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 Canadian authors or books about Canada in the Learning Materials Collection

Picture Books

* alphabetic by author       **illustrations are by author unless otherwise noted

Andrews, Jan.  (1985). Very Last Frst Time. (illustrated by I. Wallace) - JPic An26
Bailey, Linda. (2009). Stanley's Beauty Contest. (illustrated by Bill Slavin) - JPic B1535sb
Bailey, Linda. (2006). Stanley's Wild Ride. (illustrated by Bill Slavin) - JPic B1535sw
Bailey, Linda. (2006). Stanley's Party. (illustrated by Bill Slavin) - JPic B1535sp
Barringer, William.  (2003). Gregory and Alexander.  (illustrated by K. LaFave) - JPic B2775g
Bouchard, Dave. (2002). The Song Within my Heart (illustrated by Allen Sapp) - JPic B6607so
Browne, Susan Chalker. (2002). Goodness Gracious, Gulliver Mulligan.  (illustrated by Cynthia Nugent) - JPic B8185g
Carrier, Roch. (1984). The Hockey Sweater. (illustrated by Sheldon. Cohen) - JPic C2343h
Crook, Connie. (1997). Maple Moon. (illustrated by Scott Cameron) - JPic C8825m
Cumming, Peter. (2004).Out on the Ice in the Middle of the Bay. ((illustrated by Alice Priestley) - JPic C9126ou
Cuthland, Beth. (1999). The Little Duck/Sikihpsis. (Cree translations by Stan Cuthand; illustrated by Mary Longman) - JPic C9725L
Czernecki, Stefan. (2004). Ride 'em Cowboy. - JPic Cz997r
Dickson. Barry. (1980). Afraid of the Dark. ( illustrated by Olena Kassian)- JPic D5604a
Downie, Mary Alice. (1996). Snow Paws. (illustrated by Kathryn Naylor)- JPic D759sn
Drawson, Blair. (2004). All Along the River. - JPic D7975aL
Edwards, Wallace (2004). Monkey Business. - JPic Ed988m
Fagan, Cary. (2007). My New Shirt.  (illustrated by Susan Petricic) - JPic F131m
Gay, Marie-Louise. (2010). Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth, - JPic G252r
Gregory, Nan. (2002). Amber Waiting. (illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton) - JPic G8625am
Gurth, Per-Henrik (2008). Canada in Colours. - JPic G968c
Hood, Susan. (2006). Pup and Hound at Sea.  (illustrated by Linda Hendry) - JPic H761p
Hundal, Nancy. (1999). Prairie Summer.(illustrated by Brian Deines) - JPic H8919p
Hutchins. Hazel. (2008. Mattland. (illustrated by Susan Petricic) - JPic H969m
Inkpen, Mick. (1992). Penguin Small. - JPic In56p
Jennings, Sharon. (2006). Franklin Has the Hiccups. (illustrated by Celeste Gagnon et al) - JPic4475f
Jennings, Sharon. (2006). Franklin's Picnic. (illustrated by Sean Jeffrey, Sasha McIntyre, and Shelley Southern) - JPic J4475fp
Keefer, Janice. (2000. Anna's Goat.( illustrated by Janet Wilson)- JPic K243an
Kurelek, William. (1976). A Northern Nativity: Christmas Dreams of a Prairie Boy. - JPic K965n
Lawson, Julie. (2003). Arizona Charlie and the Klondike Kid. (illustrated by Kasia Charko) - JPic L4450ar
Lawson, Julie and Zimmerman, Werner.  (1996). Whatever You Do, Don't Go Near That Canoe! - JPic L4450w
London, Jonathan. (1995). The Sugaring-Off Party. (illustrated by Gilles Pelletier) - JPic L846s
McSweeney, Susanne, (1980). The Yellow Flag. (illustrated by Brenda Clark) - JPic M248y
O'Leary, Sara. (2006). When You Were Small.  (illustrated by Julie Morstad) - JPic OL225wh
Neering, Rosemary. (1985). Acadian summer. - JPic N294a
Reid, Barbara. (2003). The Subway Mouse. - JPic R2722su
Rossiter, Nan. (1999). The Way Home. - JPic R737w
Russell, Janet. (2009). Bella's Tree. (illustrated by Jirina Marton) - Juv R914b
Spalding, Andrea. (1999). Me and Mr. Mah. (illustrated by Janet Wilson).  - JPic Sp182m
Spalding, Andrea. (2003). The Most Beautiful Kite in the World.( illustrated by Leslie Elizabeth ) - JPic Sp182mo
Stutson, Caroline. (2010). Cat's Night Out . (illustrated by J. Klassen) - JPic St98c
Tanaka, Shelley. (1980). Michi' s New Year. (illustrated by Ron Berg) - JPic T153m
Thien, Madeleine. (2001). The Chinese Violin. (illustrations by Joe Chang) - JPic T347c
Thompson, Richard. (2002). The Night Walker (illustrated by Martin Springett). - JPic T377n
Thompson, Sarah. (2005). Imagine a Day (illustrated by Rob Gonsalves- JPic T382i
Trottier, Maxime & East, Stella. (2003). The Paint Box. - JPic T756p
Van Camp, Richard. (1988). What's the Most Beautiful Thing You Know about Horses? (illustrated by George Littlechild) - JPic V277w
Wallace, Edwards. (2007). The Painted Circus. - JPic Ed988p
Ward, Lynd. (1965). Nic of the Woods. - JPic W214n
Watt, Melanie. (2001). Leon, the Chameleon. JPic W34L
Watt, Melanie. (2006).Scaredy Squirrel. - JPic W34ss
Watt, Melanie. (2007). Chester. - JPic W34c
Watt, Melanie. (2007). Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend. - JPic W34sc
Watt, Melanie. (2008). Chester's Back. - JPic W34cb
Watt, Melanie. (2009). Have I got a Book for You!. JPic W34h
Watt, Melanie. (2010). Chester's Masterpiece. - JPic W34cm
Watts, Leslie. (2005). The Baabaasheep Quartet - JPic Sp182b
Weller, Duncan. (2006). The Boy from the Sun. - JPic W4587b
Wiebe, Rudy. (2003). Hidden Buffalo. (illustrated by Michael Lonechild)- JPic W6348h
Yerza, Leo. (2006). Ancient Thunder. - JPic Y475an

Juv Fiction

Belaque, Nancy. (2003). The Scream of the Hawk. - Juv B4115sc
Bishop, Mary Harelkin. (2003). Tunnels of Treachery.- Juv B5414t
Brenner, Barbara. (1968). Summer of the Houseboat. - Juv B7511s
Budge, Wilson. (2001). A Fiddle for Angus. - Juv W691f  
Carter, Anne. (2008). The Shepherd's Granddaughter. - Juv C245s
Constance, Horne. (1994). Trapped by Coal. - Juv B7835t
Carlson, Natalie. (1952).The Talking Cat, and Other Stories of French Canada. - Juv C197ta
Clark, Joan. (2005). The Hand of Robin Squires - Juv C548h
Clarkson, Betty. (1979). Hide-and-Seek (1979) - Juv C56h
Corriveau, Monique. (1964). Le Wapiti: Roman.- Juv C817w
Crowe, Charlene. (1997). The Sacred Eagle Feather. - Juv C8859sa
Cumyn, Alan. (2002). The Secret Life of Owen Skye. - Juv C9135se
Curtis, Christopher. (2009). Elijah of Buxton. - Juv C9418eL
De Vries, Maggie. (2006). Tale of a Great White Fish: A Sturgeon Story. - Juv D499t
Dobrin, Arnold. (1968). The Snow Fox: A Tale of Canada. - Juv D655s
Downie, Mary Alice. (2005). Juv D759p
Eckert, Allan. (1971). Incident at Hawk's Hill. - Juv Ec57i
Eckert, Allan, (1998). Return to Hawk's Hill: A Novel.  - Juv Ec57r
Ellis, Sarah. (2003).The Several Lives of Orphan Jack. - Juv EL597se
Gilkerson, William. (2005). Pirate's Passage. - Juv G39p
Harlow, Joan Hiatt (2000). Star in the Storm. - Juv H2276st
Hartry, Nancy. (2010). Watching Jimmy. - Juv Juv H257wa
Hayes, John. (1957)The Dangerous Cove: A Story of the Early Days in Newfoundland. - Juv H327
Heidbreder, Robert.(2007. A Sea-Wishing Day. Juv H3625s
Joe, Saqamaw Mi'sel. (2003). Muinji'j Becomes a Man.- Juv J59m
Johnston, Julie. (2006). A Very Fine Line. - Juv J6439v
Jones, Adrienne. (1966). Wild Voyageur: Story of a Canada Goose. - Juv J71w
Lawson, Julie. (2004). Emily: Summer of Gold  - Juv L4450em
Lawson, Julie, (2002). The Klondike Cat. - Juv L4450k
Littridge, Celia Barker. (1995). Ticket to Canada. - Juv L9186t
Littridge, Celia Barker. (1992).Ticket to Curlew. - Juv L9186tc
Lunn, Janet Swoboda. (1996). The Root Cellar. - Juv L973
McEvoy, Bernard. (1966). Stories from across Canada. - Juv M157
Manson, Ainslie. (2003). Leaving the Log House. - Juv M3185L
Matas, Carol. (2002). Foot Steps in the Snow. - Juv M41f
Pearson, Kit. (1989). The Sky is Falling. - Juv P3175s
Romain, Joseph. (1996).The Wagner Whacker. - Juv R66
Russell, Janet. (2009). Bella's Tree. - Juv R914b
Ruurs, Margriet. (2006). Wake up, Henry Rooster! - Juv R942
Schwartz, Virginia Frances. (2003). Initiation. - Juv Sch952in
Taylor, Cora. (1994). Summer of the Mad Monk. - Juv T212
Walsh, Ann. (1988). Moses, Me & Murder.- Juv W1678m
Walters, Eric. (2002). Tiger Town. - Juv W1715t
Wilson, Budge. (2001). A Fiddle for Angus. - Juv W691f
Wilson, Carter. (1969). On Firm Ice. - Juv W6918
Wilson, John. (2001). Ghosts of James Bay. - Juv W6945g
Withrow, Sarah, (2003). The Black Sunshine of Goody Pryne.  - Juv W779b
Woods, Shirley. (2002). Jack: The Story of a Beaver. - Juv W8365j
Wynne-Jones, Tim. (2001). The Boy in the Burning House. - Juv W992b
Wynne-Jones, Tim. (2007). Rex Zero and the End of the World Time. - Juv W992r

Juv Nonfiction

**alphabetic by title within topics
300s: Social Sciences
By Canoe & Moccasin (1986) by Basil H. Johnston - Juv 398.2 J641b
Canada's Automotive Industry (1970) by James Dykes - Juv 338.4 D991
Canada's Aviation Industry (1968) by Lorne Manchester - Juv 387.7 M312
Canada's Oil Industry (1969)by Edward Davis- Juv 338.2 D292
Canada's Railways (1968)by R.A.J. Phillips - Juv 385 P546
Glooskap's Country and Other Indian Tales (1956) by Cyrus MacMillan - Juv 389.2 M228
The Mennonite Canadians (1980) by Joanne Flint - Juv 305.6 F646m
The Mounties and Law Enforcement (1980) by Bruce Sealey - Juv 363.2 Se15
Nellie McClung and Women's Rights (1980) by Helen Wright - Juv 305.4 W932n
The RCMP Musical Ride (2004)by Maxwell Newhouse Juv 363.2 N457r
R. B. Russell and the Labour Movement (1978)by Kenneth Osborne - Juv 331.8 Os2r
398: Folktales
The Golden phoenix: And Other French-Canadian Fairy Tales (1958) edited by Marius Barbeau- Juv 398.2 B232
How Summer Came to Canada (1969) by William Toye. 1969 - Juv 398.2 T668
How the Eagle Got His White Head (2002) byJane Chartrand - Juv 398.2 C3855h
Kou-Skelowh/We Are the People: A Trilogy of Okanagan legends (2000)illustrated by Barbara Marchand - Juv 398.2 M3319k
The Little Hen of Huronia (1971) by Chip Young - Juv 398.2 Y848L
Nanbosho Grants a Wish (2000) by Joe & Matrine McLellan - Juv 398.2 M2245n
On the Trail of Elder Brother: Glous'gap Stories of the Micmac Indians (2000) by Michael B. RunningWolf - Juv 398.2 R8753on
Six Micmac Stories (1989) by Ruth Holmes Whitehead - Juv 398.2 W587si
Three Tuneful Tales (2003) by Marilyn Helmer - Juv 398.2 H3685t
The Tiger and the Dried Persimmon (2002) by Janie Park - Juv 398.2 P2194t
500s: Science
Canada Geese (1976) by Jack Denton Scott - Juv 598.4 Sco84c
Daniel's Dinosaurs: A True Story of Discovery (2004) By Charles Helm - Juv 567.9 H3679d
Furbearers of Yukon (1987) illustrated by Kathi Romanchuk. 1987Juv 599.7 F966
Oiseaux de Mon Pays (1970) by Alice Duchesnay - Juv 598.2 D857o
Who Likes the Sun? (2007). by Etta Kaner. - Juv 523.7 K1315wh
600s Applied Science & Technology
Canada's Agriculture (1970) by Dean Walker - Juv 630 W151
Lumberjack (1974) by William Kurelek - Juv 634.9 K965
700s: Art & Recreation
Barns: From Our Pioneers, Builders of a Nation (2005) by Ernie Faessler - Juv 728 F1295b
Canada (1992) by Ted Harrison - Juv 759.11 H248oc
The Huron Carol (1990) by Father Jean de Brebeuf - Juv 783 B741h
Ode to Newfoundland (2003) by Geoff Butler - Juv 782.42 B976o
Temps de Glace: L'Histoire de Glace (2006) by Michael McKinley - Juv 796.9 L5778t
Z is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet (2002) by Matt Napier - Juv 796.9 N162z
800s: Literature
Flippin' in ; & Then and Now (1991) by Anne Chislett. 1999 - Juv 812 C4448f
In Flanders Fields: The Story of the Poem (1995) by John McCrae & Linda Granfield -Juv 811 G765
The Spirit of Canada (2001) by Barbara Hehner - Juv 808.8 Sp485
900-919: Geography
Alberta: Where the Mountains Meet the Plains (1970) by Doreen Margaret Tomkins - Juv 917.123 T595a
The Atlantic Provinces: Tidewater Lands (1970) by Doreen Margaret Tomkins - Juv 917.15 T595a
The Big Book of Canada - Exploring the Provinces and Territories (2002) by Christopher Moore - Juv 917.1 M7817b
British Columbia: Mountain Wonderland (1970) by Doreen Margaret Tomkins - Juv 917.11 T595b
Canada (1967) by Charles Lineaweaver - Juv 917.1 L645
Canada (1964) by Dorothy F. Wood - Juv 917.1 W85
Canada from A to Z (1999)by Bobbie Kalman - Juv 917.1 K126cf
Canada, Its Land and People (1995) by Donald Massey - Juv 917.1 M385c
Canada, the Culture (1993)by Bobbie Kalman - Juv 917.1 .K127cc
Canada: The Land and its People (1975) by Doreen Margaret Tomkins - Juv 917.1 C16
Canada, the People (1993) by Bobbie Kalman - Juv 917.1 .K127cp
Canada: The Story of Ontario (1966) by Robert Turnbull - Juv 917.13 T849
Canada: The Story of Newfoundland (1966) by Robert Turnbull - Juv 917.18 T849
Canada: The Story of Quebec (1966) by Richard Daignault - Juv 917.14 D14
Canadian Childhoods: A Tundra Anthology in Words and Art (1989) - Juv. 917.1 C163c
How People Live in Canada (1965) by Lyn Harrington - Juv 917.1 H238h
The Land and People of Canada (1964) by Frances Aileen Ross - Juv 917.1 R733L
Let's Visit Canada (1964) by John C. Caldwell - Juv 917.1 C127
Manitoba: Where East Meets West (1970) by Doreen Margaret Tomkins - Juv 917.127 T595m
Northern Ontario: Land of Buried Treasure (1970) by Doreen Margaret Tomkins - Juv 917.13 T595n
Quebec: French-Canadian Homeland (1970) by Doreen Margaret Tomkins - Juv 917.14 T595q
Quebec Je T'Aime = Quebec I Love You (1976) by Miyuki Tanobe.1976 - Juv 917.41 T158q
The Salt-Water Men: Canada's Deep-Sea Sailors (1957) by Joseph Schull - Juv 910.4 Sch81
Saskatchewan: Land of Far Horizons (1970) by Doreen Margaret Tomkins - Juv 917.124 T595s
That's Very Canadian!: An Exceptionally Interesting Report about All things Canadian (2004) by Rachel Vivian Bowers - Juv 917.1 B677t
This is Canada: History and Growth (1965) by Sally Lindsay - Juv 917.1 L644
Wow, Canada!: Exploring This Land from Coast to Coast (1999) by Vivien Bowers - Juv 917.1 B6772w
92: Biography
Adam Beck (1978) by James Laverne Sturgis - Juv 92 B388s
Alexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life (1999) by Elizabeth MacLeod - Juv 92 B413ma
The Amazing Adventures of Captain Bob Bartlett (2002) by Susan Chalker Browne - Juv 92 B284b
Bobbie Rosenfeld- The Olympian Who Could Do Everything (2004) by Anne Dublin - Juv 92 R7245d
The Bold Heart: The Story of Father Lacombe (1956) by Josephine Phelan - Juv 92 L119p
Breaking Free: The Story of William Kurelek (2002) by May Ebbitt Cutler - Juv 92 K965c
Donald Smith and the Canadian Pacific Railway (1978) Keith Wilson - Juv 92 St814w
Elizabeth Simcoe, First Lady of Upper Canada (1974) by John Bassett - Juv 92 Si43b
The First Canadian: The Story of Champlain (1961)by Cicero Ritchie - Juv 92 C358r
Gabriel Dumont, Jerry Potts: Canadian Plainsmen (1982) by Sandra McKee & Harold Fryer - Juv 92 D897m
Hart Massey (1977) by Paul Collins - Juv 92 M385c
Henry Pellatt (1978) by David Flint - Juv 92 P363f
John Beverly Robinson and the War of 1812 (1984) by Florence Burns - Juv 92 R5631b
John Fisher: "Mr. Canada" (1983) by Bill McNeil - Juv 92 F534m
Letitia Hargrave and Life in the Fur Trade (1981) by Barbara Angel - Juv 92 H2235a
Louis Riel and the New Nation (1980) by Colin Davies - Juv 92 R444d
The Man Who Ran Faster Than Everyone: The Story of Tom Longboat (2002) by Jack Batten - Juv 92 L856b
Nellie McClung (1975) by Mary Lile Benham - Juv 92 M132b
Norman Bethune (1974) by Roderick Stewart - Juv 92 B4652s
Runner of the Woods: The Story of Young Radisson (1963) by Cicero Ritchie - Juv 92 R119r
The Strongest Man in the World: Louis Cyr (2007) by Nicolas Debon - Juv 92 C993d
The True North: The Story of Captain Joseph Bernier (1957) by T. C. Fairley - Juv 92 B457f
Wilfrid Laurier (1978)by Marting Spigelman - Juv 92 L375s
970-999: History
17 Minutes to Live (1973)by Richard A. Boning - Juv 971.6 B641s
The Acadians (1981) by Barry Moody - Juv 971.01 M771a
The Beothuk of Newfoundland: A Vanished People (1989) by Ingeborg Marshall - Juv 971.8 M3565b
The Black Canadians: Their History and Contributions (1989) by Velma Carter - Juv 971 C2468b
By the Light of the Qulliq: Eskimo Life in the Canadian Arctic (1979) by Wendy Jordan - Juv 970.4 J767b
Canada: Builders of the Nation (1980)by Ian Hundey - Juv 971 H8923c
Canada, Growth of a Nation (1980)by Stan Garrod - Juv 971 G194c
The Canadian Story (1958) by May McNeer - Juv 971 M233
Cartier Discovers the St. Lawrence (1970)by William Toye - Juv 971 T668
Children of the Gold Rush (1999) by Claire Rudolf Murphy - Juv 971.9 M952c
Confederation: A New Nationality (1981)by Michael Bliss - Juv 971 B6195c
Cuthbert Grant and the Metis (1976) by D. Bruce Sealey - Juv 971.27 Se15
Evangeline and the Acadians (1957)by Robert Tallant - Juv 971.6 T144
Famous Canadian Stories (1953)by George E.Tait - Juv 971 F211
The Flower Beadwork People (1991)by Sherry Racette Juv 971.27 R1145f
Fur Trade in Canada (1980) Keith Wilson - Juv 971 W6943f
George Simpson and the Hudson's Bay Company (1977) by Keith Wilson - Juv 971.2 W6944g
Great Golden Plain: A History of the Prairie Provinces (1962) by Donalda Dickie - Juv 971.2 D56
Grey Nuns and the Red River Settlement (1980)by Dennis King - Juv 971.2 K581g
Heartland: A Prairie Sampler (2005) by Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet - Juv 971.2 B2265h
Histoire des Acadiens et des Acadiennes du Nouveau Brunswick. (2007). - Jun 971.5 G544h
Godin, Sylvain. (2007). Histoire des Acadiens et des Acadiennes du Nouveau Brunswick. - Juv 971.5G544h
La Grosse-Ile, Terre de Chagrin et d'Espoir. (2007). by Anne Renaud. - Juv 971.4 R291g
Houses of Bark: Tipi, Wigwam and Longhouse: Native Dwellings (1990) byBonnie Shemie - Juv 970.4 Sh444hb
How Canada Got Its Capital (1975) by Nadja Corkum - Juv 971.3 C813h
Hudson's Bay Company (1970)by George Woodcock - Juv 971 W853h
Japanese Canadians (1978)by Roy Ito - Juv 971 It6
Journey of Exploration (1986) by Stan Garrod -Juv 971 G194j
Junior Encyclopedia of Canada (1990)edited by James H. Marsh - Juv. 971 J8695m
Kids Book of Canada (1997) by Barbara Greenwood - Juv 971.1 .G856k
Lake of Gold (1941)by John Buchan - Juv 971 B851
Legendes Indiennes du Canada (1967)by Claude Melancon - Juv 970.1 M48
Life in New France (1980) byEric Skeoch - Juv 971 Sk265L
A Look at Canada (2002)by Helen Frost - Juv 971 F9291L
Mennonite People (1978) by Charlotte Sloan Cooper - Juv 971.2 C784m
Micmacs (1968)by Robert Leavitt - Juv 970.4 L489
Micmac: How Their ancestors Lived Five Hundred Years Ago (1983)by Ruth Whitehead - Juv 970.4 W587m
New Beginnings: A Social History of Canada (1981)by James H. Marsh - Juv 971 M353n
The North (1980)by Stan Garrod - Juv 971.9 G194n
The Nor'westers: The Fight for the Fur Trade (1954) by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell - Juv 971.2 C153
O Canada! (1964)by Isabel Barclay - Juv 971 B235
Ontario (1975)by Lyn Harrington - Juv 971.3 H238o
Opening the Canadian West (1980) by David Bercuson - Juv 971.2 B451o
Our Country, Canada (2001)By Mary Cairo & Luci Soncin - Juv 971 C1915ou
People of the Buffalo: How the Plains Indians Lived (1983) by Maria Campbell - Juv 970.4 C153p
People of the Ice: How the Inuit Lived (1980) by Heather Smith Siska - Juv 970.004 Si827pi
People of the Longhouse: How the Iroquoian Tribes Lived (1982)by Jillian Redington - Juv 970.3 R4368p
People of the Trail: How the Northern Forest Indians Lived (1978)by Robin Redington - Juv 970.4 R437p
A Picture History of Canada (1956)by Clarke Hutton - Juv 971 H979
A Prairie Boy's Summer (1975) by William Kurelek - Juv 971.2 K965p
Quebec: Historic City (1966)by Rodolphe Vincent -Juv 971.4471 V743
The Real Book about Canada (1959)by Lyn Harrington - Juv 971 H238r
Rebellions in Canada (1979)by Desmond Morton - Juv 971 M846r
Riel's People: How the Metis Lived (1978)by Maria Campbell - Juv 970.4 C153r
The Savage River: Seventy-One Days with Simon Frase (1968) by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell - Juv 971.1 C153
Settling the Canadian West (1984) by David Bercuson - Juv 971.2 B451s
The St. Lawrence, Seaway of North America (1961) by Anne Terry White Juv 971.4 W582
The Story of Comock the Eskimo (1968) by Comock -Juv 970.4 C737
The Story of Prince Edward Island (1963)by Phyllis Ruth Blakeley - Juv 971.7 B581
They Sought a New World: the Story of European Immigration (1985) by William Kurelek - Juv 971 K965
The Ukrainian Canadians (1978) by Marguerite V. Burke - Juv 971.27 B917u
Vilhjalmur Stefansson and the Arctic (1977)by Alexander Gregor - Juv 971.9 G861v
Viking Discovery: L'Anse aux Meadows (1985) by Joan Horwood - Juv 971.8 H7895
West Coast Chinese Boy (1979) by Sing Lim - Juv 971.1 L6284w


**alphabetic by title

1837: Mackenzie - Kit 971.03 C858
The Battle of Queenston Heights: A Collection of Documents and Records - Kit 971.03 B322
Building the CPR - Kit 385 St94 C4
Canada and the Civil War - Kit 973.7 Ar57 C17
Canada and the Great War - Kit 940.4 H889
Canada Votes 1791-1891 - Kit 324.971 H836 C3
Cartier of St. Malo - Kit 92 C248h C11
Dieppe 1942 - Kit 940.53 St94
The Fenians - Kit 971.04 C858
The Fur Trade - Kit 338.3 C153f C5
Gold in the Cariboo - Kit 622 C692
Indians of Canada - Kit 970.4 R631i C16
Laurier - Kit 92 L375b C19
Leacock Centennial - Kit 92 L469f C24
The Maritimes' Age of Sail - Kit 387.2 Sp41 C20
The North-West Passage - Kit 910 H836 C15
Push to the Pacific - Kit 971.2 C153p
Quebec Independence - Kit 320.971 Q3 no.2
The RCMP - Kit 363.2 St32
Riel - Kit 971.05 R444
Struggle for the Fourteenth Colony: Quebec 1775-6 - Kit 971.02 N316
The War of 1812 - Kit 973.5 H836 C25
The Winnipeg General Strike - Kit 331.89 K537 C29

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