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FAQ - About Our Library News (RSS) Feed

What does XML mean?
The orange XML button means that an XML file (often called a web feed or RSS feed) has been created and that the content of the site has been "syndicated" or repackaged for use in an RSS Reader. Other web sites that offer feeds may use links labeled "RSS feeds" RSS, or "syndicate this site" instead.

Does Fogler Library have a news feed?
Yes. We have an RSS feed available for viewing in your web browser or news reader via RSS/XML.

What is a blog?
A blog, or weblog, is an online journal with generally frequent, brief postings. Blog sites often feature postings in reverse chronological order with a time/date stamp and a way to search or browse older postings.

What are the "feeds", "xml", and "rss" all about?
The orange XML/RSS button allows you to add or "bookmark" our library news feed in your news aggregator (RSS reader). Aggregators are software or Web-based applications (usually free or available for a low, one-time purchase) which allow you to read many blogs and Web sites through that single application, effectively letting you create your own personal newspaper. Aggregators can make your Web browsing and news gathering activities more efficient.
With the reader, you select (or "subscribe") to the feeds for the sites you would normally surf to on the web and read. As the web sites are updated, so are the corresponding feeds, and the readers are checking those feeds for the updates. If there has been an update, the feed name shows up bold in some readers, usually with a number to indicate the number of new entries or articles that have been posted since the reader last checked the feed.

Bloglines, a free, Web-based reader, is currently our reader-of-choice. There are also a number of desktop-based applications that can be downloaded at little or no cost. A list of these can be found at the Weblogs Compendium.

How do I add the feed to my blog?
Once you have a blog or news feed reader, adding a feed is simple:

  1. Hold your mouse over the orange XML button and right click.
  2. Select Copy Link Location.
  3. Open your blog or news feed reader and navigate to the add option.
  4. In the resulting page or form, Paste the link location into the Blog or Feed URL subscribe field.
  5. Click the enter or submit key and you should now see "Fogler Library" added to your list of selected news feeds.

Why does the Library use blog technology?
The library’s home page has included a news section for several years. Blog technology enables us to post news online more quickly. It also responds to the needs of users and accommodates a wide variety of portable devices (PDAs, cell phones, iPods, etc).

Why should I read the Library blogs?
Our news feed is a great source, written and maintained by library personnel, where you can keep up to date with news about library services and resources, building improvements, exhibits or events, and more.

How are other organizations using RSS?
Where to find feeds: RSS Compendium, Weblogs Compendium, NewsIsFree, and Syndic8.

News - Feeds are available from the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, NPR, and Yahoo! News.

Where can I learn more about blogs and blogging?
Here is a sampling of web sites that should help you learn more about blogs:

Special thanks to Doug Goan, Teri Vogel, and Georgia State University Library for permission to borrow from their Blog FAQ page.

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