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Marketing, Security, or Invasion of Privacy?

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For this exercise, you and your group will deliver a presentation on an important issue listed on the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) website. Once you have decided on an issue to research, you must find two or more full-text articles on the topic from Fogler's databases. Articles will need to be of scholarly quality and from reputable sources.

Make a quick bibliography to show what articles you used. This should be in correct MLA or APA format. Remember, many databases can format references for you. You may also use RefWorks, EndNote or another citation management tool to format your bibliography. Print enough copies of the bibliography to hand out to class members, with a heading such as “For more on [issue], see the following sources:”

Read the articles and discuss them with your group. Work together to create a five-minute presentation about the issue to present to the rest of the class. The basic questions you should try to answer in your presentation are:

  • What is the issue? Explain the issue in a manner that a non-expert can understand. Pretend that none of us have heard of the issue before.
  • Are there opposing viewpoints on the issue? What are they?
  • Should we care? Why or why not? What importance does this issue have in our daily lives?

Excerpted from: Burkhardt J. M. & Mary C. MacDonald. (2010). Teaching Information Literacy: 50 Standards-Based Exercises for College Students, 2nd ed.

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