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Business Law: Citing - Footnotes

General rules
  • Place footnotes at the bottom of the page that they are discussed
  • Number footnotes consecutively in the order in which they appear
  • Use superscript numbers, like this1
  • For subsequent references to footnotes, use parenthetical notes. For example, " the case Jones v. Smith (see Footnote 3)"
  • Footnote citation format differs from bibliography citation format (e.g., capitalization, italics)


Footnote for a book
1From Title of Book (p. xx), by A.A. Author, B.B. Author, and C.C. Author, year, Place of Publication: Publisher.

1From Contracts in a Nutshell (p. 33), by C.D. Rohwer and A.M. Skrocki, 2010, St. Paul, MN: West.


Footnote for an article
1From "Title of Article," by  A. A. Author, B.B. Author, and C. C. Author, year, Title of Journal, Volume, p. xx.

1From "Washington's Electronic Signature Act: An Anachronism in the New Millennium," by  S. Curry, 2013, Washington Law Review, 88, p. 561.


Footnote for a court case from LexisNexis Academic
1From Case Name, Reporter, (Date of Decision), available at database identifier.

1From Credit Suisse Securities (USA) v. Billing, 551 U.S. 264 (June 18, 2007), available at 2007 U.S. Lexis 7724.


Footnote for an newspaper article on a webpage, no page numbers
1From "Title of Article," by A. A. Author, date, Title of Newspaper, retrieved from

1From "Court Lifts Delay in State Medicaid Contract Lawsuit," by M. Shuler, 2013, September 11, The Advocate, retrieved from



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