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Intellectual Property

Using tools and strategies that we have discussed, locate a patent document, a trademark registration and a copyright registration relevant to your research area, topic of interest, or hobby. For example, if my hobby is bee keeping, I could find a patent for a bee keeping-related invention, a trademark registration for a bee keeping-related product or company, and a copyright registration for a book about bee keeping.

For each item, answer the following in your journal:

  1. When was the application filed?
  2. When was the registration or patent issued?
  3. Who was the registration or patent issued to?
  4. Is the registration or patent still in force? If not, when did it expire?
  5. Can you legally use, manufacture, modify or sell the object of the registration? Explain.

Keep a detailed record of your search strategy in your journal, and be prepared to discuss your findings at the next class session, along with any questions or problems you encountered.

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