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1 The Melody Haunts My Reverie...
 The Melody Haunts My Reverie... , 1965
Lichtenstein, Roy
Screen print; Paper; 27 1/4 x 23'';
Head of Pop cartoon blond sings into microphone, text of title with musical notes in balloon at top
2 Still Life with Picasso
 Still Life with Picasso , 1973
Lichtenstein, Roy
Screen print on Arches 88 Paper; Paper; 28 1/2 x 21'';
Face in black lines on white at R; yellow bananas & fruits on table at LL; pitcher with brushes on yellow & brown background at UL
3 Russian Poetess (FRAM)
 Russian Poetess (FRAM) , 1976
Dine, Jim
Etching with hand-coloring; Paper; 23 3/4 x 19 1/2'';
Seated woman with legs crossed, Afro hairdo, looking to her right, face against hand, all b/w except hand coloring in the face collar area
4 Van Gogh with Sunflowers
 Van Gogh with Sunflowers , 1988
Grooms, Red
Lithograph; Paper; 16 x 22'';
Quotes from several Van Gogh paintings, sunflowers at L, self portrait at R, room in Arles behind. Heavy deckle edge
5 In Horne's House
 In Horne's House , 1981-82
Hamilton, Richard
Etching, aquatint, engraving; Paper; 21 x 17'';
Blacks & grays, interior with various personalities, including an Easter Island figure at L holding a tumbler
6 Picasso's Meninas
 Picasso's Meninas , 1973
Hamilton, Richard
Engraving, drypoint, burnishing with etching, aquatint; Paper; 22 1/4 x 19'';
Parody of Velasquez's ''Las Meninas'' as a tribute to Picasso, depicting Picasso-esque figures and a portrait of Picasso as the artist
7 Celia with Guest
 Celia with Guest , 1986
Hockney, David
Lithograph; Paper; 8 1/2 x 11'';

8 Sylvia Beach and James Joyce in Front of Her Bookshop 'Shakespeare &  Company'
 Sylvia Beach and James Joyce in Front of Her Bookshop 'Shakespeare & Company' , 1983-84
Blake, Peter
Etching; Paper; 7 x 5'';

9 Self Portrait
 Self Portrait , 1986
Hockney, David
Office copier print on Arches paper; Paper; 22 x 8 1/2'';
Two sheets of paper 8 1/2 x 11'' Profile of man in flat planes of blue and dark pink, with a red & white striped shirt
10 The Defect of its Qualities
 The Defect of its Qualities , 1962
Kitaj, R.B
Screen print and collage; Paper; 35 3/8 x 24'';
A collaged parody of contemporary printmaking, referencing Braque, surgery, and prostitution
11 Two Hand-Colored Colorado Robes
 Two Hand-Colored Colorado Robes , 1980-83
Dine, Jim
Hand-colored lithograph; Paper; 37 7/8 x 58 7/8'';
Diptych lithograph from two aluminum plates, each sheet printed in red with hand painting in blue and black watercolor after editioning
12 Candy Apples
 Candy Apples , 1987
Thiebaud, Wayne
Color woodcut; Paper; 15 1/8 x 16 1/2'';

13 Interior
 Interior , 1964
Hamilton, Richard
Screen print from 8 stencils on Crisbrook paper; Paper; 22 x 31'';
Photo process litho, multi-color, collage of house interior, doorways, furnishings, woman looking curiously at desk; bright red and yellow in lower left
14 Apple Core
 Apple Core , 1991
Oldenburg, Claes
Lithograph; Paper; 31 x 22 3/4'';
Side view of apple core leaning left in black and dark red/brown, in pale green rectangle with thin black borders, much white space surrounding
15 Soft Saxophone (Blue, Yellow, Red)
 Soft Saxophone (Blue, Yellow, Red) , 1992
Oldenburg, Claes
Lithograph in 6 colors on Somerset Satin paper; Paper; 34 1/2 x 43'';
Freely sketched yellow sax with pale blue shadow, flanked by wide blue borders
16 Glazed Earthenware
 Glazed Earthenware , 1976
Caulfield, Patrick
Screen print; Paper; 21 1/4 x 30'';
Kitchen foods, counters, and utensils, some rendered in deep red, all with sharp thick black outlines, on a blue ground, with speckled blue shadows
17 Reclining Nude
 Reclining Nude , 1980
Lichtenstein, Roy
Woodcut with embossing on Arches cover paper; Paper; 28 1/4 x 33 1/2'';

18 #6 (After ''Untitled, 1975'')
 #6 (After ''Untitled, 1975'') , 1976
Johns, Jasper
Lithograph; Paper; 30 x 29 3/4'';
Clustered groupings of lines in 5's, using predominantly blue, yellow, & red on a white ground
19 A Heart on the Rue de Grenelle
 A Heart on the Rue de Grenelle , 1981
Dine, Jim
Etching, soft ground etching, and aquatint, with hand coloring; Paper; 32 3/4 x 26 1/2'';
Big red heart shape on a blue ground. From 2 32 1/4 x 26 1/4'' copper plates; printed once in red and once in black with hand painting in green and blue acrylic between printings
20 Picture of a Still Life that has an Elaborate Silver Frame
 Picture of a Still Life that has an Elaborate Silver Frame , 1965
Hockney, David
Color lithograph; Paper; 29 1/2 x 22 5/8'';
Two graphic vases w/ tulips (red, gray, blue) on table, within a blue & gray frame
21 Ann Lauterbach
 Ann Lauterbach , 1977
Katz, Alex
Color aquatint; Paper; 15 x 22'';

22 Terrarium
 Terrarium , 1978
Rosenquist, James
Color lithograph; Paper; 21 1/2 x 39 1/2'';

23 Paolo Uccello's St. George and the Dragon
 Paolo Uccello's St. George and the Dragon , 1984
Warhol, Andy
Photo-silkscreen; Paper; 25 1/4 x 37 1/4'';

24 Seascape Dropout
 Seascape Dropout , 1982
Wesselmann, Tom
Color woodcut; Paper; 21 3/4 x 24 7/8'';

25 Title Unknown
 Title Unknown , 1965
Krushenick, Nicholas
Screen print; Paper; 28 1/4 x 20 1/2'';

26 Title Unknown
 Title Unknown , 1965
Krushenick, Nicholas
Screen print; Paper; 29 x 21'';

27 Marche en Campagne
 Marche en Campagne , 1975
Dubuffet, Jean
Screen print; Paper; 31 1/4 x 28'';

28 Painting on Canvas
 Painting on Canvas , 1984
Lichtenstein, Roy
Woodcut, lithograph, screen print and collage on Arches 88 paper; Paper; 31 x 26'';
Silver frame containing black and white textured illusions surrounded by cream, blue yellow, green, purple and grey pop-like brushstrokes on striped black and white background
29 Patricia Knight
 Patricia Knight , 1964
Hamilton, Richard
Oil and screen print on cartridge paper; Paper; 29 3/4 x 20'';
Painted by the artist, edition of 6, each unique. Printed at Kelpra Studio, London. The woman has a brown cat, blonde hair, and carries something green in her hand. Half of her foot is croped
30 Blacklight, Print #2 from the Para Adultos Series
 Blacklight, Print #2 from the Para Adultos Series , 1985
Jones, Allen
Lithograph; Paper; 42 1/2 x 34'';
Interior nightclub scene portraying 8 men and women carousing, with a table in forefront. Deep blues, greens,and purples
31 Mick Jagger
 Mick Jagger , 1975
Warhol, Andy
Screen print; Paper; 42 x 28'';
Collage- like portrayal of head and bust of Rock Star Mick Jagger utilizing red, pink, green, purple, and gold
32 Proposal for a Colossal Structure in the form of a Clothespin -  Compared to Brancusi's ''Kiss''
 Proposal for a Colossal Structure in the form of a Clothespin - Compared to Brancusi's ''Kiss'' , 1972
Oldenburg, Claes
Silkscreen in 6 colors, with collage; Paper; 29 3/4 x 21 1/2'';
Side view of a clothespin from a low angle, small side view of Brancusi's ''Kiss'' sculpture cut in at lower left
33 Bazaar
 Bazaar , 1984
Rauschenberg, Robert
Lithograph; Paper; 42 x 29 3/4'';

34 Afternoon Swimming
 Afternoon Swimming , 1979
Hockney, David
Lithograph; Paper; 31 1/2 x 39 1/2'';
Abstract forms & lines creating the image of 3 pink people splashing in a very blue pool, with a red mattress floating in the foreground