Assignment Week 7


Due November 28th

Prepare an annotated bibliography of 9 sources that you can access at Fogler Library.

Please write an introduction to your annotated bibliography describing your topic and why it is of interest to you.

Use the APA or MLA style manual available near the Reference Desk on the first floor of Fogler Library. If you would like you can use another standard style manual to cite your sources.  You must tell me what style manual you used in the introduction to your annotated bibliography.

An annotation is a brief write-up describing the citation.  It should include what the work is about as well as a brief description of how the work is important to your topic.  I would expect that the annotations would be a short paragraph (7-10 lines).  Remember, your annotations should be in your own words.  Using a short quote from the source is fine but please put in quotation marks and cite the page.

You must include the following types of sources: book, journal article, government document, and a non-print resource. Electronic sources are fine.  When you cite a web resource, always include the date on which you accessed it. 

Keep close track of the resources you used to find your 9 sources.  I would like you to include a list of these resources at the end of your bibliography.  Please also include, in a separate list, those resources that did not prove useful to you.  Your sources will probably include URSUS and subject databases.

Please keep track of your search terms.  I would like you to include a list of your search terms at the end of your annotated bibliography. Please indicate which search terms you used with which database searched.

Please remember that, for me at least, the process you used to complete the annotated bibliography is just as important as the bibliography itself.

This assignment is due November 28th.

NOTE:  If you are having trouble completing this assignment, please make an appointment to see me.  Start early! If you have a research paper due in another course you are taking, see if you can use this assignment as part of your research for the paper.