor. Merriton Rd., Warlaigh[?], L.I.

33-31: No Label

33-32: Anderson House Freeport Oaks

33-33: Office of Freeport Acres

33-34: Test House New England Village

33-35&36: Boxed front 4x6 admin No.1 Cam GM by Mill 101

33-37: Side view

33-38 to 41: Concrete block building of Ryerson Motors Inc., Buick Agency at Huntington L.I.; note that when dug cellar hole next, wall dropped 8 or 10’ and much came to pieces, note debris – Wooden roof intact except for where support dropped

Sub-series 3: Jobs cont.

Box 4 cont.


7                      Photographs: Roll #34 – New York

34-1a,1b&1c to 5: “The First Presbyterian Church of Huntington, organized & first building erected 1665. Second building erected on this site 1715, occupied by the British as a barracks 1777. Torn down & materials used to erect Fort Golgotha on Burying Ground Hill, by order of Count Rumford 1782. Present building erected 1784. Note how shingles are nailed at bottom ridge of part.

34-6&7: 6x8 st. 24’ & 30’ long, back end lying square. Note twist from vertical on front ends.

34-12: House corner Park St. to Low Ave, bdg painted 2 yrs ago

34-17: On May 31, 1819 there was born in this house by the side of this old thoroughfare before Cross Long Island, Walt Whitman. Note the fireplaces, which came together apparently above the window but (?) Chimney – apparently in 2 different rooms, 1 Chimney

34-18&19: Panorama, “The Devereux Job”, Wood hard in the modern manner on lightest point & near ht. pt. of Long Island

34-21&22: Art up shed and D-fir being used by Poirer-McLane, Lynbrook

34-23: Same job forms and parts ready for use; 2x6 & 2x8 Fir & Fir, plywood farle(?); A few new 9m No.1 new shortleaf pine

34-24: In spite of its age and condition, this old house on the Bellvue Hicksville Rd. still has charm and usefulness as a toolshed; Just about 1 min. S of Jerusalem(?) Ave.

34-25: Another brainstorm in fabricated steel (resting on wooden partition). On Jerusalem Road & Sterling St. Hicksville(?)

34-36: D-Fir piling at N.Y. Fair Grounds

8                      Photograph: Dog sled in Tamworth, N.H., for 1928 Byrd expedition

9                      Aerial photograph: New England Wood Preserving Co., Nashua, N.H., 1930

10                    Photographs: Nashua, N.H., Chamber of Commerce information building

11                    Photographs: New Hampshire (some labeled Seabrook)

12                    Photographs: Roll #40 – Portsmouth, N.H.

40-1: (Ocean view)

40-2: (Ocean view)

40-3: C

40-4&5: Richard Jackson House Portsmouth N.H., 1664; Siding doesn’t look like original

40-6: C1 & C2 at Ft McClary, used War 1812

Roll #41 – Probably also Portsmouth, N.H.

Sub-series 3: Jobs cont.

Box 4 cont.


13                    Photographs: Mill 1 (N.H.?)

14                    Photographs: Mill 3 (N.H.?)

15                    South Tamworth Industries material, 1927-1930’s

16                    Photographs: South Tamworth Industries toys

17                    Toys and novelties buying guide, 1931

18                    Wood samples and shapes, one from Saco Mfg. Co., Saco, Me. [located physically in Boxes 16 and 17]

19                    Sketch map of New England showing lumberyards

20                    Firms in western New York called on by C.P. Cronk, 1926

21                    U.S. Forest Products Laboratory correspondence, etc., 1918, 1934

22                    Memorandum: Cooperation in white pine logging and milling study, 1934

23-24               U.S. Forest Products Laboratory study of logging and milling eastern white pine in New England, 1934?

25                    Log grading rules for northern white pine in New England, 1934

26                    Photographs: Covered bridge at Conway, N.H.; N.H. Forest Industries, 1934

27-28               West Coast Lumbermen’s Assoc. correspondence, reports, etc.

29                    West Coast Lumbermen’s Assoc. correspondence, pamphlets, etc., 1937-1938

30                    M.I.T. correspondence, 1930’s

31                    Central Vermont Railway and other railroads, letters, etc., 1937

32                    Western Pine Assoc. correspondence, 1937, 1940

33                    Massachusetts Retail Lumber Dealers Assoc. Conference, letters, programs, etc., 1937, 1938

34                    West Coast Lumbermen’s Assoc. correspondence re red cedar shingles, 1937-1938

35                    West Coast Lumbermen’s Assoc. correspondence re: Boston subway extension, 1938

36                    C.P. Cronk working notebook, 1937-1938

37-38               West Coast Lumbermen’s Assoc. convention, retail show reports

Box 5

1                      West Coast Lumbermen’s Assoc. convention reports, 1938

2                      A report on evidence of home building by C.P. Cronk, 1937

3                      Lumber grading practice for Douglas fir, T.J. Hartman and H.W. Murphy, compilers

4                      Retail yard survey of New England, 1938

5-11                 West Coast Lumbermen’s Assoc. miscellaneous material

Sub-series 3: Jobs cont.

Box 5 cont.


12                    Photographs: Arlmont Village model homes construction, undated

13                    Photographs: Worcester, Mass., 1938

14                    Photographs: Structure of wood fibers, 1938

15                    Photographs: Roll #36 – Massachusetts/Connecticut

36-20: #2 Lola(?) St., Shrewsbury; first demonstration home of Diamond Match Co.

36-21: 2x8 #1 D-fir used for sheet puling(?) to hold back earth in trenches at Framingham

36-22: House built 1796 on W. Natick Road to Framingham, corner Mill St.

36-23: On Mill St., Natick-Framingham Rd; “In this little shop Henry Wilson, 20th VP of U.S., learned to make shoes; he was known as the “Natick cobbler”

36-26,25&24: Fence in front of Hathaway House Bookshop by Fuller; D-fir posts, WCH rails, W.R. cedar pickets

36-27: G. Fuller & Son Lumber Co., Brighton

36-28: Lean-to roofs, Newton, after painting

36-29: D-Fir derrick on top of M.I.T. Architectural Bldg.

36-30: Stockade House, Milford, Conn., built 1659

36-31: Perry Homestead, Stafford, Conn., built about 1700, West Broad St. off Main St.

36-32: Redfield House built by Augustus Jennings in 1760; saved by Lucretia Redfield who put out 4 fires set by British

36-33,35: Organized 1733, Congregational Church, New Canaan, Conn. on Park St.

36-34: St. Martin Church, New Canaan, Conn.; corner Main & Park Sts.

16                    Photographs: Roll #29

29-1b&1c: Second hard Douglas fir in building scaffolding (protection)

29-25: 112-31 207th St. house next to ave., took photo of last year 4 houses and of 15 this side of block new covered with asbestos shingles

No # - (Church)

No # - (Church)

17                    Photographs: Unidentified construction project

18                    Photographs: Miscellaneous unidentified houses and neighborhoods

19                    Photographs: Miscellaneous unidentified

20                    C.P. Cronk’s notes re photographs

21                    West Coast Lumbermen’s Assoc. lumber samples [Located physically in Box 17]

22-24               Northeastern Timber Salvage Administration correspondence, memos, clippings, 1939

Sub-series 3: Jobs cont.

Box 5 cont.


25                    NETSA correspondence, memos, 1943

26                    NETSA: Hurricane in New England, 1938; speeches by C.P. Cronk & others

27                    NETSA: Memos, speeches, etc., 1939

28-29               NETSA procedures and policies

30                    Northeastern Timber Marketing Assoc. organization material and agreements with NETSA

31                    NETSA log storage sites and timber salvage information, forms, etc., 1939

Box 6

1                      New England Box Co. agreement to purchase timber, 1939

2                      O’Neil reports: inspection of New England sites, 1939

3                      NETSA: pulpwood, 1939

4                      NETSA sales: Railroad ties

5                      NETSA net sales notes, plans, prices, 1939

6                      NETSA sales of logs and lumber, 1939-1940

7                      NETSA sawing and milling specifications and information, 1939

8                      NETSA scaling manual by W.J. O’Neil, 1939

9                      NETSA: Telford reports, 1939; inspection of mills and storage sites

10                    Weekly reports of lumber movement, clippings, etc., 1939

11                    Federal Housing Authority: How to benefit from the national modernization program, 1939

12                    U.S. Office of Price Administration correspondence, notes, 1940’s

13                    OPA notes, memoranda, 1945-1946

14                    OPA area and community pricing: notes, etc.,1940’s

15                    OPA area pricing program

16                    OPA: C.P. Cronk’s notes on retention of records on district and regional levels

17                    OPA memoranda, 1945

18                    OPA: C.P. Cronk’s notes and memoranda on regulations, 1945-1946

19                    OPA: C.P. Cronk’s notes on enforcement references for lumber specialist

20                    OPA Advisory Committee listings

21                    OPA compliance checklist and reports

22                    OPA: C.P. Cronk’s notes and memos, 1945-1946, re: reconversion pricing program

23                    OPA memos, meeting notes, etc., re: used lumber, 1945-1946

24                    OPA correspondence, memos, etc., re New England cooperage study, 1945-1946

Sub-series 3: Jobs cont.

Box 6 cont.


25                    OPA: Dealers’ meetings, 1945-1946

26                    Photographs: Exhibit in N.Y. just about at the end of OPA

27                    OPA: Hard building materials, a survey, 1946

28                    OPA list: Wood Turner Service Bureau members, 1942

29                    OPA list: Massachusetts new lumber yards, a listing

30                    OPA list: List of lumber dealers servicing contractors, Portland, Me.

31                    OPA list: Massachusetts building contractors, a listing

32                    OPA list: New Hampshire: a list of firm names

33                    OPA list: Sawmills: a listing for Maine and New England

34                    OPA: Talks given

35                    Chester Bowles: Renewal of the Price Control Act, 1944

36                    Arthur Clifford: Testimony before Senate Banking and Currency Committee on extension of Emergency Price

Control Act of 1942 [after Mar., 1946]

37                    Roland C. Hamlin: Study of costs, prices, and operations of custom millers of lumber in N.H., 1944

38                    National War Labor Board telegram to Region I members, 1944

39                    Canadian war taxes memo

40                    Gray Iron Founders’ Society: ABC’s of maximum price regulation no. 244

41                    OPA Dept. of Information: The Beacon, Oct., 1945; Dec., 1946

Sub-series 4: Subject files

42                    An adaptation of aerial logging

43                    Allotments to various towns for building

44                    American Institute of Architects: C.P. Cronk’s report on 1937 convention

45                    Blueprint: Gymnasium, Winchendon

46                    Bureau of Labor Statistics notes, 1945

47                    California notes, 1954

48                    The Commercial Bulletin, Apr. 20, 1963 + notes

49                    Conference on the History of Forest Products Industries, 1966

Box 7

1                      Dry kiln blueprints and instructions

2                      Empire State Forest Products Assoc. meeting, 1926

3                      Empire State Forest Products Assoc. list of members, undated

4-5                   Fair Labor Standard Act of 1938 publications

6                      Labor, wages, price controls: clippings, etc., 1945-1951

7                      Finger Lakes Lumber Dealers Assoc. information, 1948-1950

Sub-series 4: Subject files cont.

Box 7 cont.


8                      Forestry: general information, 1914

9                      Report: Fitting band saws to cut frozen timber, 1928

10                    Georgia lumber trade

11                    Report: Fuel wood

12                    Heineberg bridge (Vt.) historical information

13                    Wm. E. Hill & Co. specifications and blueprints for Harris Bros. and Cole Co., Columbia, Tenn., 1907

14                    Housing: clippings, etc., 1936, 1952

15                    Clipping: Use of wood in the Lindbergh kidnapping case

16                    Logging: C.P. Cronk’s notes and miscellaneous material, 1915, 1920

17                    Lumber Code Authority bulletin, 1933, 1934

18                    Listing of lumber companies, 1944

19                    Clippings from “The Lumber Cooperator,” 1925-1935

20                    Clippings from “The Lumber Cooperator,” 1938

21                    Clippings from “The Lumber Cooperator,” 1938, 1945

22                    Lumber price lists, mostly West Coast companies, 1925

23                    Lumber price lists, 1926

24                    Maine Central Railroad: list of manufacturers and shippers of hard and soft lumber, 1940

25                    Maine Hardwood Assoc.: list of manufacturers, 1934

26                    Miscellaneous maps

27                    National American Wholesale Lumber Assoc.: directories, etc.

28                    National Lumber Manufacturers Assoc.: Reports, correspondence, etc., 1920’s-1930’s

29-30               National Lumber Manufacturers Assoc.: Reports, correspondence, etc., 1930’s

31                    National Lumber Manufacturers Assoc.: Pamphlets, correspondence, etc., 1930’s

Box 8

1                      National Lumber Manufacturers Assoc. report: Test tube potentials, 1950

2                      National Retail Lumber Dealers Assoc. lecture outlines

3                      National Retail Lumber Dealers Assoc. merchandising institute, 1938

4                      New England Council pamphlets, etc.

5                      New Hampshire Lumbermen’s Assoc. constitution, bylaws, 1928

6                      New Hampshire Lumbermen’s Assoc. reports, correspondence, etc., 1930’s

7                      New York City firm names

8                      New York State map of lumber orders, 1922

Sub-series 4: Subject files cont.

Box 8 cont.


9                      N.Y. Lumber Trade Journal: clippings and notes, 1951

10                    Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers’ Assoc. purpose, program, membership directory

11                    Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers’ Assoc.: letters, meetings, reports, etc., 1930’s

12                    Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers’ Assoc.: Reports, publications, etc., 1930’s

13-14               Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers’ Assoc. correspondence, 1928-1961

15                    Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers’ Assoc. Educational Committee: Correspondence, etc., 1940’s-1950’s

16                    Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. Retail Lumber Training Institute, 1950

17                    Northeastern Retail Lumber Training Institute: Correspondence re: wallboard, 1950

18                    Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. directories, 1920’s-1950’s

19                    Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. publications, 1930’s-1940’s

20                    Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. bulletins, 1941 + other publications

21-22               Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. bulletins, 1942

23                    Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. bulletins, 1943 + other publications

24                    Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. bulletins, 1943

25                    Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. bulletins, 1943-1944

26                    Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. bulletins, 1944-1945

Box 9

1                      Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. bulletins, 1945-1946

2                      Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc.: The Lumber Cooperator, 1963-1964

3                      Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. convention program, 1947

4                      Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. convention notes, 1948, 1951

5                      Northeastern Retail Lumbermens Assoc. convention notes, etc., 1952

6                      Pamphlets, brochures re: forestry

7                      Photographs of sawn lumber

8                      Photographs of unidentified mill

9                      Poetry re: logging

10                    Pulp manufacturers in N.Y., 1917

11                    Railroad – logging – earthwork

12                    Reports re: forests in conservation, 1910, 1934

Sub-series 4: Subject files cont.

Box 9 cont.


13                    Reports of sawed lumber on hand, 1930’s-1940

14                    Retail Lumber Dealers Assoc. of Maine: Meeting programs, letters, etc.

15                    Retail lumber dealers associations: a listing

16                    Rubber silk screen procedure memo, 1928

17                    Russian lumber, 1931, 1932

18                    Salvage of New England timber, 1938

19                    Sawmills in New England; photographs of Langdell Mill, Rumney, N.H.

20                    Extract from M.A. Mattoon’s memo of Apr. 9, 1937 re scaling

21                    Shingles for roofing: specifications, pamphlets, etc.

22                    Society of American Foresters: Washington and Oregon forests and forestry

23                    Society of American Foresters, New England Section: News quarterly and other publications

24                    Society of American Foresters, New England Section: News quarterly, 1940

25                    Society of American Foresters, New England Section: R.C. Bryant et al. Report of the Committee

on Stabilization, 1931

26                    Society of American Foresters, New England Section, Markets Committee: correspondence,

reports, etc., 1920’s-1940’s

27                    Society of American Foresters, Subsistence Homestead, Forestry Committee, report and

correspondence, 1934-1935

28-29               Speeches, articles, notes

30                    Summary of recommendations presented by the Forest Service, Feb. 16, 1940, re a forest program for the U.S.

31                    Survey of natural resources, town of Holden and vicinity, prepared by Conference on Land Economic Survey, 1930?

32                    Timber conservation, 1929

33                    Transportation of lumber by rail and trams: advertisements

34                    Washington lumber trade price lists, 1926

35                    White pine blister rust: reports, 1919, 1934

36                    Wood preservation: report on New England Wood Preserving Co., Nashua, N.H.

37                    Wooden box industry meeting lists, etc., 1945

38                    John B. Woods, Report of forest resource appraisal

Sub-series 5: Publications

Box 9 cont.


39                    American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science general program, 108th meeting, 1941

40                    American Assoc. of State Highway Officials publications

41                    American Builder, 1937

42                    American Forest Products Industries: Government land acquisition, 1964?

Box 10

1                      American Forest Products Industries: Population impact on water resources

2                      American Forestry Assoc. Conservation, 1936

3                      American Forests, 1947

4                      American Forests, Dec., 1952

5                      The American-German Review, Sept., 1934

6                      American Lumberman, Jan. 30, 1937

7                      American Lumberman’s cyclopedia of building terms

8                      American Tree Assoc.: The Forestry News Digest, Jan., 1934

9                      American Tree Farmer, 1950’s-1960’s

10                    Architectural Exhibitor, June, 1930

11                    The Atlantic Log, 1948-1952; Bruce Magazine, July-Aug., 1947

12                    Basket willow culture in Maryland, 1919

13                    Big Trees, 1920’s-1940’s; published by the West Coast Lumber Trade Extension Bureau

14                    Boston Chamber of Commerce. Directory of the larger manufacturers, Boston industrial area, 1940

15                    Boxes: codes, catalogs, etc.

16                    Brindley, Willis. All about silos

17                    Brown, Lewis E. The romance of Tennessee red cedar, 1926

18                    Building materials used in construction, 1930’s

19                    CCC clippings, 1933-1934

20                    Timber of Canada

21                    Certigrade handbook of red cedar shingles, 1937

22                    Chamber of Commerce of the U.S. Forestry manual, 1949

23                    Chocorua region, N.H. [map]

24                    Christmas trees

25                    Cline, A.C. Marketing of lumber in N.H., 1925

26-31               Clippings re trees, lumber, etc.

32                    Coastal Wetland Action Committee pamphlet

33                    Conservation: Farmers, forest industries and outdoor recreation, 1964

34                    Convenient tables for quantity surveying, 1947

Sub-series 5: Publications cont.

Box 10 cont.


35                    The Countryman, Winter, 1961

36                    Dutch elm disease

37                    Empire State Lumber Salesmen’s Assoc. buyer’s guide, 1931

38                    Eugenics: pamphlets, etc.

Box 11

1-2                   Factory: the magazine of management

3                      Fences: pamphlets

4                      Ferree, Miles J. A method of estimating timber volumes from aerial photographs, 1953

5                      The 54 hour law and why you should vote against it [1915?]

6                      Fire retardant paints

7                      Forest history, 1962-1966

8                      Forest history, 1967-1968

9                      Forest Industries Committee on Timber Valuation and Taxation. Timber: the necessity for continuing present

tax treatment, 1963

10                    Forestry in Massachusetts

11                    Fox Forest notes, 1950’s

12                    Harvard Forest, Petersham, Mass.

13                    Hawley, Ralph C. Selection cuttings for the small forest owner, 1932

14                    Hazard, James O. An example of woodlot forestry, 1912

15                    Highway departments

16                    Hill, A.B. Forest cover map; location map, Eli Whitney Forest

17                    National Home Show, 1937

18                    Home shows, 1938

19-20               Hoo-hoo: International Concatenated Order of Lumbermen

21                    Hopkins, George M. Marketing forest products in New Hampshire, 1938

22                    Indiana Lumber & Builders Supply Assoc. 1936 yearbook & buyer’s guide

23                    Information for inspectors of airplane wood, 1918

24-25               Intercoastal Lumber Distributors Assoc. Bulletins, 1930’s

26                    Investor’s reader: clippings

27                    Johns-Manville pamphlets

28                    Land grants to western railroads

29                    Locomotive date, 1907

30                    Log transportation

31                    Long-Bell Lumber Corp. annual report, 1947

32                    Lumber news, 1931

Sub-series 5: Publications cont.

Box 11 cont.


33                    Lumber inspection rules

34                    McGraw-Edison Co. 1967 report to stockholders

35                    Mahogany: The identification of true mahogany by Arthur Koehler

36                    Manual: Inspection Dept. Bureau of Aircraft Production

Box 12

1                      Maps: miscellaneous

2                      Map: Sketch map of Billings est., Woodstock, Vt.

3                      Mass. Annual report of the Commissioner of Conservation and State Forester, 1923

4                      Mass. Report of Special Commission on Taxation of Forestland, Farm Land and Open Space Land, 1965?

5                      Mass. Brief guide to the state forests and other state reservations

6                      Mass. Federation of Taxpayers Assoc. Directory of Mass. Legislators, 1965-1966

7                      Mass. Forest & Park Assoc. pamphlets, etc., re town forests

8                      Mass. Forestry Assoc. Why Mass. needs town forests, 1921

9                      Mass. Forestry Assoc. Its first 25 years, 1898-1922

10                    Maughan, William. Control of the white pine weevil on the Eli Whitney Forest, 1930

11                    Maybee, Rolland H. David Ward: pioneer timber king

12                    Meldrum Motor Corp. pamphlets, etc.

13                    Mensuration tables, 1912

14                    Michigan State College Bulletin, 1935

15                    Minnesota: new forestry law, 1911

16                    Mississippi lumber trade: Leake & Goodlett Lumber Co. price list

17                    National Assoc. of Manufacturers. Native land, 1955

18                    National handbook of plan reading, 1947

19                    National Lumber Manufacturers’ Assoc. Conservation news digest, 1938-1939

20                    National Lumber Manufacturers’ Assoc. Lumber letter, 1938-1939

21                    National Lumber Manufacturers’ Assoc. Lumber market, 1931

22                    National lumber trade barometer

23                    National Lumber Manufacturers Credit Corp. Pocket edition of blue book, 1961

24                    Nature Conservancy pamphlets

25                    New England Regional Planning Commission. Forestry organizations in New England, 1940

Sub-series 5: Publications cont.

Box 12 cont.


26                    New England Wholesale Lumber Assoc. yearbooks, 1935, 1937

27                    New Hampshire Office of Bureau of Labor 19th biennial report, 1932

28                    New Hampshire Forestry Commission reports, 1920, 1923

29                    New Hampshire Forestry Commission biennial report, 1930, 1941-1942

30                    New Hampshire biennial report of the Forestry & Recreation Commission, 1937

31                    New Hampshire Forests, Mar., 1930; Mar., 1932

32                    New Hampshire register, 1932, 1934

33                    New York: Forest policy of New York

34                    New York Conservation Commission publications

35                    New York World’s Fair, 1939

36                    Pacific Logging Congress proceedings, 1910, 1911, 1915

37                    Pacific Spruce Corp. [company history]

38-39               Pamphlets, etc., on forestry

40-41               Pamphlets, etc. on trees

Box 13

1-4                   Pamphlets on wood and lumber

5                      Phi Beta Kappa. The key reporter

6                      Pinchot, Gifford. Articles about Roosevelt’s part in forestry

7                      Playthings directory of the toy industry, 1931

8                      Public health pamphlets

9                      Rowley, Frank B.H. Condensation of moisture and its relation to building construction and operation, 1941

10                    St. Paul and Tacoma Lumber Co. A story of the development

11                    Scientific monthly, Apr., 1951

12                    Sheep breeding

13                    Skandinaviska kreditaktiebolaget quarterly report, 1929, 1930

14                    Society of American Foresters publications, 1924

15                    Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests publications

16                    Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Addresses at the dedication of Franconia Notch, 1928

17                    Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Notes, Nov., 1939 + other publications

18                    Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Forest notes, 1940’s-1950’s

19                    Southern lumberman, June 1, 1951

20                    Southern Pine Assoc. pamphlets, etc.

21                    The story of the Berkeley fire of Sept. 17, 1923

Sub-series 5: Publications cont.

Box 13 cont.


22                    Syracuse University bulletins

23                    Termites

24                    Perpetual timber supply

25                    The timberman, Sept., 1912

26                    Tryon, Henry H. The Black Rock Forest, 1930

27                    Uniform building code, 1937 ed.

28                    University of Michigan: Assoc. of Michigan Foresters, notes and information

29                    University of Michigan: Glimpses of Saginaw Forest

30                    University of Michigan: Michigan alumnus

31                    University of Michigan: The Michigan Forester, 1940, 1942

32                    University of Michigan: Miscellaneous publications

Box 14

1                      University of Michigan: Miscellaneous pamphlets and booklets

2                      University of Michigan Foresters Assoc. publications

3-4                   University of Michigan Foresters Assoc. newsletters

5                      University of Michigan: clippings

6                      University of Michigan publications, 1925-1961

7                      Vermont yearbook, 1934

8-9                   Weyerhauser news

10                    What’s happening in forestry: a report to consulting foresters, 1951

11                    Wood, Nov., 1951

12                    Wood decay

13                    Wood preserving news, 1946, 1951

14                    A woodlot primer, 1957

15                    The Yale demonstration and research forest, 1932

16                    Yankee, July, 1941

Series II: Family papers

17                    More and Mitchell family papers and photographs

18                    Millard family papers

19-20               William Smith papers, 1812-1850’s

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