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Account Questions

Issues regarding library record validity, accessibility, and maintenance are addressed here. Related: ID Cards.

Contacting Circulation Staff

We are available to assist during building hours. Email, call 207.581.1641, or speak with us in-person at the Circulation/Reserve Desk.


  Issue Solution/Explanation
Barcode Where is my library barcode number? On the back of your MaineCard. It is a 14-digit number beginning with 2.
MaineCard: Front & Back
How do I verify my barcode is linked to my library record? Check your record online. If unable to access your record after following the instructions, contact Circulation staff.
Does my barcode have to be linked every semester? Generally, no. If you have skipped the previous semester or your student/employee status has changed, Circulation staff may need to re-link your barcode number. See "Check your record online" (above).
Why can't I access online resources with my barcode? Contact Circulation staff to troubleshoot issue.
Contact Information Why don't I receive email notifications? Library notices are sent to University of Maine System accounts (viewable in UMS Google Apps). If you do not use UMS Google Apps, forward email to your client (e.g., FirstClass, Outlook, Thurnderbird, etc).
My name, address, and/or telephone number has changed. How do I update my record? Update contact information in MaineStreet and notify Circulation staff.
Blocks Why can't I use my library record? Contact Circulation staff. Common reasons for a blocked record:
    Old record no longer vaild (see Change in Status below);
    Neither registered nor employed;
    Owes too much money;
    Too many items overdue;
    Invalid address (bills returned to sender);
    Unresolved issue (such as an outstanding recall notice).

Change in Status

Changes in enrollment status (e.g., previously registered as an undergraduate and now a graduate student) or employment status (e.g., formerly professional staff and now faculty) are common. Access problems arise when a barcode is still attached to an old record. Contact Circulation staff.

Recent Employment/Enrollment

Library records are not immediately produced for those newly employed/enrolled. Our records database is updated weekly. If you require access to materials before your official record is produced, please go to the Circulation Desk with proof of enrollment (MaineStreet can be used to verify enrollment) or employment (please bring your appointment letter).

Adjunct/Guest Faculty

Adjunct/Guest faculty access to Fogler collections and licensed resources is vetted through UMaine Human Resources. Contact Circulation staff to determine if you have a vaild library record. Depending on your status, a record will be created, updated, or your department chair will need to apply for access on your behalf (by contacting John Young, HR Payroll and Information Systems Manager,, 207.852.9297). Borrowing requires a MaineCard (coordinate with your department to obtain one). If access to online licensed resources only is required, we will provide a barcode number to vetted faculty upon request

Completing Thesis/Dissertation

Graduate students and doctoral candidates must be enrolled in a course or purchase thesis credit to access library resources. Being in a graduate or doctoral program is not sufficient for library access.

Finishing an Incomplete (Not enrolled)

Contact the department with which you are working to finish your incomplete. Its chair will need to send a memo to accepting responsibility for any items that you borrow with your card. Also, this memo must state an expiration date (not to exceed the deadline of the incomplete), of the borrowing privileges.

Distance Education Students, Faculty, and Staff

It may be impratical for some involved with a distance course to obtain a MaineCard in person at Orono. Contact Off-Campus Library Services (OCLS).

Away Students

UMaine students registered at UMaine and taking classes elsewhere are eligible for "Away" status. Coordinate with your college to ensure that paperwork, necessary for your library record to remain current while you are away, is processed before you leave. 

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