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Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)

This is a collection of primary cultural anthropology resources covering over 350 cultures from different parts of the world, both past and present. Fogler Library holds the originally-produced microfiche collection. The electronic format - eHRAF - has been in production since 1995; currently it covers about 280 cultures so far and is constantly being updated. Please note: eHRAF includes more recent documents and not all the older documents are retained. An online guide to eHRAF is available at

The collection is organized by culture and by subject. The Outline of World Cultures lists all the cultures covered by the electronic database. The Outline of Cultural Materials lists the various subjects covered by the electronic database.

Resources to identify microfiche(s) for your topic:

Outline of World Cultures (REF H62.B37 1983) to identify the culture code you want
Outline of Cultural Materials (REF H62 B36 v.5 2004) to identify subject code for your topic
Index to the Human Relations Area Files (REF H62.H8) to identify publications on microfiche about your cultural topic
HRAF Source Bibliography (REF H62.H8) for the full citations of identified microfiche publications

Using HRAF Microfiche Collection

Step 1. Identify your cultural unit, e.g. NJ5 for Micmac (Use Outline of World Cultures)

Step 2. Identify the code for the subject you want to research, e.g. 185 for cultural goals (Use Outline of Cultural Materials

Step 3. Identify the resources available for your subject about your chosen cultural unit (Use Index to the Human Relations Area Files)
            e.g. OCM Trait Number 185
                   NJO5 4. Speck ....115
This means that information concerning cultural goals (OCM code 185) among Micmac Indians (NJ5) is available on p.115 of a source by authored by Speck.

Step 4. Identify the full citation(s) of the available resources. (Use HRAF Source Bibliography Cumulative)
            e.g.: Speck, Frank Gouldsmith. Beothuk and Micmac. Indian Notes and Monographs, 22 (1922): 80-187.

Step 5. Locate the appropriate microfiche in the Government Documents area.

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