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Special Collections: Guide to the Glen D. Chamberlain Collection

Summary Information:

Collection Title: Glen D. Chamberlain Collection
Date of Collection: 1927-1976
Box Numbers: 766-767
Quantity: 1 ft.

Administrative Information:

Provenance: Gift of Dr. Fay Hyland, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Maine, 1976
Access Restrictions: No Restrictions
Preferred Citation: Glen D. Chamberlain Collection, Special Collections, Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine
Copyright: Contact department for copyright information

For Additional Information:

Special Collections Department
University of Maine
5729 Fogler Library
Orono, Maine 04469-5729
(207) 581 1686

Biographical Information:

Glen D. Chamberlain was a high school biology teacher in Presque Isle, Maine. Published works: "The Birds of Aroostook County..." Bulletin of the Maine Audubon Society, Vol.5, July 1949. P.43-48.


The collection includes field notes, study guides, plant lists, extensive correspondence, and an unpublished manuscript for the flora of Aroostook County, Maine. Correspondence is chiefly with college professors and scientific societies regarding collecting, identifying, and exchanging plant specimens (1923-45); some early letters deal with bird identification and banding. The letters from Arthur Norton of the Portland Society of Natural History span Chamberlain's interests and career as a biologist. There are extensive notes and field notes used for two unpublished papers on the history of the Aroostook Valley watershed and a study of sedges (F3), and the manuscript Plants of Aroostook County (F11), as well as annual plant collection lists (F5-9), range maps, and herbarium lists (F14). (The location of the herbarium is unknown.) A collection of reprints (F22) and an annotated copy of an article by Kate Furbish (F23) reflect a wide variety of scientific inquiry.


Arrangement is as found, with some reorganization of folder order. Correspondence is alphabetical and chronological.

Finding Aid:

Folder 1 - Correspondence with other biologists, botanical societies and friends regarding specimen exchanges and botanical information.

W.H. Camp N.Y.B.G. 3 letters 1940-41
M.A. Chrysler Rutgers 11   "    1942-44
Bob Clausen Cornell  12   "  1934-43
Ira Clokey  Pasadena,CA    6     " 1940-42
Manton Copeland Bowdoin 6     " 1935-40
M.L. Fernald  Harvard 6     "  1934-45
F. Hyland U.of Maine  15   " 1939-44
Chas.W. Johnson B.S.N.H. 1     "    1932
F.C. Lincoln U.S.D.A. 1     " 1939
Henry W. Merrill  Merrian, Maine 3     " 1939-40
M.T. Magee S.Ste.Marie, MI 5     " 1934-42
O.O. Nylander ?  1     "   1937
Cecil Ogden  U.of Maine  3     "    1940-50
Arthur Norton N.H. 22   " 1923-42
Anne Perkins ? 1     "  1943
P.L. Ricker U.S.D.A. 4     " 1938-43
Marjorie [Ross] Freeville, NY 3     " 1933-43
Heber Youngken M.C.of Pharmacy 1     " 1939
C.A. Weatherby  Harvard U. 1     " 1940
K.M. Wiegand Cornell U. 1     "  1942
A.H. Wright Cornell U. 1     "  1946
Also included, a personal letter "to Maud" from W.M. McDonald of New Brunswick, dated Nov.14th/91.[1891?]
Folder 2 Correspondence from Chamberlain's attorney donating the collection to Dr. Fay Hyland
Folder 3  Manuscripts - 2 unpublished papers: A History of Aroostook Watershed Flora, and The Carices of Aroostook Valley (1942).
Folder 4 Bird study guide. (8 pages)
Folder 5  Field notes - Flora of Aroostook Valley, 1939.
Folder 6  Field notes - Aroostook Valley Flora, 1940.
Folder 7  Field notes - Aroostook Valley Flora, 1941.
Folder 8  Field notes - Aroostook Valley Flora, 1942-45.
Folder 9  Field notes -[Aroostook Valley Flora],1946-48.
Folder 10 6 Field notebooks.
Folder 11 Bound, typed manuscript:"Plants of Aroostook Valley" by Glen D. Chamberlain.
Folder 12  Manuscript - “Aroostook Flora Range Maps” Part1. (With the accompanying note: “This material on “Permanent Loan” to the Fogler Library “Special Collections Dept.” It is hoped that it may be published sometime in the future. [signed] Fay Hyland, Dept.of Botany, 1976”
Folder 13  Manuscript - “Aroostook Flora Range Maps” Part 2.
Folder 14 "P.I.H.S. Herb." (Herbarium list of Presque Isle High School.)
Folder 15 Miscellaneous field notes and plant lists.
Folder 16  Miscellaneous papers: 2 copies of a check list for aquatic plants and ferns of Maine; map of Aroostook watershed; woody plant list; 2 page plant index; 27 page plant index.
Folder 17  Miscellaneous keys and classification lists.
Folder 18  Miscellaneous plant lists, desirata and notes.
Folder 19  Miscellaneous plant lists.
Folder 20 Aroostook County range maps.
Folder 21  Paper: “Flora of Maine”  by Eugene C. Ogden, University of Maine, Orono, Jan.1952.

       Folder 22    Collected published papers and booklets:

 1. "Castalia Tetragona in Salmon Brook Lake Bog," by Olaf O.Nylander, Jan.1938.
 2.  "The Nervous System of Hydra - Types Distribution and Origin of Nerve Elements," by A. L. Burnett and N.A. Diehl. Journal of Experimental Zoology, #157:p.217-226, 1964.
 3.  "The Nervous System of Hydra - Control of Growth and Regeneration by Neurosecretory Cells," by A.L.Burnett and N.A.Diehl. Journal of Exp. Zool., #157:p.227-236, 1964.
 4. "The Nervous System of Hydra - The Initiation of Sexuality with Special Reference to the Nervous System," J. of Exp.Zool.,#157:p.237-250, 1964.
 5.  "Rana sylvatica cantabrigensis in Northern Maine," by Carroll B. Knox. Maine Field Naturalist, vol.16,no.2., April 1960.
 6.  Obituary notice of Professor Dr.Hermann A.Erdmann. Reprint from Journal of  New York Entomological Society, vol.LVII,:p.130-1, June 1950.
 7. Book notice of Traite de Zoologie, Anatomie, Systemique Biologie. Reprint from Journal of New York Entomological Society, vol. LVII:p.83-86. June 1950.
 8. "An Address List of the Myrmecologists of the World" by Merle W.Wing, North Carolina State College.
 9. "A Preliminary Biological Survey of Ringwood Wild Flower Preserve," Thesis Abstract by Marjorie Ruth Ross. Ithaca, New York. Sept.1933.
10. Untitled reprint regarding a review of S.F.Blake's State Floras of the United States, U.S.D.A. publication, from Chronica Botanica, vol.VII,6,p.258-261, December 1942.
11. Memoirs of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol.XXI, Sixth Memoir. "George Lincoln Goodale (1829-1923)" by B.L.Robinson, U.S.Governmant Printing Office, 1927.
12. "Some Biological and Biochemical Properties of the Polarizing Factor in Hydra," reprint from Nature, vol.204, no.4957:p.492-493, October 1964.
13. "The Origin of the Blastomal Cells in Dugesia Tigrina," by Lorraine Woodruff and Allison Burnett. Reprint from Experimental Cell Research  vol.38:p.295-305, 1965.
14. "The Role of Interstitial Cells in the Maintenance of Hydra - Budding." F.Diehl and A.Burnett. Journal of Experimental Zoology, vol.158, no.3, April,p.283-298.
15. "The Role of Interstitial Cells in  the Maintenance of Hydra - Regeneration of Hypostne and Tentacles," by F.Diehl and A.Burnett. vol.157, no.3, p.299-318. April
16. "Climate Summary of the United States" U.S.D.A. Weather Bureau (1873-1930), Section 85 - Maine.

     Folder 23 - "A Botanist's Trip to 'The Aroostook'" by Kate Furbish. American Naturalist, vol.XV:p.461-70, June 1881. (A typed copy of the article, with the note: "Names in parenthesis are my additions, bringing the nomenclature to 1940:GDC.")

     Folder 24   Photographs. 8 hand-tinted photographs of Maine wildflowers.     

 -   Folder 25 Card file. (Herbarium catalog)

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