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FND 100: Foundations

What is plagiarism?

It is an attempt to pass off someone else's work as your own.

You are plagiarizing when you:
  • Use someone else's text word for word without citation
  • Use an image from the Internet as your own
  • Paraphrase someone's written work without citing it
  • Use a fact that is not common knowledge without citing it
  • Borrow someone's else's idea without citing it
  • Submit a paper you bought from someone
  • Submit a paper written by your roommate
  • Submit your paper from another class (Self-plagiarism)
Plagiarism is a violation of  the University of Maine Student Conduct Code. (Section III Violations)
See UMaine Policy on Academic Honesty
  • You may be asked to rewrite your paper
  • You may get a failing grade for your course
  • You may be dismissed from college
*Teachers check for plagiarism by using Turnitin

You can avoid plagiarism:
  • Start your research early
  • Consult your teacher and a librarian for research assistance
  • Cite your sources appropriately (APA, MLA, ...)

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