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Course Guide for ERL 534: Literacy and Language Development

ERIC Database  - Dept of Education sponsored database.  Use the EBSCO version. (1966-present). Guide for ERIC EBSCO  
Education Full Text Database -Search this database simultaneously with ERIC (1983-present).
Google Scholar -You need a UMaine card to use with our online subscriptions. Guide for Google Scholar
Library Tips
  • Connect remotely to online resources  -Username is your last name and the 14 digit number on back of UMaine card is your barcode
  • Interlibrary Loan - get journal articles not owned by Fogler Library at
More Help
Education Subject Portal     
Library Liaison for Education   Cynthia Crosser  Email: First Class or    Phone: 581-3612
Ask-a-Librarian    for online, email, and phone help from reference librarians.

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