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Cited Reference Searching

Using the tools we've already discussed, locate the full text of the following article:

Guthrie, J. T., and P. Mosenthal. "Literacy as Multidimensional - Locating Information and Reading-Comprehension." Educational Psychologist 22, no. 3-4 (1987): 279-97.

Next, conduct a cited reference search on the Guthrie article, using one of the methods listed at this page:

Locate at least one of the citing articles. Describe how the author of the citing article used the Guthrie article in his or her work. Is the original article quoted, paraphrased or summarized? How was it used as evidence? Though you do not need to read both articles in their entirety, you will need to know enough about each article to understand this connection and articulate it.

Come to class prepared to discuss the procedure for completing this assignment, and any questions or problems you encountered.

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